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Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

Are you looking for Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care? Then Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort is the go-to overnight boarding program you need and can trust. We specialize in pet daycare for all animals and would love to have your dog be part of our growing family of guests at our facility. Because we aren’t just pet experts, but also dog lovers as well. Your dog will be in good hands when you bring them to us.

We are dedicated to taking care of animals for their owners when they are either busy during the day or leave for an extended period. Our boarding services is one of the best because of how we prioritize your animals well being. Dogs are social animals and need love and interaction to be happy. Here at Dog Day’s Inn, we will not only take care of your dog but also give them a vacation of their own.

Please continue reading to learn more about our different Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care services we have to offer you.

Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

With a swimming pool and a large outdoor area, your dog will never run out of things to do.

Overnight Boarding

Whether you are leaving for the weekend or going out of town for an extended period, you might be looking for a place for your dog to stay. Here at Dog Day’s Inn, we are ready to welcome your dog and give them a home away from home. We will accommodate a private suite to stay in and relax when it is time to unwind after a busy day. Our pet boarding program allows your dog to be in a safe and comfortable environment for them to be themselves in.

Some of our amenities for their daily activities include a full-size swimming pool to get all their aquatic needs. We give each dog 20 minute swim periods to not tire too fast and can continue with a productive day. We encourage dogs of any age or breed to join in on the fun and get active. Even our dogs who have not exactly mastered the doggy paddle can be put in a life jacket. The fun never ends here at Dog Day’s Inn.

Additionally, we have a peanut butter kong time to let our staff members engage in playtime with the animals and let them eat all the peanut butter they want. We also have spacious outdoor yards for your dog to roam freely and play with other dogs their size to help with social skills. The fun never ends when you bring your dog to Dog Day’s Inn.

Doggy Daycare

Dog daycare programs are the new and easy way to have your dog stay entertained and cared for when you can’t. For 26 years, Dog Day’s Inn has catered to families in the Houston area with dog boarding and dog kennels services. Trusting us is easy when you know you’re getting the right care for your dog. We accept any dog into our facility and hope the next visit you make will be with us.

Our amenities for dog daycare are almost the same at the overnight boarding. We allow each dog to have TV time and watch endless animal-friendly movies all day long. This promotes socializing as the colors, and flickering lights entertain them. Dog’s should be given incentives to stay intrigued by all the little things life has to offer. We keep the TV’s at low volumes, so this does not stress the animals.

When you drop your dog off, they will immediately be handed over to a caretaker who will take care of them all day long. This allows your dog to have companionship still when they come to Dog Day’s Inn. Dogs can get lonely at times and feel sadness. That is why we incorporate all-day observation within the caretaker program. We will monitor your animal’s needs and mannerisms.

Training Program

Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

Keep your pet happy by letting them stay with us!

Are you experiencing problems in your dog’s behavior? Dog Day’s Inn has the right solution for you and your dog. We have a remarkable training program that will help your dog learn correct obedience training. Sign your dog up for our 14-day board and train program, and you will see an improvement in your dog as soon as you pick them up. We guarantee it!

When you drop your dog off, we ask for you to have food and toys for them as we know they need familiarity for themselves. We will give them their private suit to call their own while they stay with us. Your dog will work one on one with our animal behavioral expert and be taught essential hand signals and manners. We do not believe in devices to help your dog learn but rely on just an easy and collar to learn. Our “on lead” program is set up to help your dog learn quickly as well as be given positive reinforcements.

Your dog will still have plenty of downtimes when they are put into this program. Our amenities are extended even to those who are in our education program. Lastly, when you come to pick your dog up, we will then teach you! Everything your dog has learned will be introduced to you. This allows you to go home and continue your dog’s teachings and become familiar with you teaching them.


Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

When you need Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care, Dog Day’s Inn is the only service you should trust. We not only will love your dog like our own, but we will care for them better than anyone else can. Don’t let just anyone take care of your dog when you can’t. Let the dog experts at our facility do what they do best, give your dog a safe place to be. Give us a call at 281-359-3790 today to speak to a staff member. Or check out our website to read into our services and locations.

Dog Day’s Inn is your Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care!

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Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care

Kingwood TX Overnight Doggy Day Care