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Fun-Loving Pet Hotel Near Me | Kingwood TX

Do you need a Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me to keep your pet for the weekend? Trust Dogs Day Inn in Kingwood is a fun-loving and reliable pet paradise.

Your pet means a lot to you. The reality is they are your baby, and you don’t know what you would be without them. You do your best to care for them and show them love, and that is a task in itself. As much as you would love to, taking them everywhere you go is not always an option. So, know you’re in need of a pet hotel in the area that you’re sure will take care of your pet just as much as you do.

There’s no need to look anymore because Dog’s Day Inn is the perfect place to bring your pet. Dogs Day Inn Kingwood is a pet paradise that offers boarding, daycare, and grooming services for your beloved furry friend. Our luxurious facility provides everything your dog needs to feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re away. From spacious suites to play areas and plenty of treats, Dogs Day Inn in Kingwood has it all!

For years we have been serving all the pet owners and parents in the area. We have four locations in different cities in the greater Houston area. So, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can find a location near you and leave your pet with our amazing pet caring staff. So, thankfully we can be the Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me that you trust.

Read more about why both pets and their owners love coming here. And when you’re ready, you can call to let us know how long your pet will be staying with us.

Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me

Your pets will be happy to spend their time with us at Dog’s Day Inn.

The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog at Dogs Day Inn Kingwood: Kingwood, TX Pet Hotel Near Me

Let’s talk about what makes us stand out as a pet resort. For one, we understand that it’s just as nice for your pet to have a fun break. If you get to go on vacation and enjoy yourself, your pet should get the opportunity to do the same. So, that is one of the things that we make a priority here at Dog’s Day Inn. Our staff ensures that every pet is enjoying themselves as much as possible.

And when it comes to ensuring optimal enjoyment, that comes down to what we have available in terms of amenities and as a facility. Thankfully, we have an amazing facility that is fit for both dogs and cats. Wait, did we not tell you?

Yes, we know that the name Dog’s Day Inn initially makes you think that we only take care of dogs, but that is far from true. We also take care of cats as well. These are the two most popular pets, and we understand that they both need to be taken care of. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a dog parent or a cat parent. They are both safe and guaranteed to have fun while you’re away.

The main benefit of bringing your pet to our pet resort is that you know they are safe. One thing that we are big about here is the safety of all the pets staying with us. So, we have various safety measures in place, which include security cameras that are watched 24/7, high fences, and a staff member watching at all times.

In addition to this, you can tell that we provide quality care. Every pet wants and needs love. That is something that our staff ensures is shown to each and every pet. So, know that your pet will get their

own time with a staff member. And our staff will take great care of your pet for you.

The Amenities Your Pet Will Love

Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me

A fun time is always guaranteed when your pet visits our Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me.

While your way, our job is to ensure your pet has the time of their life. With that being said, our amenities are what your pet will love. Here are some of the things that they’ll enjoy while they’re here.


  • A full-sized swimming pool
  • Colored TVs playing pet-friendly movies all-day
  • A play yard

These are just some of the things that they’ll enjoy amount many others. You can take the time to visit our facility and get a better look at what we have to offer.

Your Pet Boarding

We know one of the things you’re thinking about is where you’re pet will be staying. Our facility has various suites that you can choose from for your pet. And the best we can describe it is that the different suites fit different-sized pets. So, for example, if you have a larger pet dog, you want to get larger dog boarding.

Here is a list of the different pet suites.

  • Senior Executive: 9×10 room with a bed and TV & 3 playtimes
  • Executive: 6×10 room with a bed and TV & 3 playtimes
  • Junior Executive: 4×10 room with a bed and TX & 4 playtimes
  • Cat Condo: 4×4 multi-level living for your feline’s comfort with a bed and 2 activities

When it comes to the pricing, we are affordable, which we know is important. The difference in the price per suite is per night, per the number of pets staying, and size. Check out our website to get more accurate pricing or call.

Check Out These Services You Can Add to Your Hotel Service

Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me

Think about adding other services to your pet boarding.

In addition to our amazing boarding service, we also have other services that you can add on or complete separately. These services include training and grooming. If any of these two services are things you want to add, let us know when you call.

Also, know that we operate as a cat or doggy daycare. So, if you don’t need an overnight stay, they can stay with us during the daytime.

Now, it’s time for you to bring your pet to our amazing pet resort In Kingwood. Our staff is excited to provide a service like this for you and care for your pet. Make Dog’s Day Inn the Kingwood, TX pet hotel near me that you take your pet to.

Facts about Kingswood, Tx

  • Another name for the city of Kingwood is the Livable Forest.
  • Visit Old Mc Donalds Farm, with a petting zoo and much more.
  • Kings Harbor Waterfront Village has boutiques, restaurants, and more for you to explore.