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Delightful Cat Hotel | Cypress, TX

If you are looking for a delightful cat hotel Cypress, TX, then you have come across the right candidate. Dog’s Day Inn is a wonderful spot to drop your fur baby off for a fantastic spa day full of fun and care.

A Little Insight About Us

We have been caring for animals since 1990, and we knew we had set ourselves apart from other “kennels.” We have always wanted to provide the best care for animals. Our facility is lined with fun products, and our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We focus on each and every one of the animals that we are caring for. We give each animal plenty of individual attention.

We like to make the animals feel like they are at a real resort with the amenities that we offer, such as pools, large play spaces, and even separate cat condos. No animal is left behind here, and we plan on getting better and better with each animal that we care for. We are always growing as a team and as a family with returning clients.

We care for your pet with all of our hearts, and we want our daycare to be a home away from home. You will find no better place to care for your pet, and we stand by that.

Delightful Cat Hotel | Cypress, TX

Give yourself some peace of mind when you drop your pet off at Dog’s Day Inn, a wonderful cat hotel Cypress, TX.

We Promise A Good Time at Our Cat Hotel Cypress, TX

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we understand It can be very stressful to get someone to look after a pet. You may be worried about the person not being able to handle the pet or not being able to take care of the pet properly. You may also be worried about the pet getting out of your house or getting lost.

Dog’s Day Inn is here to take that stress off your chest and allow you to have some freedom and peace of mind. The benefits of dropping your pet off at an animal daycare are abundant and plentiful.

Your pet will be able to socialize, which provides many benefits for an animal. Socializing can help an animal to feel more comfortable around people and other animals. It can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, improving an animal’s overall health and well-being.

Your pet will also be getting their daily amount of exercise while receiving treats and having fun. You will be at ease knowing your pet is being well taken care of while you are away, and when you come to pick them up, they will be so happy to see you! They can let you know about the great time they had here at our cat hotel Cypress, TX.

If your cat loves spending time with other felines, then a daycare center is definitely the place for them! At our daycare, your cat will be able to play and socialize with other cats all day long. There will be plenty of toys and climbing structures for them to explore, and they’ll never get bored. Plus, you can rest assured that your cat will be well-cared for while you’re away.

Delightful Cat Hotel | Cypress, TX

Our staff is ready and wants to care for your pet. We will treat them with love and care as if they are our own.

We Do A Whole Lot More

Dog’s Day Inn is not just a pet resort; we have a lot more services to offer.

To start, we offer pet boarding and kenneling. Our facilities are state of the art, and they include amenities and programs to help meet your pet’s needs. If you are looking to get your pet in a training program, we offer that, too! Our two-week training course program for dogs is fun and rewarding.

Of course, we have our pet daycare that you can read more about. Lastly, we offer a professional grooming service. Our groomers are experts in their craft with upwards of 23 years of experience. Your pet will be in good hands over here, no matter what service you request.

We’re Ready to Answer Questions

We do understand how hard it can be to separate from your fur baby, so we are ready for the questions. You can call us during our business hours with any questions you may have. You may also refer to our FAQ tab on our website which goes over the commonly asked questions by other caring paw parents. You are not alone, and Dog’s Day Inn is here for you and your pet.

We’re Here For You, Too!

An animal daycare can provide many benefits for the owner of a pet. It can help to socialize the animal, give them exercise and stimulation, and provide a safe environment for them to be in while the owner is away. This can help to reduce the amount of stress that the owner feels, making it easier to manage their time and responsibilities so they can devote more attention to the pet.

Dog’s Day Inn is here for you, too, not just your pet. We would love to give you some freedom without worrying about your pet because we know you care about them. When you take the time to drop them off at an animal daycare, it shows that you are thinking of your animal and that you truly do care.

Delightful Cat Hotel | Cypress, TX

Dogs’ Day Inn is the place for your pet to be when you need someone to watch over them. We offer high-end services and care along with delicious treats. Call us today to find out more!

Locations and Getting In Contact

We have four different locations, which are in Atascocita, Cypress, Katy, and Kingwood. All of our locations have the same business hours but different phone numbers and emails. Check out our service area page to which location is the most convenient for you. Dog’s Day Inn wants to care for your pet, and we aim to be the best cat hotel Cypress, TX.

 Fun Facts About Cypress, TX

  • Cypress, TX is home to Blackhouse Gold Club, one of the top courses in Texas.
  • Houston Premium Outlet Mall is in Cypress, TX. It is considered one of the best outlets in the surrounding areas.
  • Cypress, TX was founded around 1904 after the discovery of oil around the gulf coast.