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Why You Need To Discover A Dog Spa Near Me | Atascocita, TX

If you’ve seen your dog become stressed out from all of the responsibilities on its shoulders, a trip to an Atascocita, TX dog spa near me is well deserved. If you’ve been searching high and low trying to find someone trustworthy to give your pets a special day, then your search is over, thanks to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Why Does Your Dog Deserve A Spa Day?

Atascocita, TX pet daycare near me

We keep your pets happy and stress-free!

With all of the heavy stressors we have within our own daily life, it’s important to remember that our dog’s stressors are quite different. Playing with the same old toys just isn’t fun anymore. Walks are repetitive and boring. Even spelling out words, so they won’t recognize what you’re saying has gotten old.


If there’s really so much on your dog’s shoulders right now, taking them for a spa day is the perfect solution to their Atascocita, TX dog spa near me needs. Just like you, dogs become sad and lonely without friends around. But by taking them to the spa, they’re able to relax and be social to their hearts’ content.

We offer different services depending on your dog’s needs. Those services include brushing out your dog’s fur, shampooing, blow drying, ear cleaning, nail filing, and more. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is your one-stop shop for any and every grooming need.

What Does That Entail?

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort’s grooming services are incomparable to others, mainly because we recognize every dog is unique, just like their owners! In order to tailor your dog’s grooming experience, our team of professional groomers will work alongside you to ensure that every detail of your pet’s experience is perfect, down to the “T.” You’ll have time to discuss preferences and special requests with your chosen groomer beforehand to entail your pet’s visit will be exactly what their tired and sore body needs.

Need the grooming process to take less time? Look into our 1.5-hour offer, where we provide the choice of an express service. For $10 extra, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can focus on bathing and grooming your dog in a shorter timeframe. This is especially good for dogs that get nervous and have separation anxiety.

Atascocita, TX dog spa near me

At this Atasocicta, TX dog spa near me, your dogs are able to run around and feel free while still being kept safe.

What Else Can We Do For You?

Aside from grooming, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort also offers boarding, daycare services, and training as well. We love your dog almost as much as you do, and we make sure to show it.

Our boarding service is one of the hallmarks of our pet resort. We offer a safe and secure space for your pets to relax and get away, just like you do. Amenities include:

  • Colorful movies aid in keeping your dogs calm and entertained.
  • A full-sized pool
  • Safe play yards, protected by 6ft fences
  • Closed Circut security system, and more.

Our boarding suites offer different options to provide your pet(s) with enough space to move around and relax during their stay. But rest assured, we work hard to ensure we create a fun and safe atmosphere to provide your pets with a calm stay while you’re away.

Just Visiting

If you aren’t here to stay, we also offer daycare services. They’re very similar to boarding, but don’t take nearly as long for you two to see each other soon. Many of the activities done with boarding guests are also offered to daycare visitors, like outside swimming, outdoor playing, and televisions. Amenities offered to our visitors include playtime, an “oasis” to relax in, a full-sized swimming pool, and more.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is safe and secure, staffed with experienced pet groomers and caregivers who are assigned to each individual pet. Your pet(s) are never left alone or ignored by staff. Our priority is the safety and welfare of your pet, which is why we strive to maintain a fun-filled environment and care for your pets. When your pets are with us, they have our full attention.

Atascocita, TX dog spa near me

Your dogs will be happy and safe at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

One More Thing To Know About Our Atascocita TX Dog Spa Near Me

While your pets are in our care, we also teach basic training, should you choose the service. Dogs are taught five basic commands, including sit, stay, down, and more, using both spoken commands and hand signs. They are taught with the “on-lead” methods instead of anything else potentially hurtful to your animal.

We do not use treat-based methods or negative-reinforcement methods, but rather “on-lead,” which uses a chain collar and leather leash. Play times are also present in the training program, meaning your dog will still have time to enjoy the day and facilities like any other dog would do.

Our training program is 100% guaranteed, and our trainers are dedicated to helping your dog and household. Correcting most behavioral issues at the time can’t be promised, but trainers will work with you one-on-one to help you teach your dog whatever they need to know.

Come Say Hi Or Come Say Bye

Contact us at one of our four locations, spread out to better serve the pets of Houston and the Greater Houston Area, if you have any questions or concerns. Here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we’re committed to keeping your pets safe and healthy. We offer both playing and resting locations and boast large, open areas that are perfect for training and playing as well.

Your dog works hard, but Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort ensures they can play even harder. We ensure dogs socialize with others and can run around freely and safely. Aside from keeping your pet(s) happy and healthy, your peace of mind is another high priority for us. Rest easy knowing your loved ones are being taken care of in an environment that is full of compassion and care.

Whether you’re visiting for the day or sleeping over at night, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort provides a safe place for your pets as an Atascocita, TX dog spa near me.

Facts About Atascocita, TX:

  1. Atascocita has a 12,240-acre man-made Lake Houston.
  2. Lake Houston lies 43.8 feet above sea level.
  3. Atascocita was originally a trading ground in the early 1700s.