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Texans Strongly Suggest This Perfect Katy, TX Puppy Daycare

Pet parents, do you hate leaving your dog alone at home during the workday and are looking for a Katy, TX Puppy Daycare for them? Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is the perfect place for your pup to spend a day, week, or however long you may need! We are an all-inclusive pet resort that prides itself on our professional, friendly caregivers and service that goes the extra mile.

Leaving your dog somewhere for hours a day can be stressful for you and them. It’s essential that the place that you take them to treats them with the special attention and stimulation they require. Our caregivers are experts in addressing your dog’s individual needs. 

A Katy, TX Puppy Daycare You Can Trust

Our story began in 1990 with a small facility in Humble. When we first opened our doors, we knew there was a need for a Pet Resort that could serve as a one-stop shop for all of your dog’s unique care needs. Finding the same service quality can be challenging if you take your dogs to a separate groomer, kennel, and trainer.

Katy, TX Puppy Daycare

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is the perfect Katy, TX Puppy Daycare!

That’s why we wanted to be an all-inclusive daycare, providing you with consistent, quality care no matter what kind of care it is. At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we have experienced professional caregivers, groomers, and trainers who work extensively with each dog individually.

We want you and your pup to feel as comfortable as possible during their time at puppy daycare. We’ll give you the ease of mind by being affordable and professional, and we’ll give your dog ease of mind by giving them lots of time to play!

We have a full-sized pool available, allowing your dogs to exercise while being easy on their joints and keeping them cool. If they’re more of a land lover, don’t worry! We also have humongous play yards, filled to the brim with toys! We even have peanut butter-filled kongs to stimulate your dog while giving them a little treat.

Because an individual caregiver is assigned to each dog, we can connect with your pet and ensure their needs are met. If your dog is highly anxious and becomes distressed quickly, our caregivers will take note of their mood. When they see the signs that your dog’s in distress, they’ll upgrade your pup to a high-level suite.

Our Suites and Amenities 

What good is a Pet RESORT if it doesn’t feel like one? Your canine is supposed to be on vacation from their busy life of being a dog! They need time away from their human so that they can relax and recharge by being a dog with other dogs.

Or, if your pet is more introverted, they, too, need a moment to get away to some peace and quiet. That’s why all our suites are spacious, comfortable, and have colored TVs. They can watch their favorite dog-friendly programs while they enjoy the comfort of their own bed and personal toys from home.

Katy, TX Puppy Daycare

Your dog will beat the Katy, TX heat in our full-sized pool!

When they’re done hitting the pool or relaxing in their room, they can treat themselves to a spaw day! Our grooming services will have them feeling and looking their best. Our groomers have seven to twenty-six years of experience.

They’ve worked with multiple breeds and are happy to consult with you about the best skin and fur care routines with your pup. Our services include brush-outs, shampoo, blow dry, total hair cuts per your instructions, ear cleaning, and nail trimming, and we’ll finish off with some cologne and a bandana.

Your pup doesn’t have to stay at our Katy, TX, puppy daycare either. For a $10 service fee, we can have your pup back to you within an hour and a half. Remember, your dog’s comfort is our number one priority. We don’t want them to feel uncomfortable for long if they don’t handle the groomers well.

Put That Pup To Work!

It can be pretty easy to be jealous of a dog’s life. All their bills are paid, and all they have to do all day is eat, play, and sleep! Dogs have an instinct for assisting us, however. Truthfully, they love to work as much as we don’t like it!

Often a bored dog is a dog that will misbehave. Training your dog to listen to commands is a great way to ensure they feel like they have a job. Our 14-day training course will teach them the five basic commands we think every dog should understand.

Sit, stay, down, heel, and come all have very practical applications and will strengthen your connection with your best friend. Our trainers will use praise as a reward, so your dog does not become food motivated.

We guarantee that our trainers will teach these directives to your pup. If for any reason, your puppy disobeys, you can contact the trainer and schedule a time that is convenient for you to work on the issue. For more information about our services and rates, click here.

Don’t Leave The Cat At Home!

We’re more than just a Katy, TX puppy daycare. We’re a pet resort, so your feline companions are more than welcome to stay with us! Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort offers luxurious, spacious cat condos for each of our kitten guests.

Katy, TX Puppy Daycare

We’re not just a Katy, TX puppy daycare! Bring your cats to stay in our cat condos!

The cat condos offer peace and quiet, away from the barking dogs that may agitate your cat. They’re filled to the brim with toys and other stimulation your cat may require. During the day, they’ll get to enjoy an activity session in the kitty tree! 

Just like our dogs, your cat will receive a personal caregiver. It’s incredibly important to us that each pet’s needs are addressed so that we can improve your and your pet’s home life.

No matter the kind of pet, our caregivers are dedicated to making sure they feel like they’re safe and at home. So, whether you need boarding or simple daycare, call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort to take care of your pet. If you’d like to tour our Katy, TX puppy daycare, feel free to walk in, we’d be ecstatic to show you our beautiful facilities!

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • Katy began as a wide-open prairie known as “Cane Island.”
  • 20,296 people live in Katy, TX, according to the 2020 census.
  • Katy, TX was founded in 1895
  • For more fun facts about Katy, TX, visit their website!