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Katy TX Dog Daycares

As a pet parent, finding the right Katy TX Dog Daycares center to care for and watch over your beloved pup while you’re away can be a daunting task. However, the task isn’t impossible. If you’ve searched high and low throughout Katy, TX, consider Dog’s Day Inn as your primary choice.

A Relaxing Resort For All Dogs

When you drop off your dog with us at one of the many Dog’s Day Inn locations, you’ll see that our facilities are equipped well.

Katy TX Dog Daycares

Having trouble finding the perfect Katy TX Dog Daycares center? Get in touch with Dog’s Day Inn today!

We employ reputable and well-trained staff with years of experience in animal care. Additionally, our environment is carefully constructed to suit the care and needs of your dog. Whether it’s playtime to giving your dog a bath, Dog’s Day Inn has it all. In fact, we’re more than just a simple daycare facility for pets. We go above and beyond to ensure that your pups are entertained, fed, and well relaxed, just like a resort! We’ve helped thousands of pet owners gain peace of mind, and we’ll help you too.

Dog’s Day Inn has proudly offered excellent animal care services since the early ’90s. We currently offer a variety of different experiences for your dog in either our Katy, Cypress, Kingwood, and Atascocita locations. In addition to our daycare facilities, Dog’s Day Inn can also carry out any grooming, boarding, and training services for your dog. So whether your dog needs to relearn some house rules or get a trim, our resort is the perfect place to do it.

At Dog’s Day Inn, we will stop at nothing until our mission is fulfilled. Through our dedicated training staff and resort facilities, we aim to provide the best possible boarding, daycare, grooming, and training services. Your perfect pup deserves only the best care around. So it’s our job to treat your pet as if they were our own during its stay with us.

From Day Care To Resort Getaway!

First off, we understand that choosing our pet resort over one of the many dog care facilities in Texas couldn’t have been easy.

Katy TX Dog Daycares

Your pup deserves a vacation. Our Katy TX Dog Daycares center at Dog’s Day Inn is a special resort that all dogs dream of.

Many dog care centers claim that their facilities are well kept. They very well may have just enough to complete their services adequately. However, we’ve seen plenty of cases where there have been too many corners cut in order to make certain ends meet. As a result, the care for your pet ultimately suffers. Many other dog daycare services mean well. However, they might not have enough room or staff on hand to properly give your dog the attention it deserves.

In contrast, Dog’s Day Inn believes highly in its staff and its overall stress-free environment. All of our locations have several spacious play areas, all of which is surrounded by a 6ft. fence for protection. Here is where your favorite little puppy is free to roam with other playmates in the resort. We also have private spaces for dogs with seperation anxiety. These areas allow dogs to isolate themselves and be on their own without any distractions or unnecessary aggressors. Dog’s Day Inn also has plenty of color TVs and full-sized swimming pools. These pools are perfect for those hot summer days.

Animal Care Specialists At Dog’s Day Inn

To elevate the entertainment experience, our staff regularly offers plenty of aqua swim sessions in groups. Our tried and true Peanut Butter King playtime is carried out here as well. With these amenities and modes of entertainment, your dog is less likely to feel like they’re being put away. They’ll feel like they’re taking a mini-vacation away from home. That’s because we take the boring setup that comes with the usual daycare facility and turn it into a relaxing getaway for dogs.

The best part about our pet care services is that all dogs will immediately be assigned their own caregiver. When it comes to your dog, our caregivers will know exactly what to look for. Whenever your dog starts to exhibit certain moods, our caregivers will act accordingly. But most of all, they will be there for your dog and give it special attention during its stay here.

Other Services At Dogs Day Inn

Do you love our daycare services at Dog’s Day Inn? Dog parents across Texas have found great benefits from our training and grooming services, as well.

Katy TX Dog Daycares

We also offer grooming and pet training services here at Dog’s Day Inn. Find out more by speaking with our representatives today.

By offering these additional services to your dog during its stay with us, you can be sure that your dog will be carefully watched over. They will also be able to either learn a few things or receive great hair care treatment from our lovely staff.

Is your dog starting to look a little shaggy? Does it need a course in following simple house rules? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then Dog’s Day Inn’s training and grooming services may be what you need.

  • On Lead Pet Training – One of the biggest things that come out from under our training is the newfound bond between dogs and their owners. This is all thanks to our On-Lead dog training program here at Dog’s Day Inn. Our experienced trainers will carry your dog through relearning obedience directives usually found in most home training. There are no treats or special electronic devices used during the training process. If your dog has been exhibiting strange or disobedient behavioral issues, we know just the trick to get it back on track.
  • Dog Grooming ServicesDoes your dog need a little trim? Are you having trouble giving them a bath on your own? Our staff is ready for the job. All of our Dog’s Day Inn facilities have the necessary tools and products needed to carefully and correctly groom your dog. No matter if it’s a trim or a full-on scrub down, we’ll have your dog properly cleaned with no issues as at all. Our grooming services include brushing, hair cut, nail trimming, shampooing, blowdrying and more. If your dog is likely to be nervous during their grooming, we also offer our Express cleaning services. Ask our staff about this service at the booth during your next visit.

Katy TX Dog Daycares At Dog’s Day Inn

If you’ve been seeking a great doggy daycare in the Katy and Houston area, then look no further. Our state-of-the-art facilities and awesome roster of trained animal care specialists have all the makings of a great daycare center for your beloved dog. However, we’re more than just a daycare center. We’re a resort. At Dog’s Day Inn, your dog’s stay with us will feel like a relaxing getaway. Give your dog the vacation that all dogs dream of, and seek out our Katy TX Dog Daycares center at Dog’s Day Inn today!

Fun Facts About Katy, TX

  • Katy was once known as the rice capital of the world.
  • There is an annual rice festival every fall.
  • Many events are hosted at Katy’s VFW Park, including movie nights and community campouts.

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