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Kingwood TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Kingwood TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Kingwood TX Dog Lodging Near Me

When you need Kingwood TX dog lodging near me, choose Dog Days Inn. We are a luxury pet resort that serves Kingwood and the surrounding area. With over 26 years of experience, we’re one of the top kennels in Houston. Whatever your pet care needs, you can trust Dog Days.

If you need a pet hotel in Kingwood, Dog Days has you covered. Your dog will love our caring staff members, high-tech facility, and fun-filled, structured playtimes. Leave your pet with Dog Days, worry-free. We’ll make sure that your dog stays safe and sound until your return.

Sometimes, life takes you where your dog can’t follow. But if you’re going on vacation, why not give your dog a vacation, too? Your pet will have a blast when they stay at Dog Days.

We understand that leaving your pet behind is difficult; stress less with Dog Days. We’ll take the best care of your best friend, guaranteed.

Luxury Kingwood TX Dog Boarding

Kingwood TX Dog Lodging Near Me

When you contact Dog’s Day Inn, your pet will experience the best pet boarding in Kingwood TX

Dog Days isn’t like other kennels. Our dedicated staff, amazing facility, and activity-packed daily schedule set us paws and shoulders above the competition.

But don’t just take our word for it. Trust your pet with Dog Days and see the difference for yourself.

Everything starts when you first drop off your dog. Brind us your pooch, bedding, and toys from home, important medications, and pre-portioned food to avoid a stressful change in diet, and we’ll do the rest.

Firstly, we’ll show your dog to their private kennel. Then, we’ll leave them with the comfort objects brought from home to get settled.

Next, your dog’s dedicated caregiver will take some time to get to know your dog. The same staff member will ensure that your pup gets plenty of individual care and attention throughout its stay.

After that, we’ll introduce your dog to its new playmates. Slow introductions to group playtimes are non-negotiable. We want to make sure that everyone has fun and stays safe!

Finally, we’ll start integrating your dog into our regular mix of play, socialization, and relaxation. When you want to ensure the best experience for your pet, choose Dog Days. We offer the best Kingwood TX dog lodging near me.


Structured daily playtimes form the core of the Dog Days philosophy. We make sure that your dog can enjoy various fun, stimulating activities throughout the day.

For example, we make sure that every dog has access to indoor group and individual playtime. Moreover, all our pups take daily excursions to our outdoor play yard, too.

Aquatically inclined guests with a signed vet release can even enjoy our dog swimming pool. You get to enjoy a relaxing pool-side vacation. Why shouldn’t your dog, too?


Not every dog enjoys the company of others. At Dog Days, that 100% ok. We’ll make sure guests that don’t participate in group playtimes get plenty of individual play, instead.

However, if your dog is a social butterfly, it will love the group playtimes at Dog Days. Playtimes are always supervised. Additionally, our staff receives rigorous dog behavior training to ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun.


Nothing punctuates a good romp quite like a big snooze. When your dog is all tuckered out from the day’s activities, it can retire to its private kennel to unwind and relax.

Our kennels are even equipped with full-sized TVs that play dog-friendly programming. The idea of dog TV might seem a little silly, but it’s actually science. Research shows that specially-designed television actually calms and soothes your dog.

So when playtime is over, your dog can flop down and chill out in front of the TV, just like at home!

Kingwood TX Pet Care Services

Kingwood TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Give your dog the best at Dog’s Day Inn.

Dog Days is more than just a dog kennel. We’re a full-service pet resort. That means we have services to meet all of your pet’s needs!

Doggy Day Care

Leave your dog with us while you’re out bringing home the bacon. Dog Days offers the same fun activities to all of its daytime guests as its overnight ones.

Grooming Services

Some dog breeds require professional grooming services. Our professional groomers all have years of experience in their industry. Consequently, they’ll know exactly how to care for your dog’s skincare and grooming needs.

Our deluxe professional grooming package is a one-stop solution for all of your dog’s regular hygiene routines. Firstly, we’ll brush out your pet’s coat. Then, we’ll bathe, shampoo, and blow-dry your pup.

Next, our groomer will give your dog a full hair cut according to your instructions, along with a nail trimming and ear cleaning. Finally, we’ll finish off with cologne and a bandana. Fancy!

Obedience Training

Dog Days offers a 14-day obedience training intensive that will have even the most stubborn dogs following basic commands.

During the intensive, your dog will stay in a 4×6 indoor/outdoor suite. As with our regular boarding service, make sure to bring familiar bedding, food, and medication to last your dog throughout the course.

Our professional dog trainer will work with your dog one-on-one each day for 14 days. The course will focus on the five basic commands sit, stay, down, heel, and come. Our trainers teach using verbal commands, hand signals, and positive praise rewards.

Dog Days Inn Offers Kingwood TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Give your dog the best with Dog Days! Whether you need dog boarding or professional grooming services, we can help. Trust our friendly staff, experienced trainers, and expert groomers to take great care of your dog.

When you need Kingwood TX dog lodging near me, call (281) 359-3790.

Kingwood TX Fun Facts

  • Kingwood is a 14,000-acre master-planned community.
  • One nickname for Kingwood is “the Liveable Forest.”
  • Kingwood sits on the east fork of the San Jacinto River.
  • Kingwood is the largest master-planned community in Harris County.
  • To learn more, visit Kingwood’s website.