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Kingwood TX Dog Training Near Me

Come check out our facilities for Kingwood TX dog training near me! Our business offers a wide range of services we are sure you and your furry friend will love. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort offers services such as training, grooming, daycare, so so much more!

Do you work weekends? No problem! We are open 7 days a week. With about 20 years of experience, we are sure that we can provide your pet with the best quality care.

We pride ourselves in the attention our caretakers provide as they create a special bond with each animal. If you are looking for a professional facility with a personal touch for your pet, call us! We would love to chat.

Kingwood TX dog training near me 

Is your companion lonely when you leave for the day? Bring them into Dog”s Day Inn for fun and training.

Kingwood TX dog training near me

If you are leaving for an extended period of time, we can offer you and your pet the peace of mind that they will be taken care of. Our boarding services reach out to both dog and cat lovers. We love all animals!

We offer amenities such as a large swimming pool and fenced-in yard and great security for peace of mind. Does your pet watch tv? At Dog’s Day Inn, we have that covered too! With colored TVs, we play movies your animals are sure to love.

Top security for your top dogs

Security is a big topic in today’s world. The Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort takes pride in offering a closed-circuit security system for everyone’s peace of mind.

Not only do you want your pet to have fun while you are gone, but you want them to be safe. We agree! This is why we have all parts of the facility monitored at all times. Our trainers are also expertly trained in de-escalating situations that could put your pet in danger.

We monitor behaviors in your pet that might be caused by stress and anxiety. Our staff is ready to handle situations to help ease your pup’s mind and keep them comfortable during their stay. Sometimes if animals are in an unfamiliar place, your pet may want to escape.

Does your dog get nervous in new places? Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we have built a six-foot fence that will keep even the largest of dogs from finding an escape route. Security and safety if our number one priority at our facility. It can be one less worry on your mind while your pet is in our hands.

Entertaining and engaging

At the Kingwood TX dog training near me, we understand how important it is for your pet to stay engaged both mentally and physically. No matter the size or breed, we have something for every dog to keep them happy and get those bursts of nervous energy out. With a variety of toys, such as peanut butter kongs, and a full-size swimming pool, we are confident that your dog will stay stimulated both mentally and physically.

Each dog is carefully monitored at all times while they enjoy their aqua exercise program. For those who have never taken a dip before, we offer floatation vests to help keep your dog safe and comfortable until they learn to swim. Our aqua exercise program is also a great way to exercise older dogs who may have joint or weight issues.

Please consult your veterinarian before they start our aqua exercise program. 

We love to bond with our furry friends!

Kingwood TX dog training near me

Contact us to inquire about our 14-day training services at your local Kingwood TX dog training near me.

Bonding is one of our favorites things to do here at Dog’s Day Inn. It is a perfect way to help engage and train your dog during their stay.

Each trainer takes good care in playing and excising their new friend to help keep your dog relaxed and calm while you are away. Each dog that stays with us is assigned their very own caregiver. This helps put your dog at ease while staying with us if they have a friendly and familiar face to go to. It will keep your dog calm and help them enjoy their stay.

Training day

Do you need help training your dog? If you are looking for a dog trainer for Kingwood TX dog training near me, look no further. Dog’s Day Inn offers a 14-day training session that will have your dog understanding your commands in no time.

We offer basic training and handling such as sit, stay, come, and lay down. Our obedience school is a “no-treat” or “on-lead” type of school. Meaning you don’t need to mess with extra incentives to get your dog to obey.

Using a chain collar and leather leash, we keep things simple for when you are ready to take over commands. We make training fun without the use of excessive force, such as shock collars or prong collars, to teach dogs. We believe training dogs involves high praise and mutual respect.

Do I need to train my dog?

Having a well-trained dog not only helps your dog but makes things more enjoyable for you as well. Does your dog pull when you walk them? Do they jump on guests as they enter your home?

All of these things can be corrected with a bit of patience and consistent training. Having a well-behaved pup can make the dog-owning experience more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Did you know that dogs need mental stimulation? The brain is a muscle, and just like us humans, dogs need to exercise their brains. Training is a perfect way to help.

You can also make a game out of training. Training doesn’t have to be boring work. Make it fun and creative. This will be a great way for you and your dog to have fun while also working and exercising.

Training makes a great bonding experience for you and your dog!

We all know that dogs are pack animals. That being said, they need companionship. Bonding with any animal is a great way to create trust, especially if your dog has had a rough start in life. Some dogs might have some behavioral issues if they have experienced abuse or abandonment.

With training, you can learn how to communicate to your dog that you love them, and they can trust you. Having an animal that trusts you can create a special kind of bond that is unique only to you and your dog.

You’ll love our results. We guarantee it!

We can guarantee our results, and if at any time you are having difficulty getting your dog to obey, you can contact us and set up the necessary appointments to help fix the problem. You may talk to your trainer about specific problems your dog might be having, such as housebreaking, and we will do everything we can to assist in the situation. So come your local Kingwood TX dog training near me.


Kingwood TX dog training near me

Training is a great way to show love, companionship, and trust. Give us a call to ask about our training schedule.

Fun facts about Kingwood, Tx

  • Kingwood has 14,000 acres
  • The original slogan for Kingwood was “The Livable Forest.”
  • Kingwood’s parks and hikes, and bike trails cover over 500 acres.
  • Many events are held here in Kingwood, such as Mardi Gras, an Easter egg hunt, auto shows, and more