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Kingwood TX Dog Training

Are you looking for Kingwood TX Dog Training?  Look no further. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has everything you need. We can offer you great rates for excellent training for your new puppy.

Training a new puppy takes quite a bit of patience and practice. Training with a professional can help! When you bring your dog to us, we can help you get the most out of your dog.

We have helped people train their dogs for over thirty years. Our highly qualified trainers are excellent at what they do. They offer certified education and many years of their own experience.

Your dog will be professionally trained, and you can have a happy home. If your dog is displaying some unwanted behaviors, such as chewing or house soiling, bring them to us. We can help teach the dog how to deter these behaviors. Give us a call when you need Kingwood TX Dog Training.

Kingwood TX Dog Training

You are going to love our Kingwood TX Dog Training facility.

Kingwood TX Dog Training

Dog’s Day Inn started in Humble, Texas. In 1990, we thought it would be great to give care to dogs and cats who needed kenneling services. We believe pets are our family members.

So when we created our company, we wanted to make a place that was fun, safe, and as comfortable as possible. We adore our furry family members. We know you do too. That is why you should choose Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resorts.

We have so many services that your pet will benefit from. Grooming, training, boarding, and daycare may be the main attractions. However, we are more than just a business for your pets.

When you come to see us, we offer comfort and safety for your pets. We understand that you and your pet are attached to each other. We wanted to create a place that we would send our pets to.

So we know you will love our facilities and all it has to offer. Our staff is loving and inviting for your pets. They can take great care of your pet while you are away.

Perhaps you work long hours every day. Our daycare center will help keep your puppy occupied and happy until you come back. Maybe you need to take a trip for a few days.

Your pet will not be lonely when you bring them to us for our boarding services. If your dog needs training or grooming, we got you covered. We can help with so many areas in pet care.

We would love to give you the perfect place to bring your pet. We know they will love it too!

Dog Training

Training an animal is a great way to bond and teach your dog good behavior. However, as fun, as it can be, it is not always easy. Training takes time, patience, a bit of understanding.

Dogs are great communicators. Because they are pack animals, they have learned to speak in their own language. This language can be through actions or body language.

As amazing as this is, it can be rough on our homes at times. When dogs want something, they turn to the only things they know. Sometimes that can be chewing or ruining clean white carpeting.

Sometimes, they get distracted and want to chase after a squirrel. When you train a dog, you are communicating to them what you want them to do. However, there is a language barrier.

So how do we get past the barrier? When you bring your dog to a professional trainer, they can show you many ways of communicating with your dog. They will teach your dog how to listen and obey commands.

Furthermore, they can show you the proper way of letting your dog know that you want them to do something. Dogs won’t automatically know what ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ means. To them, we are just making noise.

This is much like how we think when they are barking at something outside. All training is, is learning how to communicate with your dog.

Kingwood TX Dog Training

Professional dog training is a great way to avoid bad habits.

Benefits of a Professional Trainer

As we have discussed, training is learning how to communicate with your dog. If you are new to training, it can be difficult to know where to start. You can make a lot of mistakes, thus creating a frustrating situation for both you and your dog.

Bringing your dog to a professional can alleviate a lot of that frustration. Professional trainers have the education and experience we need to be able to teach our dog to sit, stay, lay down, or come. When you bring your dog to Dog’s Day Inn, our trainers can help prevent bad habits from forming with your dog.

Sometimes as new pet owners, we don’t realize what we are communicating to our dogs. For example, let’s talk about teaching your dog to stay. It can be frustrating at first.

The dog may want to get up whenever they want. If we don’t know how to correct it, we may be telling them they can get up whenever they want. This can be difficult to train out of them.

Teaching a dog new habits is a lot easier than reversing bad ones. When you take your dog to a professional, you can eliminate the possibility of creating and habits with your dog. Instead, you will be allowing your dog to learn the right way, thus creating a more peaceful and happy environment for both you and your dog.


Dog’s Day Inn is a lovely place to bring your pet. We can offer so much for your pet. We can offer great grooming serves by appointment.

Our groomers have anywhere from seven years to twenty-three years of experience. We can give an expedited grooming service for those nervous pets. Our boarding and daycare services are great for busy pet owners.

Our caretakers will give your pet a fun and loving environment. We offer several size private suites with televisions and peanut butter kongs. They get a large fenced-in yard to run and play.

Additionally, we have a full-size swimming pool for water lovers. We off so much for your pets. We know there is something they will love to make them feel at home. So call, or come on down to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort when you need Kingwood TX Dog Training.

Kingwood TX Dog Training

Our company was designed to bring your pets the best love and care.

Fun Facts for Kingwood, TX

  • It was founded in 1971
  • The town is known as a ‘Livable Forest’
  • The name came from King Ranch