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Kingwood TX Dog Daycare

Pet owners can take time away from home worry-free because now you can take your dog to a great Kingwood TX dog daycare center too! Your dog is family as well, so why should you leave them home alone and bored when you can bring them to Dog’s Day Inn?

Dog’s Day Inn can take your dog in for the day while you are at work. If you have plans during the day and cannot bring your dog, we offer a solution to make your life easier. Several reasons might require you to be away from your dog, like long- work hours during the day, home repairs, or transitioning to a new home.

Some dogs can be left alone for extended hours during the day. However, many dogs get anxious and suffer from separation anxiety. As a result, your dog might act out when you are away.

Maybe your dog chews on furniture while you are out or uses the potty inside the house. It doesn’t mean your dog is misbehaving. Instead, it is probably trying to get your attention. At Dog’s Day Inn, we offer you a break and a pet resort for your pup.

Kingwood TX Dog Daycare At Dog’s Day Inn!

Kingwood Tx dog daycare

Dog’s Day Inn pet resort is your best choice, Kingwood TX Dog daycare

Dog’s Day Inn, your Kingwood TX dog daycare center, is a pet parent’s dream come true. But, most importantly, your dog will love everything that we have in store.

Our doggy daycare center is like a pet resort for your dog. When you are away from your home for several hours a day for work, your dog can get lonely or bored. Taking your dog to Dog’s Day Inn will help to alleviate your dog’s boredom by providing plenty of fun activities.

We offer plenty of amenities that your dog will love, such as swimming, outdoor play, and treats. Plus, your dog will get individual special care from one of our staff members. Your dog will have one-on-one time with a staff member to get the best, undivided attention.

We have a huge play area with many ways to keep your dog busy and entertained, and it will get the chance to socialize with other dogs during playtime. In addition, we offer kennels of various sizes so your pet will be comfortable.

You can drop your dog off along with food and medication if needed, and we will provide the care and play. Our top priority is establishing a bond with your pet and ensuring they have fun, feel comfortable, and are safe.

The Best Dog-Friendly Play Areas

Dog’s Day Inn has several play areas for your dog. We have ample outdoor space surrounded by a six-foot fence. The outdoor play area gives your dog a chance to socialize and play with other dogs if they feel comfortable. Outside we provide plenty of dog toys and fun things to keep your dog happy and care-free.

One of our favorite amenities is our large swimming pool. Your dog can swim during its stay at Dog’s Day Inn to get exercise, have fun and do something new.

If your dog did not learn how to “doggie paddle,” there’s no need to fret. However, if your dog otherwise loves the water, we provide a buoyancy vest so it can join in on the fun.

A trained staff member is always with your dog. Your dog is never left ignored, lonely, or bored. We understand that not all dogs love the company of strangers.

Our trained staff members know the signs of stress and learn how to address each situation adequately. If a dog acts restless or anxious, it automatically gets upgraded to our executive suite.

If your dog is too nervous or becomes stressed out, they will be able to get solitude in our private suite. Our upgraded doggy suite comes with a tv and bed. So your dog can peacefully watch tv in full color, and all our programing is dog-friendly!

Fun Daycare Activities!

Kingwood Tx dog daycare

We are open every day of the week, so bring your pup in when you are ready.

We provide activities to keep your dog happy and healthy. All our pups are treated like family and cared for as you would intend. Every dog will have outdoor playtime and potty breaks at your Kingwood TX dog daycare center, Dog’s Day Inn. In addition, you may request swim time.

Swim-time sessions are twenty minutes long with a trained staff member. So, your dog will be within view of a staff member and always with someone while in the pool. Swimming is fun for many dogs but, it is also an excellent way for overweight and elderly dogs to get some exercise.

Additionally, arthritis puts a lot of pressure on a dog’s joints and bones, causing pain and strain during strenuous activities. Swimming takes the pressure off your dog’s body. Unlike running or jumping, swimming will allow your dog to move around without putting overbearing pressure on limbs.

Dog’s Day Inn offers exciting activities to keep your beloved pup engaged and entertained. Some fun things include peanut butter Kong playtime, playtime outdoors in one of our large play areas, full-color TVs that feature dog-friendly programming, and socializing with other dogs at doggy daycare. We also have spaces that let your dog decompress in a private suite.

Dog Boarding Services

Our boarding services can extend beyond one day. Boarding your dog at Dog’s Day Inn is an excellent option if you go on vacation or otherwise need to leave for an extended period. We offer the same activities and care for all our dogs, no matter how long they are here.

Dog kennels

Depending on the location you choose, you will have options to select the perfect dog kennel. We have various sizes that you will find suitable for your dog’s individual needs. In addition, our kennels range in dimensions depending on what will be most comfortable for your dog. At our Kingwood location, we have kennels as large as 6×10, so you do not need to worry about your dog feeling confined.

Dog Grooming

Dog’s Day Inn pet resort offers dog grooming services as well. Our professional groomers are experienced with all dog breeds and have a minimum of 7 years of experience working in the pet industry. Our grooming service provides excellent complete treatment, skincare, and grooming needs. Your dog can get a full brush-out, shampoo, blow-dry, ear cleaning, plus more.

In addition, we offer express grooming for older or anxious dogs. Express grooming services last approximately an hour and a half. You will have an opportunity to meet our professional groomers to ask questions or request specific cuts.

Give Us A Call Today!

Kingwood Tx dog daycare

Make your pet happier than ever at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

You don’t need to stress finding a relative to take care of your dog while you are away. Instead, bring your dog to Dog’s Day Inn and let your dog explore, exercise, and have fun while you are gone.

Our top priority is your dog’s well-being, so call 281-359-3790 to reach our Kingwood location and request more information. Dog’s Day Inn is sure to be your dog’s new favorite Kingwood TX Dog Daycare center in Texas!

Fun facts about Kingwood TX:

  • Kingwood is also called the “livable forest” because of its many trees.
  • The city has over 75 miles of forest winding through the community.
  • Most communities have their park or swimming pools in addition to several larger parks.