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Our Cat Hotel Provides Better Pet Vacations | Katy, TX

cat hotel Katy, TX

Our cat hotel Katy, TX is perfect for felines who want a little fun while their human is gone.

Are you looking for a cat hotel Katy, TX that can serve as the purrfect getaway for your feline friend? Look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for a vacation spot your four-legged family members will love. Just like humans need a holiday every once in a while, we believe that your pets deserve a day of special treatment from time to time. If you have to get away for a while, why not let your pets enjoy their own vacation?

Our premiere pet boarding and daycare services are great for taking care of your furry companions while you’re away. Let us keep your pets happy, healthy, and entertained while you take a vacation, go on a business trip, or take care of any other travel plans. We can help reduce your pet’s separation anxiety by keeping it busy with fun activities and luxurious accommodations. While your pet will still miss you, they won’t be nearly as lonely when they’re in the care of our loving staff members.

Contact our Katy location today to schedule your cat’s boarding session. Your cat’s personal luxury getaway is only a phone call away. Ask us about our incredible pet lodging services and accommodations. Customers in other areas should contact one of our sister locations.

cat hotel Katy, TX

We’re the experts when it comes to providing comfortable cat hotel Katy, TX condos.

Why Choose Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for Your Cat Hotel Katy, TX

We know it can be hard to think about leaving a beloved pet in the care of strangers. However, sometimes circumstances don’t permit us to find a friend or loved one to watch our pets in our absence, which leaves a cat hotel Katy, TX as your only viable option. As fellow animal lovers, we want to ease your fears and alleviate some of your concerns.

While you’re away for work, vacation, or anything else, our staff of professional pet caretakers will keep a watchful eye on your furry friend. Since 1990, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has worked to keep animals safe and happy while their owners are away, so you can trust our experienced staff to take good care of your pets. Our mission is to provide pets with the high-quality care they deserve, including keeping them entertained and relaxed during their stay.

Safety Concerns

Leaving your cat at home can be an option for those who are only leaving for a short time, but it begs the question: will your cat be entirely safe while you’re gone? Though cats are great at taking care of themselves for the most part, some pet parents may be concerned about their cats being left to their own devices.

Some owners might also worry about pet theft and literal “cat burglars” if their feline belongs to a more expensive breed. Rest assured that our secure facilities prevent intruders from coming near your beloved pets. If the loud barking of our dog hotel section isn’t enough to deter criminals, we’ve got plenty of other safety measures in place. You won’t have to worry about your cat being stolen or escaping the resort on our watch.

cat hotel Katy, TX

Your cat won’t have to worry about loud barking during their stay.

Our Cat Condos Are The Cat’s Meow!

The cat condos we provide will keep your cat busy during its stay. They have a multilevel design that encourages them to climb and offers plenty of activity space. Each cat hotel Katy, TX room is 4×4 with a multilevel condo and a bed.

Your kitty will also receive two scheduled activity times during the day to keep them entertained. We know that cats can get bored just like humans, so we provide plenty of enrichment to occupy their time. Our goal is to provide the best cat care for your pet during its stay, so we’re ready to go the extra mile to make your cat happy!

No Dogs Near These Condos

We know that some cats aren’t used to the presence of dogs and may be frightened by the sound of loud barking. We take special precautions to keep your cats from hearing unwanted noises, helping them stay calm. Our cat condo section is located far away from the dog suites to ensure a stress-free stay. A relaxed cat is a happy cat, so you can be sure that we’ll maintain calm and soothing conditions for your pet’s room.


Our cat hotel Katy, TX prices are as follows:

  • $15 for 1 cat
  • $22 for 2 cats
  • $30 for 3 cats

During the holidays, we experience a more significant amount of reservations, which is why we charge a non-refundable deposit at these times. The deposit for a cat condo during the holiday season is $30. If you need to cancel, you can obtain a full refund by notifying us no later than one week before your pet’s scheduled arrival.

Additional Amenities

While your cat is in our care, you can also treat them to a spa day! Our professional full service grooming packages are available whether your cat stays for a single day or a whole week. Instead of scheduling a separate appointment for your cat’s grooming, we can take care of trimming their nails and fur while they’re on vacation with us.

If you meet with us beforehand, you can personally discuss your cat grooming preferences with one of our stylists, including hair length and any special skin conditions your pet may have. We want your kitty to look as lovely as you like, so let us know how we should pamper them.

Call our Katy location to ask about our grooming rates and fees. With our professional touch, your cat will look snazzier than ever!

No One Treats Your Cat Better

Let Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort take care of your kitty while you’re busy. Whether they need a single afternoon of daycare or a week’s stay, our boarding options are perfect for keeping your cat safe, occupied, and happy. Feel free to check our helpful FAQ for more information about our resort, and let us know if you have any other questions. We’d be delighted to answer them for you!

When you need a reliable cat hotel Katy, TX that’s run by pet-loving staff members, give us a call.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX:

  • Katy used to be known as Cane Island.
  • The city was founded on rice farming.
  • Katy was officially integrated in 1945.