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Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me

Quit your google search for Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me and come down to Dog’s Day Inn! With the most trained staff with optimal care for your furry friend, there’s no reason to keep searching for the perfect doggy daycare.

Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me

Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me

Stop in today to see what fun it is for your pup to have!

The best pet resort in Cypress can be found no further than Dog’s Day Inn. Why worry about your pet at boarding or daycare when you don’t have to? Furthermore, a guarantee of safety and happens, there’s no competition in the pet boarding game.

History of Cypress

The city of Cypress is a bustling and growing one among Houston. With a population of 122,803 people (according to a 2010 study), there’s plenty of pet owners looking for daycare for their pups.

Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me at Dog’s Day Inn can reassure you of both safety and entertainment for your pet throughout their stay. Therefore, their state-of-the-art facility paired with a loving and dedicated staff, they have everything your pet will need to enjoy their time apart from you.

Why Choose Dog’s Day Inn?

With so many pet owner’s in Cypress, undoubtedly tons of them looking for boarding services, it’s easy to see the hesitation about where to take your dog. 

Dog’s Day Inn understands your fur family is near and dear to your heart, which is why we’ve created one of the best possible environments for your fur baby to have fun and be safe while you’re away.

History of Dog’s Day Inn

We started in the animal care business back in 1990. The first location was in Humble, Texas. Now we have over four different Texas locations.

The primary mission of Dog’s Day Inn is to create all-inclusive rates with a wide variety of services for dogs and cats alike. These services include things like pet daycare, grooming, and boarding.

Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me

Dog’s Day Inn is the best boarding kennel in all of Cypress!

This is what sets Dog’s Day Inn so separate from neighboring kennel services in Houston. It’s the one-stop-pup shop for all your canine needs.


Boarding & Kennels

There are many reasons why Dog’s Day Inn is the best option for your precious puppy. As a result, a large variety of amenities, designed with your pet’s needs in mind, can be offered to you from Dog’s Day Inn. There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding being away from your precious pup, which is why relaxation is one of the main goals here at Dog’s Day Inn.

Some boarding and kennel amenities provided at Dog’s Day Inn are:

  • Colored television with pet-friendly movies on throughout the day.
  • Safe and secure play yards, surrounded with a six-foot-fence.
  • Full-sized swimming pool for optimal exercise.
  • Closed-circuit security system to ensure pet safety.

Dog boarding is never initially a fun idea, but Dog’s Day Inn works hard to ensure your pet has the most fun possible!


Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me searches can lead to many options to choose from, but entertainment and exercise at Dog’s Day Inn are what sets it apart from the rest.

With the proper amount of engagement, your dog is assured to be entertained and fully occupied. Keeping your puppy entertained is one of the main things that can prevent their anxiety.

Television is a wonderful example of a good distraction. The sounds of television, coupled with the light, help your dog feel more social and engaged. Always playing pet-friendly programs, the televisions in Dog’s Day Inn keep your pet aware and entertained.

Furthermore, the volume is always at a comfortable level, and we make sure to play programs that avoid startling noises or loud sounds. Another sure-fire way to keep your dog entertained here at Dog’s Day Inn? A good-old-fashioned Peanut Butter Kong! Peanut Butter Kong’s have been proven to entertain your dog effectively while also giving them a healthy dose of protein.

Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me

With a full-sized pool, we provide optimal exercise for your dogs!


Many play toys are provided for your puppy to stay entertained, as well. With a large yard and full-sized swimming pull, there’s more than enough room for playtime!

With alert and trained staff, there’s no better way to allow your four-legged-friend to burn off excess energy than this. The swimming pool times are entirely monitored by staff and are set up for 20-minute intervals. 

This allows the dogs to get excellent exercise without over-taxing them. 


One of the main concerns when choosing the best pet resort for your fur-baby is safety

You want to drop off your dog and expect nothing less than the best care. The search for safe and secure Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me can grind to a halt at the foot of Dog’s Day Inn. Dog’s Day Inn has a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility that is ensured to protect even the most sneaky escape-artist dogs. 

The fence on the premises is six-feet-tall, and there is consistent staff trained in monitoring all dogs in our care. Because many dogs suffer separation anxiety from their owners, there’s an increase in risk for them to try and find their way out. 

Furthermore, we expect this and are fully prepared. That’s where the closed-circuit system comes into play. This allows for the staff to keep full awareness of kennel areas. Additionally, our staff also surveys particular interactions and evaluates the dogs’ behaviors to ensure that no negative interactions between animals occur.

The staff available at Dog’s Day Inn are trained to watch individual behavior to avoid de-escalating aggression. It should be a no-brainer to choose Dog’s Day Inn for your dog’s boarding needs with all this extra security.


Can you put a price on the love you have for your dog? Absolutely not; your dog is essentially your baby and should be treated as such. Additionally, your dog is 100% guaranteed to have the most entertained, exercised, and safest of times. Quit searching Cypress TX Puppy Boarding Near Me and give a call today to Dog’s Day Inn! 

Fun Facts of Cypress, TX:

  • The city’s named after a 49-mile-long creek.
  • The city of Cypress prides itself on its impressive public and private schools.
  • The population, as of 2019, is 122,803 people.
  • To find out more fun facts about Cypress, please visit their official page.