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Katy TX Dog Boarders

Are you seeking Katy TX dog boarders to help watch your furry friend while you are away from the house? Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can help! We offer the most affordable dog boarding services in the entire Houston area. Above all, unlike other companies with low prices, we don’t sacrifice quality.

We know it can be stressful to leave your animal unattended at home. When they are there by themselves, they get into everything, and even the most well-trained dogs have accidents from time to time. Also, even if you have someone there with them, there is no guarantee they know how to look after an animal.

Our fantastic team of experts has unrivaled knowledge of animal care. We know exactly how to care for your animal and in a compassionate way. This is what separates us from other companies in Katy. Many shady animal care companies prey on unsuspecting customers by offering them subpar services at astronomical prices.

They will throw your dog in a kennel and barely give them enough food and water to keep them sustained. However, we will go over and above for your furry companion when you choose us. They will be treated like they are one of our own, and you will never have to worry about their safety while they are in our care.

Also, these shady companies will push services on you when you do business with them. We will never try to take advantage of you here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. In fact, we want to save you money and help ease your fears about pet care every time you visit us!

We Are The Most Affordable Katy TX Dog Boarders Around!

Katy TX dog boarders

When you choose the best Katy TX dog boarders, your dog will be happier than ever!

All animals love to stay here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! For over 30 years, we have been offering nothing but the best kennel and boarding service around! Our love for animals is unrivaled by any company in the country, and we prove it when you choose to leave your pet with us.

Secure Play Yards. When you choose our dog boarding service, your furry companion will have the time of their life! They will be able to run around with other dogs in our care or, if they are a little nervous, by themselves.

Full-Size Swimming Pool. We offer a full-sized swimming pool at all of our amazing locations. Your dog will love swimming around, and they will be getting loads of exercise while they do it.

Don’t worry either if your dog has a hard time swimming. Our expert Katy TX dog boarders will be right there the whole time, making sure your dog is in good shape while they are in the water.

A Tranquil Environment. Above all, your dog will be in a relaxing, loving environment while in our care. This is perhaps the most essential aspect of dog boarding and where many companies drop the ball. Your dog will be given his own room and fed and kept an eye on the whole time they are here to ensure they stay in a happy mood.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort Loves Cats Too!

Katy TX dog boarders

We love cats too here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! Bring yours in for any one of our excellent services today!

We don’t just care for dogs at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort! We love our feline friends, too, and look forward to helping you with any service you need to keep your cat happy and in good health. Many animal care companies only offer one or the other, but we love all animals equally here.

Shampoo. One of the hardest things to do as a pet owner is to bathe a cat. This daunting task can scare off the most expert pet owners and cause them to seek professional help.

Worry not! Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is here to alleviate your fears and help bathe your cat! If you don’t know what you are doing, or better yet, how your cat will respond to the water, you can be in for a lot of trouble.

Some cats can seem like full-fledged maniacs when introduced to a bit of water. However, we have experts in bathing cats who can help calm even the most sadistic feline during a bath!

Nail Trimming. Many pet owners often clip their dog’s nails. However, what is forgotten sometimes is the fact cats need theirs clipped. They can suffer the same problems of nail breakage as dogs, and it is essential for you to maintain this vital grooming need.

Other Services We Provide.

Katy TX dog boarders

If you have a puppy, bring them by for our training service. It’s important to start good habits early!

Training. We offer excellent dog training here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, and you won’t break the bank for this service either! All of our amazing trainers only train your animal with positive reinforcement, and no treats are involved!

We offer 14-day training programs; therefore, you will see amazing results that other training companies can only dream of producing in two weeks. When you start your puppy out with good habits, you are helping them create great behaviors that will last a lifetime!

Grooming. We offer fantastic grooming services here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. No matter what you need, from paw care to a bath, we have the grooming service you are looking for.

Daycare. If you will only be gone for a short time, our animal daycare is perfect for you! It is like our boarding services just for those who don’t need us to watch their companions for as long.

Bring Your Dog To The Pet Boarders That Care!

If you have any questions about our boarding service or any other excellent services we offer, give us a call! Also, make sure you check out our FAQ section; it is full of great insight and goes a little deeper into the questions you might have regarding your pet’s stay.

Finally, we can’t wait to hear from you here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. The best Katy TX dog boarders look forward to meeting your furry friend today!

Katy Fun Facts:

  • The population of Katy is well over 20,000.
  • The earliest settlement in Katy, known as Cane Island, was founded in 1872.
  • A devastating hurricane in 1900 destroyed much of the buildings in Katy.