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Katy TX Local Dog Boarding

Were you searching for Katy TX Local Dog Boarding? Then let Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort be the answer you’re looking for! We offer one of the best boarding programs in the greater Houston area for your dog to have the best experience. For 26 years, we have been celebrating the joy of taking care of animals and keeping them safe while you are away. Whether it be for a day or a week, you can rest assured your dog is having the time of their lives with us at Dog Day’s Inn.

Started in a small facility in Humble, Tx, we have expanded to multiple locations and hope you and your animal will be part of this growing family! Please continue reading to learn more about the numerous different programs we have to offer.

Katy TX Local Dog Boarding

We provide a range of activities to entertain your dogs.

Boarding Program

Let us discuss the safety procedures that we make sure are in place for your animal’s stay. Dog Day’s Inn has created a system to make sure your animal is supervised at all times. Dog or cat, your pet will be in a secured facility, so not even the best escape artist can find a way out. Our boarding services uses a closed-circuit monitoring system to give us full eyes on the facility. We want to be aware of what your animal is doing and how they act during their stay. Sometimes when animals are away from home, they begin to get anxious or feel less happy. However, is it our job to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Animals need to be entertained, and here at our pet resort, we make sure they are having the time of their lives! Your Katy TX Local Dog Boarding will allow your dog also to exercise and keep active. We have a full-size pool for your furry friend to swim in and enjoy water aerobics. This program is for dogs of all ages as it is proven the water is good for older dog’s joints and small puppy’s first time swimming. We set up 20 minute pool time for each dog, so they don’t burn out.

Have you ever caught your dog watching a movie with you? Because they do enjoy watching a film! We also have TVs set up for the dogs to watch a pet-friendly movie to bring them peace of mind during their stay. The TV’s are to help the dogs feel more social as well as help their visual aids. One of our favorite activities to do with your animal is peanut butter kong time. This activity keeps your dog engaged in playtime as well as getting to eat a sweet treat.

Day Care Program

Are you looking for a day to day doggie daycare service? Dog Day’s Inn allows you to drop off and pick up your animal for a daily dog daycare program. We understand pet parents hate the idea of leaving their animals at home all day to do nothing. So why not look into a pet sitter for your animal. Bring your pet to us during the time you’re at work or leaving the house for the day, and we will entertain them for their entire time they are with us.

Our stress-free environment will give your dog a tail-wagging good time. We allow your dog to enjoy all the amenities they would be given if they were in our boarding program. Television and peanut butter kong time is a top priority for their enjoyment. They will be given swimming time as well as outdoor playtime to get all the exercise they need. Pet care is important to us, and we want to take care of your animal like they are our own.

Additionally, while your animal is with us, they will be given their own caretaker to be with them all day, so they are never lonely. Rest assured, if your dog does begin to display stress, we will upgrade them to a high-level suite. Our care center wants you as pet owners to understand your dog is in good hands. Last but not least, do not think we forgot about your feline friends! We also offer cat daycare and boarding services so your cat can have just as much fun with us. Our cat condos will give your cat all the climbing and activity space they could only dream of. Additionally, the cats are safely far away from the dogs and will be in a bark-free zone.

Katy TX Local Dog Boarding

Our swimming pool gives your dog a chance to burn off some energy while having fun!

Pet Training Program

Another pet boarding program we have at our facility is the pet training service. During a 14 day stay with us, your animal will be given one on one training with an expert to educate them on basic commands. Sit, stay, down, heel, and com are just some of the verbal techniques we will work on with your animal. With positive reinforcements, we will use the lead training system to teach your dog. We do not use treats or electronic devices to train, but a chain collar and a leather leash. Your dog will be given obedience training courses to help shape how they act and turn them into a better dog.

Why Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort?

You want to give your dog the best, and the best is right here at Katy TX Local Dog Boarding Dog Day’s Inn. We won’t only give your dog excellent care but also love them like they are our own. Our staff is excited to be allowed to take care of your animal and make sure they are happy while in our care. Contact us today to learn more about our services and locations. Or give us a call at 281-994-8026 to speak to a member of our team and hear just how exciting of an opportunity this is for your animal.

Dog Day’s Inn is your Katy TX Local Dog Boarding place to be!

Katy TX Local Dog Boarding

Give us a call today at Dog Day’s

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