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Kingwood TX Cat Boarding Near Me

If you’ve been looking for Kingwood, TX cat boarding near me, contact our pet resort today. We proudly offer expert boarding services for cats and dogs alike. Moreover, we have four state-of-the-art facilities. As such, you can be confident that your pet will receive the utmost level of care while with us.

We understand that your pet is a part of your family, and it can be tricky to leave them for an extended period of time. However, our team is here to ensure they get the same love and attention as they would from you. When you choose Dog’s Day Inn as your pet boarding service, you can have peace of mind knowing your feline friend will have a great stay.

In addition to boarding services, we offer pet grooming and training services. With that in mind, we can keep up with your pet’s grooming schedule if this is something you need. We have an expert team of professional groomers at each of our locations. Consequently, your pet will receive the full pampering service, and you’ll come back to a beautiful looking feline.

Leaving your pet with a boarding service, or even a trusted friend, can be nerve-wracking. That is why we do our best to accommodate our pet parents. Our team will remain in contact with you and send you regular updates so you can rest easy knowing your pet is doing just fine.

Finding Kingwood, TX cat boarding near me can be tricky. However, Dog’s Day Inn is here to make your decision easy. If you’d like to learn more about our services, call today. We will happily answer any questions you have and schedule a tour of our facility.

Kingwood, TX cat boarding near me

You can trust your feline in the hands of our experts.

Kingwood TX Cat Boarding Near Me

Dog’s Day Inn has been offering quality pet care services since 1990. With that in mind, you can be confident in our expertise and knowledge. Our company was founded on the purpose of giving pet owners a safe and comfortable environment that they can entrust their pets in during the times they aren’t there.

Whether you’re going for a month-long trip or require a daycare service during the long work weeks, know that Dog’s Day Inn has got you covered. Not only do we provide our services for felines, but also for dogs. So, if you require a pet boarding service for dogs and cats, or either or, you can rely on us.

We understand that not all cats and dogs get along. That is why we ensure the boarding areas of our feline and canine friends are separate, as to not cause distress to any of our borders. In addition, our dog and cat boarders have different ‘fun zones’ throughout our facilities.

For our canine friends, we offer a large swimming pool and an outdoor area for them to burn off energy. On the other hand, we have indoor play environments for our feline friends. If you’d like to know more about our dog boarding services, call today. For now, let’s dive further into our cat boarding services.

Reliable Boarding Services for your Feline Friend

We understand that kennel services aren’t just a struggle for owners; they can also cause emotional distress for pets too. That is why our staff are extra attentive with our boarders to ensure they experience minimal amounts of stress. We strive to provide a happy, friendly, and safe environment for as many pets as possible.

With that in mind, we proudly have four locations across the Greater Houston area. In addition to our Kingwood resort, we have facilities in Katy, Cypress, and Atascocita. If you think any of these locations would be more suitable for you and your pet, feel free to give us a call and ask about our boarding availability.

Kingwood TX cat boarding near me

When you need Kingwood TX cat boarding near me, you know who to call!

It should be noted that the services we provide vary slightly from location to location. This is something to be mindful of when selecting the right facility for your pet.

Each of our locations is equipped with spacious cat condos for your feline friend. They possess a multi-level design to provide plenty of space for climbing and other fun activities.

In addition, our pet carers are always around to ensure your cat has a memorable and enjoyable stay with us. We provide our boarders with copious amounts of toys and treats, so they never experience a dull moment.

As previously mentioned, our cat boards and dog boarders are kept separately, so you won’t have to worry about the sound of barking causing any unnecessary distress for your pet.

Pet Grooming Services at Dog’s Day Inn

Each of our locations is staffed with a team of professional groomers. Not only that, but each of our groomers has a minimum of seven years of experience in the grooming and pet care industry. As such, you can be confident in the level of service we can provide to your pet.

Our groomers have worked on various sizes, breeds, and ages of pets, so you can trust that your furry friend is in safe and experienced hands. Some of the pet grooming services we provide include the following:

Kingwood, TX cat boarding near me

We provide grooming services for all ages and breeds of dogs and cats.

  • brush-out
  • blow-dry
  • shampoo
  • nail trimming
  • full hair cut

Of course, we will never make an executive decision regarding your pet’s grooming and will provide them with the type of cut and service that you deem necessary.

Whether your pet requires grooming while enjoying our boarding services or you simply require a fresh trim for your feline, know that Dog’s Day Inn is here to help.

We offer an express grooming option that guarantees that your pets’ grooming will be completed in one and a half hours. If you’d like to schedule a grooming appointment for your cat or dog, call us today.

Contact our team today if you’d like more information about our boarding services and are looking to book your pet at one of our state-of-the-art facilities. Dog’s Day Inn is proud to offer Kingwood, TX cat boarding near me.

Kingwood Fun Facts

  • It is a part of both Harris and Montgomery Counties.
  • Kingwood was created in 1971.
  • Its nickname is ‘The Livable Forest.’
  • To learn more about Kingwood, visit here.