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Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me

If you are looking for Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me, look no further. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has got everything a dog could want.  We offer daycare, boarding, training, and grooming.

We love what we do, and we are sure you and your dog will love what we have to offer. We started our small business in Humble. Over time we expanded to the surrounding areas. We quickly found people who love bringing their pets to our facility.

With so much to offer, who wouldn’t? Our dar care center has great amenities, and our training program will help you train your pet using verbal commands and hand signals.

So if you need an all-around great dog facility, check out your local Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me

Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me will give you excellent service to you and your dog

Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me

Dog’s Day inn started about thirty years. Ago. Since then, we have served your pets with love and the utmost care. We offer our services in Katy, Cypress, Kingwood, and Atascocita.

Kenneling can be tough on pets and owners. However, we can guarantee our best. Things like vacations, home renovations, or uncertain housing issues may cause anyone to need to board their dog for a while.

Moreover, if you work most of the day, you may want someplace safe and fun to put your pet for the day. We can offer fun, safety, and comfort for you, your furry friends.

Bringing your dog with you everywhere you go is not always feasible. So out Daycare and boarding services are here when you need us. Along with dog boarding and training, we also offer dog grooming.

If you need us to groom your dog while you are away, we got you covered. Whatever your fluffy friend needs, we can take care of it. So bring your pet, and we can show them a good time while you are away.

Day Care

Our daycare center is perfect for your dog. We offer great amenities that will keep them happy and comfortable all day long. One of the things we pride ourselves on is our caregivers. We assign your dog its very own caregiver.

This way, they can bond with someone while you are away. We understand that bringing your dog to a new place with new smells can be stressful for them. We want your pet to be excited when they come.

Therefore we give them a friendly, familiar face to look for when they get here. Your dog will be watched closely and carefully at all times.

Out trainers and caregivers are well trained in detecting stress in your pet. So if your dog needs a safe and quieter place, your dog’s caregiver will know immediately.


At Dog’s Day Inn, we provide amenities such as televisions, peanut butter kongs, outdoor swim times, private suites, and outdoor playtime with toys. Your dog will have lots of time to play and socialize.

We also give them time to relax and calm down. We provide television playing dog-friendly programming. We have a pool area where your dog can swim and get great exercise.

Swimming is a great alternative to running. If your dog suffers from joint issues or is overweight, swimming can help with these problems. Buoyancy vests are given to those puppers who haven’t quite learned how to swim.

Safet is a high priority for us. Therefore, we do recommend you consult with your veterinarian. We will need a written veterinary release form before they are allowed to join our aqua exercise program.

Once we have the release for we offer them twenty minutes of pool time. This will give them the adequate exercise they need to stay healthy.

Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me

We give dogs twenty minutes of aqua exercise!!


If you need us to groom your dog, we can help! Our groomers have experience ranging from seven to twenty-three years in grooming services. They are experienced in all kinds of breeds and can help answer any kind of skin and fur care questions. Our services include:

  • Brush-out
  • Shampoo
  • Blow-dry
  • Full hair cut per the owner’s instruction
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Finishes with cologne and bandana

Suppose your dog gets nervous with grooming, no worries. We offer an express grooming service. This express grooming service can be completed in less than two hours. There is a ten-dollar additional fee.

When you call us for our grooming services, we can offer you a rate for your dog or cat. We can meet with the groom to discuss preferences and requests. We do recommend you make an appointment.

All of our client’s dogs are groomed in the order of their arrival. We offer our grooming services Monday through Friday. Our drop-off times are between seven in the morning until nine in the morning.

Our Saturday drop-off hours are between eight in the morning until ten in the morning. Select locations offer Saturday grooming service. Please call for an appointment.


Did you know we also train dogs? We have a wonderful training program that you and your dog will love. Our training program is a fourteen-day period. In that time, we train your dog to sit, stay, down, and come when called.

We offer positive reinforcement and train ‘on-lead. This means that we don’t use treats or use corrective collars, such as shock collars. We use a chain collar and a leather leash to train your dog.

At the end of the fourteen days, we invite you and your family so your dog can show off the new commands they have learned. Then we will teach you how to take command.

Give your dog a great start, and come train with us! We have professional trainers that love working with dogs.

Call Us

Whether you need a place for your dog to stay for a few hours or a few days, call us. We have an excellent boarding and daycare center. Our highly trained staff is more than capable of keeping your dog happy and healthy!

We would love for your dog to come and play with us while you are away. So check out Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort when you look for Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me.

Katy TX Dog Daycare Near Me

Give us a call today!

Fun Facts for Katy

  • Hosts a rice festival every year since 1981
  • Movies and campouts occur at the VFW Park
  • Only a 30 min. drive from Houston