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Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

When searching for Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care, consider Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort for your dog boarding needs. We know pet care better than anyone, and you deserve to trust someone who loves animals. Here at Dog Day’s Inn, we are not only dog experts but also dog lovers as well! Our primary concern is giving your dog quality time and care so you can have peace of mind.

For 26 years, we have loved dogs like they are our own and given pet owners the boarding service they need when they leave town or are gone for the day. Pet lovers will be delighted by the amount of playtime we give our guests when they stay at Dog Day’s Inn. Spending time with your furry friend is what we look forward to when they walk into our facility. Doggy daycare is easier to find than you know when you choose Dog Day’s Inn.

Please continue reading to learning more about our Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care and how they can help you as a pet parent.

Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

We offer swimming and other activities to keep your dog busy!

Doggy Daycare

Your furry family member deserves to have an exciting day, as well. At Dog Day’s Inn, we have designed a daycare program to let dogs act like dogs and enjoy themselves. Have your dog dropped off at our facility, and we will take over from there. You do not need to worry as you have put your dog in the best care.

Our daycare program’s amenities include TV time to allow dogs to watch pet-friendly pet-friendly movies all day long. The concept of TVs within our facility is to give dogs a sense of socializing and watch the images and colors to amuse them. Along with this activity, we also offer peanut butter kong time where a caretaker will engage in activities using the peanut butter. This helps your dog pay attention to simple commands as well as eat peanut butter!

Your Furry Friend Will Have Fun!

Once your dog enters our facility, they will be handed over to a caretaker who will stay by their side all day long or during the duration of their stay. This is so your dog can have a companion the entire time they are here and not feel lonely. Your dog will be given a private suite to call their own when they want to nap or unwind after a busy day. We ask if you can also bring toys for them to feel at home with.

We want your animals to get exercise while they are in our care. Our full-size swimming pool is perfect for letting our water puppies get all the fun they want, all while getting in their exercise. We make sure to time your dogs for only 20 minute swim periods, so they do not get too tired. The pool time also helps our older guests work on their joints and stretch out any problems they might have.

Dog Boarding Program

In case you were looking for overnight boarding for your dog, Dog Day’s Inn also offers boarding for when you might have to leave town. We want your dog to have a happy place to go to when you head out on vacation. Please continue reading to learn how we are the perfect place for your dog to stay at.

The amenities for our overnight boarding program are the same as for the dog daycare services. We allow your dog to enjoy TV time and peanut butter kong activities with our caretakers, so they are happy for hours. Along with all the fun your dog will have, we will have them in a private suite to spend their downtime.

We understand you will worry while they are here at Dog Day’s Inn and want you to know that safety and security are top priorities to us. Our have six-foot-tall, sturdy fences set up around our perimeter, as well as a closed-circuit system in place at all times. This allows us to watch your dog at all times for any problems or dog behavioral problems they might have. At any point, if your dog is feeling stressed, we will make it our mission to calm them.

Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

Training Program

Here at Dog Day’s Inn, we want to extend our services to you within our unique training program. This program puts your dog in an obedience course to help them learn manners and basic commands. Some dogs slack these qualities, and it can be challenging to bring them around public places. For 14 days, your dog will stay in our care and will work one on one with a trainer to improve how they act in certain situations.

Our obedience program is for those who want to leave their dog with us for around the clock care. They will stay in a private suite and be put in our “on lead” program.We use only a leash and a collar to learn basic rules given by an instructor. We do not believe in devices being used to teach your dog, but rather a more hands-on approach.

By the time you come back to pick up your dog at the end of the program, you will be taught what your dog learned. This will help you continue training your dog and continue their training even after they leave our facility.

Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

Dog Day’s Inn is your Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care when you don’t want your dog to be alone. We promise to give your dog an experience they will never forget when you use our facility. If you have any questions, give us a call at 281-994-8026 today to speak to a team member. Or visit our website to read into our services and locations.

For Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care, choose Dog Day’s Inn!

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Katy TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

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