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A Spectacular Dog Spa Near Me | Cypress, TX

Cypress, TX dog spa near me

Let your pup shine bright with our Cypress, TX dog spa near me.

After a long day of play, rolling in the grass, and sniffing smells, your pup will need a Cypress, TX dog spa near me. We all enjoy feeling our best, which is why many of us shower every day. However, your little pup has no hands to turn the knob or shampoo themselves. Regular grooming can help your dog in so many different ways. At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we offer fantastic grooming services in conjunction with anything else your furry best friend may need.

Grooming can help your dogs in simple ways, like improving their eyesight by cutting the fur that blocks their eyes, but it can also help with their long-term health. Groomers help your dog’s coat stay clean, improving the health of their skin and fur. Your dog may even experience reduced stress, no longer shedding its coat to reduce the heat its body holds in warm months.

By keeping your dog well groomed, you’ll ensure that you’re always able to see their beautiful face and that they won’t be in any pain from matting or similar issues. So, when you want nothing but the best, you should take your dog to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for a wonderful Cypress, TX dog spa near me. We offer our grooming services alone or in conjunction with our other services! Come by our Cypress, TX, location today to tour our facilities!

Cypress, TX dog spa near me

You’re dog won’t be able to stop smiling after visiting our Cypress, TX dog spa near me!

A Cypress, TX Dog Spa Near Me Will Change Your Dog’s Life!

Just like you, our dogs get stressed too. They may scratch, itch, or tear things apart when you’re gone at work. The more they scratch, the more they shed, and your house will undoubtedly look like a giant hairball. It would help if you considered bringing your pup to the groomer or doggy daycare to avoid this. Luckily, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is both facilities all in one!

We pride ourselves on our all-inclusive care because we understand how difficult it can be to find the same quality of care throughout the various services your dog needs for a healthy lifestyle. We think your pet deserves the best, so we aim to provide the best at our Cypress, TX dog spa near me. So, if you’d like to book an appointment, call us!

Our groomers have a minimum of seven years of experience. They’ve worked with many different breeds and will give your dog the cut you desire. You’re more than welcome to speak with them before and after the appointment to determine the best grooming practices for your pup. You can save on your service when you board your pup with our doggy daycare!

Your dog deserves to look and feel their best; just like you, they deserve a relaxing spaw day! So, don’t waste time trying to cut out matted fur, smelling grass inside, or dealing with furballs the size of bunnies. Call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today, schedule an appointment, and bring your dog to our Cypress, TX dog spa near me! If you’re in need of other additional services, ask what else Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can provide for you and your best friend.

A Daycare Service That’s Sure To Get Their Tales Wagging Every Morning!

We understand the difficulty of working long, exhausting hours while being a pet owner. The entire day you’ll think about how your pet is doing all alone in the back of your head. The reality is, even if your dog is lethargic in nature, being inside all day alone isn’t healthy for them. Long periods of separation from social anxiety can severely stress your dog, and it may begin to act in ways unbefitting its lovable face.

Some dogs choose to act out by doing things they know they’re not supposed to do. Others cry or whine all day, which leads to serious issues with depression. When a dog becomes depressed, it may refuse to do its favorite things or even eat or drink. A lack of consistent daily exercise could lead to weight and muscle strength issues.

Cypress, TX dog spa near me

Give your pup a chance to play all day! Ask about our daycare when you come to our Cypress, TX dog spa near me.

So, It’s imperative that you’re able to provide your dog with ample amounts of stimulation while you’re away at work every day. Some people think the solution is more dogs, but you’re likely just going to become the owner of two stressed dogs. Their anxiety will likely feed into one another, or they’ll both just feel the same depression when the “alpha” of the back has gone lone wolf.

To avoid this, you should bring them to our Cypress, TX dog spa near me and pet daycare. Our daycare and boarding facilities feature private suites with colored TVs, expansive playfields with tall fences, a closed-loop security system, and even a full-sized pool! No matter your dog’s personality, they’ll be cared for by an individual caretaker assigned to them specifically. 

We want your pet to enjoy their stay with us as much as possible, which is why we’ll give them playtime with toys like peanut butter-filled kongs, which are great for stimulation. Your dog will be treated like they’re at its second home because we care about your pets as if they’re our own. Our staff is full of pet lovers who love animals so much they’ve decided to make it their job.

If you’d like to learn more about our additional services, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or visit our Cypress, TX dog spa near me today!

Training Done Right

If you are the proud owner of a young puppy, but you’re unsure about the best methods for teaching the basics, inquire about our training services! Our 14-day training program will teach your dog the five basic commands sit, stay, down, come, and heel. We use on-leash, praise-based training. We don’t incentivize your dog with treats to avoid incentivizing them via food. Contact Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for all of your Cypress, TX dog spa near me needs and more!

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • Before becoming a suburb, Cypress was known for its rice and dairy farms.
  • Olympic Bobsledder Sam McGuffie was born and raised in Cypress, TX.
  • Cypress, TX is home to 184,829 people.