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An Exquisite, Affordable Dog Bath Near Me | Katy, TX

Katy, TX dog bath near me

Your pets will be happy to spend their time with us at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Looking for a great Katy, TX dog bath near me? Look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! We are a pet daycare and boarding facility that provides extensive grooming pet grooming services for your pet. For both cat and dog, we can provide your pet with a safe, comfortable, and fun place to stay while you’re away.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has many years of experience in pet boarding, since 1990! We provide not only dog grooming, but boarding, daycare, and training for your cat and dog. Our amenities and range of services distinguish us from other pet kennels.

We began as a small facility in Humble, TX. Now we service the greater Houston area, including our local communities in Katy, TX. So don’t hesitate to call us today to get a Katy, TX dog bath near me, or drop by our location. We’d be thrilled to take care of your pet and make sure their stay is a memorable one.

Discover A Fantastic Katy, TX Dog Bath Near Me

It can be difficult, what with our fast-paced and ever-busy schedules, to give our beloved pets the care and attention they need. Sometimes we have to work long hours away from home, leaving pets alone and even unsupervised. Other times our homes may be undergoing renovation and it’s no longer possible for your pet, let alone anyone, to stay at home.

When that happens, contacting a good, high-quality kennel facility is key. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can provide your pet with full service grooming. Moreover, we also provide pet daycare and boarding, with plenty of amenities to keep them happy.

Lastly, we provide two-week training for pets that need help following commands. Learn more about our extensive services by reading more here!

Katy, TX dog bath near me

Your pets will get the greatest dog bath near me with us!

Grooming Services

Our pets are beloved, but often stinky members of the family. Dogs get sweaty easily, playing in the hot sun and in the mud; cats’ overgrown coats need constant brushing and even cutting. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is here to ensure your pet comes out clean, neat, and looking – and smelling – as good as new.

Our top-of-the-line, stellar grooming services come with full haircut, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail trimming services. Moreover, we brush, shampoo, and blow-dry your pets’ hair. Finally, we finish the treatment with a whiff of cologne and a sprightly bandana for style.

(Despite our extensive grooming regiment, however, please note that your pet may still have an odor when we release them to you. This is perfectly normal due to the closed-quarters of our facility where natural odors are more noticeable. Moreover, the stress of unfamiliar surroundings can leave your pet feeling more tired and thirsty than usual.)

Not all pets, however, can handle a full grooming regime. If your pet is nervous or has anxiety and attachment issues, we provide an express grooming service. For an extra $10 fee, we ensure that the grooming regime doesn’t exceed one and a half hours.

Explore Our Other Services

If you need a place for your pet to stay at for longer periods of time, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can help. Our pet daycare and boarding services guarantees your pet will have a safe, fun time with us.

We have fun activities such as Peanut Butter Kong playtime to entertain your pet, as well as color TVs that play pet movies throughout the day. Our private suites are a great place for your pet to relax and socialize. In addition, we make sure we avoid any sudden or loud noises that may disturb your pet.

For exercise, we offer outside playtime with toys in our spacious play yards, as well as swimming at our full-sized pool. Swimming is greatly beneficial for arthritic, overweight, and geriatric pets, removing stress off the bones and joints. Each swim session is 20 minutes and our animals are accompanied by a staff member at all times. For your dog to qualify for our swim program, we will need permission from your veterinarian.

In addition, we also provide a two-week training program for your pet. Our trainer works one-on-one with your pet using five basic verbal commands: Sit, stay, down, heel, and come. These commands are accompanied by hand signals, positive praise, and reward.

(Note that we do not do “treat” training or use electronic devices. All Houston obedience school directives are trained “on lead” using a chain collar and leather leash.)

To ensure that your pet feel comfortable, we highly recommend bringing their familiar toys, food, and bedding during training. Keeping on the same diet will also prevent your pet from getting an upset stomach or loose bowels from the stress of unfamiliar surroundings.

Katy, TX dog bath near me

At our boarding facility, we have the best Katy, TX dog bath near me in the area!

Call Us Today!

Dogs and cats are social animals capable of feeling loneliness and anxiety just as much as humans. That’s why at Dog’s Day Pet Inn Resort, we ensure that your pet will never feel unduly bored, anxious, or unsafe with us. Our mission is not only to provide a safe, comfortable place for your pet, but to ensure your pet comes out looking, feeling, and behaving better than they did when they first came in.

We take the safety of your pet very seriously, which is why we employ a team highly-trained to detect signs of distress and anxiety in a pet. We survey our pets using a closed-circuit security system to ensure all of our charges are safe and not in trouble. Moreover, we surround our play yards with a six-foot high fence to ensure no pet can wander off or try to flee the facility.

Don’t let your pet languish bored and alone at home. Contact Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today or drop by our location. For a Katy, TX dog bath near me, nobody does it better than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort!

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • It was incorporated in 1945.
  • It was once the hunting grounds of the Karankawa Indians.
  • In 1896, the first post office opened.