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A Pet’s Paradise: A Promising Pet Daycare Near Me | Katy, TX

Next time you head out for a trip, think about giving your puppies a vacation too at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort that has all of your Katy, TX pet daycare near me needs. If you’re antsy to leave and escape the city, remember your dog probably is too. Just pack their things and stay to say bye when dropping your pet(s) off, leaving us to take great care of your pet while you take care of yourself.

At Dog’s Day Inn, your pet can take their own vacation while you’re getting away!

katy tx pet daycare near me

Our grooming teams are always ready to help with all your grooming needs.

Why Your Dog Deserves A Vacation Too

Many dogs are stuck at home when their owners leave town, sometimes only seeing friends coming to feed them. Because your pets are considered family, leaving them behind when taking a trip can be a difficult experience, but that’s why Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is here. We’re happy to board your pets while you’re away, and we’ll make sure they’re cared for with love and fun.

Our pet resort is one of your best options when looking for hotels for your pets. We have different suite layouts to choose from and offer different amenities and services your dog is welcome to participate in.

Whether your pets are here to stay or visit for the day, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort treats each and everyone with all the love and care they deserve.

Love Your Stay (Boarding)

Here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we provide a safe and fun vacation stay for your pets while you focus on yours.

Pet owners should bring items like their pet’s favorite toys, blankets and pillows, and beds. It is also strongly suggested to bring your pet’s own food and treats so as to not change their diet and cause any stress on them during their stay. We even offer different sizes of suites, giving your pet(s) room to accommodate their different sizes or specifications.

Dogs are kept busy with large play yards and televisions playing pet-friendly movies. Our swimming pool is just as fun for the dogs, and our play areas are kept safe and secure with 6-foot tall fences and a closed-circuit security system.

Our great staff at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort keep your dogs entertained and engaged by playing with them, keeping them feel energetic and happy. We understand the amount of exercise your dog requires and consider it our mission to keep your pups healthy and occupied during their stay.

We make sure to have someone watching your pet at all times to ensure their happiness and feelings of safety. Your pet’s comfort is paramount to us here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, and as a result, we make sure your pets don’t worry over a single thing. We want to return them to you feeling just as happy as they were when you dropped them off.

katy tx pet daycare near me

Your pet is having as great of a day as you are!

Plan Your Day (Daycare)

Similar to our Katy, TX pet daycare near me boarding services, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort also boasts a well-run daycare that can keep your dog engaged while you’re away. We also offer calmer spaces for your dogs to lounge in if or when they become too tired or stimulated from playing.

Each pet will have an assigned team member to handle your pet’s stay. This is to ensure they get enough attention and have someone watching over them just in case your pet shows signs of stress. The last thing we want is to put your dog in a stressful or negative atmosphere, so our compassionate team is always on the lookout to keep your pet as happy and cared for as they deserve.

Our full-size pool is popular, too, especially for high-energy pets looking for a break from the Texas heat. Floating vests are kept close by and provided should your pet need a little bit of help navigating the water.

Breaks like these are extremely important to your pet’s health and happiness. As a result, we encourage different pets to play with each other, as well as staff. We want to create and maintain an environment that promotes fun and inclusivity to boost pets’ moods and keep them curious about all the new and exciting things we have in store for them.

Quiet, relaxing areas are also provided should your pet(s) need a break from running around outdoors or playing in the heat.

Because we have four facilities across Houston and the Greater Houston Area, you can rest assured that your dog will be loved and happy, no matter which location they happen to be at. We carry quite a lot of pride in keeping our care fantastic and consistent, meaning that any and every location you come to is held to the same very high standards.

katy tx pet daycare near me

Our Katy, TX pet daycare near me keeps your dogs engaged and entertained.

Our Sights And Attractions (Other Services We Offer)

During your pet’s stay, they’ll have plenty of time to take part in other services we offer. Whether you need them groomed to look their best or trained to behave even better while they stay with us, we’re happy to take care of it all.

Our grooming services are carried out by professional dog groomers with several years of experience. The list of services includes brushing out, shampooing, blow drying, ear cleaning, and more.

Our training programs are some of the best of the best. Our sessions last 14 days, after which your dog will be trained to follow basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “heel.” We do not use treats or shock collars, opting instead for using “on lead” methods. We also schedule time for them to just have fun together with other pets, as all dogs should do.

Let Us Be Your Pet Travel Agent At This Katy, TX Pet Daycare Near Me

Believe us when we say your dogs need a getaway just as much as you! Call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today if you want to schedule a staycation for your dog(s) or have any questions for us.

Of course, you need a vacation from the stresses of life, but your pets need to catch a break too. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is a Katy, TX pet daycare near me that is ready to help your pet relax from their own daily stress– leaving you the time and energy to relax too!

Facts About Katy, TX:

  1. Katy is well known for rice farming.
  2. Katy was planned by J.O. Thomas, L.C. Luckel and R.M. Cash in 1895.
  3. The city wasn’t officially incorporated until 1945.