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Kingwood TX Dog Boarders

Are you looking for Kingwood TX dog boarders? Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort offers amazing dog boarding services. As pet owners ourselves, we wanted our place to reflect a place we would want our own dogs to stay. We can give you the most care for your pet and an experience your dog will love every time they are here.

We can offer the best boardings services for both dogs and cats. Plus, if you love our boarding services, you are going to love our doggie daycare. We offer daycare services as well as grooming and training.

Whatever you need, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resorts can give you the perfect services when you search for Kingwood TX dog boarders.

Kingwood TX Dog Boarders

Call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort when you need Kingwood TX dog boarders.

Kingwood TX Dog Boarders

When you board with Dog’s Day Inn, we can offer some of the very best services you will find in the Kingwood area. We can offer amazing amenities for our four-legged guests that stay with us. They will have so much fun playing and resting in their cozy private suites. You won’t ever have to worry about your pup.

Our amenities include color televisions that play pet-friendly programming thought the day. We offer secure yards for them to play. These yards are surrounded by a fence that is six feet tall.

Our high jumpers won’t even be able to cover that. We offer a full-size swimming pool for the ones who love the water. Additionally, all of this is closely monitored by staff and our closed-circuit security system.

We can assure you that our facilities are safe and monitored at all times. When you board your dog, you want to be at a place you can trust. Dog’s Day Inn understands this need.

It is what we would want with our pets. We can offer you the best and safest place to board your dog. Give us a call today!

Prices and Suites

We are so happy and proud to be considered your choice of dog boarders. At Dog’s Day Inn, we know we will make your pooch happy while they are with us. We want to present you with several options for our boarding services.

You choose what size kennel your dog gets. We can set up an appointment with our grooming service team while your pet is here. While we do have house food for your dog, we do recommend bringing your dog’s own food.

Our check-out time is at noon. You are more than welcome to pick up your dog on the weekends if need be. During the busier time periods, such as holidays, we do require a deposit.

We offer several size kennels for your dog. The price can vary depending on how many dogs you are boarding, and we do charge per night. When you rent a room for your dog, it comes with a color television and a dog bed. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own bed for comfort and familiarity.


Our 9×10 room comes with three playtimes. If you have more than one dog, you may board them in the same room. These prices are as follows for the 9×10 room:

  • %58 for one dog
  • $84 for two dogs
  • $94 for three dogs

Our Executive Suite is a 6×10 suite. These room options offer three playtime sessions as well as a television and a bed. These prices are:

  • $48 for one dog
  • $71 for two dogs
  • $81 for three dogs

Our Junior Executive Suite is a 4×10 suite. Along with its own television and bed, we offer four playtimes outside. These prices are:

  • $38 for one dog
  • $56 for two dogs
  • $66 for three dogs

We also want to offer our cat condos. As we have mentioned before, we offer a boarding service for cats as well. We can offer a multi-level space we know you cats will love. It is a 4×4 space that includes a complimentary bed and two activity times throughout the day. The prices are as follows:

  • $15 for one cat
  • $22 for two cats
  • $30 for three cats

Holidays, Vaccines, and More

Kingwood TX Dog Boarders

The safety of all pets at our facilities is our number one priority.

If you need to cancel your pet’s boarding, deposit refunds will only be available no more than seven days prior to your pet’s scheduled arrival. Some dogs have more energy than others. Therefore, they need extra playtime.

If you would like extra playtime for your pet, you may add it for just $5 for each play session. We do offer a training course that is fourteen days long. This course is $795.

We do ask that your dog receives the necessary vaccinations before they stay with us. There are many dogs and cats that come through our facilities. They are not just for boarding.

They come through for grooming, training, and daycare as well. Therefore, we want to protect all our animals from harmful diseases and bacterias. We ask that dogs have their Rabies, DHLPPCV, and Bordetella.

For cats, we require Rabies, FVRCP, and FELV vaccines. We ask that you bring proof of your pet’s vaccinations for our records.

Does your dog require medication? If so, we ask that you bring your pet’s medication in its original packaging. This will ensure accurate dosage and correct intervals.

Our Staff

Our staff is a group of friendly animals lovers just like you. Your dog will be so loved and comforted while you are away. You won’t ever have to worry if your dog is lonely or bored. Our staff is passionate and excited about what we do.

Our job is to make animals happy, which makes us happy. Do not be surprised if your dog gets excited about coming back. We always make it our mission to leave a happy and wonderful impression on your pet.

We are all trained professionals in what we do. There is no other place that will love your pet like they are our own. Safety and friendly service are our specialties at Dog’s Day Inn.

We even can assign your pet its very own caretaker. That way, when you come back, your dog will have a happy and friendly face to run to. If you need a good and safe place for your dog to stay for a few days, we can help. Call Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort the next time you need Kingwood TX dog boarders.

Kingwood TX Dog Boarders

Our staff will give all the love and attention your pet deserves when they stay with us.

Fun Facts for Kingwood, TX

  • Kingwood is known as the “Livable Forest.”
  • It was founded in 1971
  • This community is best known for co-existing with nature