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Katy TX Canine Kennel

If you’re looking for the most ideal place to send your beloved pup, look no further thanKaty TX Canine Kennel at Dogs Day Inn.

You do not want to have to worry about your dog’s safety and happiness when you’re away from them, so why take a chance on just any doggie daycare or Inn?

Katy TX Canine Kennel

With the utmost quality and care, Dogs Day Inn in Katy, TX, is the best possible place for your dog to go when in need of an overnight resort.

Katy TX Canine Kennel

For the best pet resorts around, go to Dog’s Day Inn in Katy, TX!

No one wants to worry about their dog while on vacation, so put your trust in the hands of the professionals.

Background of Katy

The city of Katy is a beautiful one that’s grown quite extensively over the last few years.

The population of 21,729 citizens, according to the 2019 estimate, that’s almost double the number of people compared to 2010.

With such a growing and prosperous city in Texas, there’s undoubtedly going to be many dog owner’s in need of a trustful pet resort for their furry friends.

That’s where Dog’s Day Inn comes into play.

What Is Dog’s Day Inn?

When there are so many options out there to choose from when it comes to Katy TX Canine Kennel services, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I choose Dog’s Day Inn?”

There is a large majority of reasons as to why pet parents should trust Dog Day Inn for all their dog boarding needs.

Katy TX Canine Kennel

With so much daily entertainment and exercise, your dog won’t want to leave.

One main reason is their impressive history in the business. The business began back in 1990 when the demand for pet care and boarding was heightened.

The Dog’s Day Inn was created with the theory that all pets who enter are part of the family. Your dogs deserve safe, comfy, and actively fun places to be while you’re away from them.

The very first location of Dog’s Day Inn is in Humble, Texas. The mission at Dog’s Day Inn is to provide all-inclusive rates and an extensive array of services for dogs and cats in Houston.

The services provided are training, grooming, pet daycare, and overall boarding. This is what sets Dog’s Day Inn apart from many other pet kennel services in Houston.

Kennel Boarding

Each kennel location for dogs or cats is reassured to be safe and state of the art for your four-legged friend to enjoy.

There are a few different amenities created to ensure your pet’s needs are all met throughout the duration of their stay. A few amenities offered are:

  • Color televisions that include pet-friendly films that play throughout the entire day.
  • Play yards surrounded securely by a 6ft. fence.
  • Swimming pools that are full-sized for even the biggest of puppies.
  • A highly secure closed-circuit system.

With all of these fun inclusions, your dog might not want to come back home!


One of the top priorities at Dog’s Day Inn is to ensure that your dog is at the utmost safety possible while you’re away. That’s why at Dog’s Day Inn in Katy TX Canine Kennel services, it is 100% guaranteed that your beloved dog is as safe as possible.

This doesn’t mean just setting up a flimsy fence and calling it a day. The premise in Dog’s Day Inn is secure, meaning there’s not only a tall and sturdy fence but also a full staff that has all eyes on your pet throughout their stay.

Katy TX Canine Kennel

No other kennel has the same safety precautions as Dog’s Day Inn.

Another way they ensure safety at Dog’s Day Inn is through their closed-circuit monitoring. This allows staff to keep 100% awareness of every part of the kennels.

This also helps evaluate your pet’s behaviors and ensure all animals are both happy and safe.

Also, any interaction between animals will stay monitored by staff to keep confident that all pets are safe.

The extensively trained staff members can recognize dog behaviors, such as distress or anxieties. Staff also know the proper techniques to de-escalate any signs of aggression between the pets. This closed-circuit security allows an extra added layer of safety to assure safe boarding for your precious pet.

Entertainment and Exercise

Pet owners get peace-of-mind knowing their animals are adequately taken care of.

This means giving your dog both entertainment and proper amounts of exercise throughout their stay. At an ideal dog boarding facility, there should be both of these needs met.

Television is an excellent way to ensure your dog has some comfort while you’re away. The sounds they hear from the TV help their social skills and make them feel less alone.

Katy TX Canine Kennel

Get the best doggy daycare for your pet with Dog’s Day Inn.

The TV programs played must be suitable for animals. Here at Katy TX Canine Kennel Dog’s Day Inn, this is all they do. This will ensure your dog’s more relaxed, as well as bringing their boredom and anxiety levels down.

Another great form of entertainment for your doggies? Peanut butter kong’s, something that both engages and entertains your dog. Amongst other play toys, the staff is sure to find something fun that’ll keep your canine’s attention.

The full-sized pool for your furry friends is another big draw to Dog’s Day Inn. It’s one of the best ways to allow your dog to burn off excessive energy. This also helps them get the balanced exercise they need during the day.


Overall- the quality of attention, care, and vast space provided by Dog’s Day Inn are unbeatable compared to other pet resorts in Houston.

The amenities provided guarantee 100% to help your dog have a restful and relaxed time throughout their stay.

With the utmost security with their six-foot-tall fences and closed-circuit monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that your dog or cat is in the best hands. And not only is it one of the most secure pet resorts in Houston but the most fun.

The entertainment at Dog’s Day Inn is unlimited. With colored TVs specified with programs for pets and their full-sized swimming pool, there’s no other dog boarding you should consider for your canine.

Give Dog’s Day Inn a call today to find out more at (281)-994-8026.

There is no reason whatsoever why you should waste your time searching for any other dog kennel in Katy.

Just search Katy TX Canine Kennel for optimal quality for your fur-babies at Dog’s Day Inn!

Fun Facts of Katy, TX: 

  • The city of Katy is a hub of three total counties.
  • Counties that Katy is apart of are Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend.
  • Katy is located about 30 miles West of Houston, Texas.
  • Find out more through their official website!