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Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding

Are you searching for Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding? Then Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort is the top spot for you! We offer the best of the best care for your dog to stay with us while you are away. Whether it be for the day or a trip, your animal will be in the care of our professionals. We make sure your dog is in excellent care and has a great time while they stay with us. a

Dog Day’s Inn is designed to give your dog somewhere to go that is safe and reliable for them, so you do not have to worry while you are away. Please continue reading to get a better understanding of our boarding program!

Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding

Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding


Your dog is going to love staying with us here at Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding, Dog Day’s Inn. They might even have a better time with us than you do on your vacation! Our pet boarding program offers quality care and enough entertainment to keep them busy for their entire stay. Your dog is not just a pet here at Dog Day’s Inn, but a member of our extended family. We offer TV time with animal-friendly movies playing at all times in the facility. This allows the dog to enjoy the visual presentation. We also have secure fencing in our yard for them to play in—so no need to worry about them getting out or lost. 

Do you have a dog who likes to swim? We offer a full-sized pool for them to get all their aquatic needs satisfied. Your dog is going to have the time of their lives with us when they stay in our boarding system. We make sure your dog will continue to work on their daily exercise and enjoy interacting with our other boarding dogs. One of our favorite ways to keep your dog entertained and on track for movement is the peanut butter kong time. This technique makes sure the dog is engaging as well as content. 

Still curious about the safety of your animal with us? Dog Day’s Inn is a secured facility that ensures their tall fences are more challenging than your escape artist of a dog. We use a closed-circuit monitoring system that lets our team keep a close eye on your dog while they are in our care. This also helps us make sure they aren’t behaving differently or knowing what we need to do to make them more comfortable. 


You might also be interested in our other programs and services that we have to offer, such as our excellent training program. This 14-day course will help your dog in any trouble areas they might have with obedience. Your dog will stay with us for the entirety of the training in a suite. We ask you to bring your own food due to dietary needs as well. One of our trainers will work closely with your dog to teach them basic commands with positive reinforcements. 

Our “no treat” training, as well as zero electronic devices used while we work with your dog, has had a fantastic amount of results. We only use a chained collar and leather leash in our training process. This method is safe and gives our trainers a better relationship with your dog. Give us a call to learn more about our training!

Day Care Services 

We all have schedules, some of us busier than others. Dog Day’s Inn wants to make sure your dog is taken care of during your long days you might have away from them because we understand that you hate leaving your dog at home all day with nothing to do. Why not give them a better day at our daycare center!

Our services will leave your dog having a tail-wagging good time and keep them busy all day and comfortable. This program allows your dog to watch TV and have peanut butter time during their time here. We also include the opportunity for them to go for a swim in our pool and plenty of all-day playtimes. Each animal is given a day caretaker who will tend to them all day, so they are under complete supervision. Our staff is highly trained in dog’s behaviors and understanding what they need, so they feel more at home with us.

Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding

Your pets are family; we’re a company that understands.


Don’t forget your dog needs a hair cut. Dog Day’s Inn offers exceptional dog grooming services as well as boarding and training programs. Our professional, experienced groomers know how to trim and fluff your dog of any breed. We offer brush-outs, shampooing, and blow drys as well as full haircuts. Don’t worry; we also include nail trimming and ear cleaning, so you never have to worry about doing that again.

Additionally, we offer Express cleaning services for dogs that need quick quality cleaning. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

Why Dog Day’s Inn

Through our numerous programs and services, your dog has the opportunity to be given the best experience. Whether it be grooming or a week’s stay with us, they will be given the best options with our staff and us. Additionally, Dog Day’s Inn is not just for dogs. However, we haven’t forgotten about our feline friends! A cat can stay here, and our cat condos are suitable and comfortable for any cat’s needs. We make sure they get enough daily activity. Plus, they are located in a bark-free zone, so they are far away from the dogs. 

Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding

We want to be your Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding so that you continue using our services for years to come. Give us a call at 281-758-3234 to speak to one of our staff members for more information. Or check out our website to see for yourself how great Dog Day’s Inn is for you and your pet. Trust us with your pet’s boarding needs!

Cypress TX Local Dog Boarding

Let us be your pet sitter!

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