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Do You Need A Genuine Puppy Daycare? | Cypress, TX

Are you a hardworking individual that worries about your furry best friend, and now you need a Cypress, TX puppy daycare? Thankfully, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has been serving those individuals such as yourself in the greater Houston area, including Cypress, TX, since 1990!

We’re an all-inclusive pet resort, and we pride ourselves on that fact. We aim to provide high-quality care to your pets, regardless of the type of care they need. We offer a unique kennel and boarding service because we have professional groomers and trainers in-house, and an individual caretaker will be assigned to your dog when they first arrive.

Cypress, TX Puppy Daycare

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is the perfect Cypress, TX Puppy Daycare!

This caretaker is directly responsible for your dog and will work closely with your pet to ensure their individual needs are met. They’re trained to recognize your dog’s emotions and appropriately respond to keep your pup happy, healthy, and excited!

We know it’s stressful for you and your dog to be left with a stranger for the day. That’s why we make it our mission to treat your pet like family at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. That’s because, to us, they are family! If you’re interested in touring our Cypress, TX puppy daycare facility, you can call them today!

A Cypress TX Puppy Daycare With All The Amenities!

When you bring your dog or cat to a Pet Resort, it should feel exactly like that. You want your pet to live a life of luxury and enjoy their daily staycation while you’re at work! Our Cypress, TX puppy daycare is one of the best facilities in the greater Houston area.

We’re better than the average kennel because of our facilities and highly professional staff. Our facilities feature climate-controlled rooms and enormous play yards with unstructured play time, allowing your dog to enjoy their favorite activities with friends!

If Michael Phelps inspires your dog, we have a full-sized swimming pool! Swimming pools are also a fantastic way to exercise for older or overweight dogs. Playing in the pool relieves stress on their joints and burns more energy than traditional playtime.

Cypress, TX Puppy Daycare

Your dog will be in their element in our full-sized pool!

We know that a well-exercised dog is a healthy dog. A healthy dog is a happy dog. That’s why we think their unstructured playtime in the fields and the pool is vital to their Cypress, TX puppy daycare. We also understand that, for you, the scariest part is leaving your best bud with people you don’t know well.

Security and Quality Care Go Hand in Hand.

So, if security concerns you, you’ll be happy to hear that our facilities feature closed-circuit security cameras. That means we’ll have eyes on your best friend 24/7. In addition, they’ll have an individual caretaker assigned to them. This caretaker will not only watch over them their entire stay but also take the time to learn who your dog is as an individual.

We take personal instructions very seriously and will go above and beyond to fulfill any special requests you have for your pup’s care. We’ll notice if your dog is prone to anxiety before they become fretful. Once we see signs of distress, we will automatically upgrade your dog to one of our high-level suites so that they can relax in their own personal space.

Bringing ease of mind to you and your pet requires complete dedication to their care. That’s why Dog’s Day Inn prides itself on our outstanding staff and state-of-the-art facilities. We provide both the safe space and the professional service your pet needs.

Our Additional Services Makes The Pet Owner’s Life Easy!

However, the additional services we offer for our Cypress, TX puppy daycare are what make us an all-inclusive pet facility. Our services include grooming and training, which means you’ll have total pet care in one convenient location.

How amazing does the idea of dropping your dog off at daycare and picking them up with a brand new haircut sound? You can expect that from Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Our puppy daycare offers grooming and training to our guests to ensure your dog looks, feels, and acts their best.

Our groomers are professionals with a minimum of seven years of experience. They’ve worked with multiple dog breeds and are happy to discuss style with you. They’d also be ecstatic to share plans for a grooming routine for your pup.

Grooming is a necessary practice to aid in keeping your dog as healthy as they can be. Grooming can help prevent fleas and pain from fur matting, and grooming keeps their claws from becoming too sharp. If you’d like to use our grooming services and not our Cypress, TX puppy daycare, you’re more than welcome to do so!

Get The Training Your Puppy Needs During Their Daycare

If you’ve got a young puppy but realize that you don’t have the time to train them personally, fear not! We have a fantastic fourteen-day training program designed to teach your dog the most essential commands.

We prioritize the five basic commands of sit, stay, lay, come, and heel. Dogs are inherently workers. A majority of breeds often enjoy it when they feel like they have a job to do. A well-trained dog will be ecstatic to obey the commands that you give them. They’ll feel a sense of purpose, contributing to their mental health and well-being.

Cypress, TX puppy daycare

Get your pup the training they need at our Cypress, TX puppy daycare!

We also understand that the proper incentives must be implemented so your dog is not motivated by food. We do not use shock collars to train with fear, however. We utilize daily, on-leash, praise-based training.

Your dog will be motivated by simply bringing a smile to your face, strengthening your overall relationship with your best friend. Consistency is the key, and if, for whatever reason, your dog is not obeying the commands they’ve learned, we’ll continue to work with you until they do.

If you’re interested in our Cypress, TX puppy daycare services, stop by Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for a tour, or call us to schedule one today!

Fun Facts About Cypress, TX:

  • The Cypress cluster ranks 50th in the top 100 highest-income neighborhood clusters.
  • Evidence suggests human activity in Cypress, TX has happened since 7500 B.C.
  • Sam Houston and his army camped in Cypress, TX, on March 22, 1836.