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In Need of An Outstanding Puppy Daycare? | Kingwood, TX

Do you work long hours, and are you in desperate need of a Kingwood, TX puppy daycare? Look no further! Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is a fantastic, premier puppy daycare that goes the extra mile for your best friend.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has proudly been serving Humble, Kingwood, and the rest of the greater Houston area since 1990. As work culture changed over time, we noticed an increasing need for quality care for our four-legged companions. Most of us consider our pets family and should be treated as such. That’s why we aimed to provide a safe, fun, all-inclusive environment for your companion while you’re away.

The Best in Kingwood, TX Puppy Daycare

At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we strive to separate ourselves from the pack. That’s why our resorts are all-inclusive. No matter what kind of care your dog needs, whether that’s puppy daycare, training, grooming, or comfort and space, we’re happy to provide it in a one-stop location.

Kingwood TX puppy daycare

Keep your pup entertained while you’re at work at our Kingwood TX puppy daycare!

Kenneling your puppy is a stressful process for both you and your pet. That’s why we find it crucial to provide the best care possible for your loved one. Our puppy daycare features plenty of amenities to keep them engaged and having fun.

We give each of the pets in our care their own individual caretaker to ensure that your puppy’s individual needs are met. We have no problem adhering to any special guidelines or requests you have when it comes to their care, either.

We know that each pet is unique, and if your pup is prone to anxiety, we’ll automatically upgrade them to one of our high-level suites so they can relax in their own space to feel safe. Our suites have colored TVs perfect for watching their favorite movies like Bolt or Air Bud.

Our Puppy Daycare Service Is Everything Dogs Love!

When you entrust your pet’s care to someone else, you want it to feel like a vacation for them and not a trip to the vet’s office. Our puppy daycare excels in this department. When your pet stays with us, they’ll have playtime with peanut butter kongs. Peanut butter kongs are a wonderful way to reward your dog with healthy stimulation.

Our pet resort features a full-sized pool, perfect for your big dog that jumps in paws first the second they see water. Swimming is a wonderful exercise for dogs of all ages, especially our elderly or overweight guests. They’ll be accompanied by a caregiver the whole time, and our swim sessions last about 20 minutes to avoid over-exhaustion.

If your canine is more of a land dweller, fear not! We offer an expansive, secure yard with toys and friends to play with! For puppies, socialization and play are vital to healthy physical and mental growth. Your pet’s comfort is our number one priority. That’s why we train our staff to recognize the signs of distress and discomfort in your dog and work quickly to ensure they’re consistently entertained.

kingwood tx puppy daycare

Your dog will absolutely love staying at our Kingwood TX puppy daycare!

If we find that your dog is still unable to relax and begins displaying signs of anxiety, we’ll upgrade them to a high-level suite to maintain their comfort. We also ensure comfort during play hours by keeping an eye on your dog at all times with the individual caregiver we assign to your furry friend.

Our play yards feature a closed-circuit security system and a 6-foot fence, providing a safe space for freedom while actively paying attention to them the entire time they stay with us. Call us if you’re curious about our Kingwood, TX puppy daycare rates.

Don’t Forget The Cat At Home!

We know that your cat may act like they pay the mortgage, but that doesn’t mean they should run the ship alone when you’re gone! While cats are traditionally less upfront about their needs than their canine counterparts, they’re equally as needy regarding companionship.

Your cat’s favorite thing is being in your presence. When they’re left to their own devices for long, they may become anxious or frustrated. This can lead them to act out in undesirable ways like scratching furniture, knocking things over, and however else they may feel like expressing their discontent.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort offers cat suites as the perfect solution to your kitten’s anxiety over your absence. Our expert caregivers will watch over your cat, learn their habits, and interact with them in ways suitable for your cat’s comfort.

The cat suites are quiet. Sound-dampening allows them to relax without hearing the constant barking of our other guests. They offer plenty of stimulation with toys, scratching posts, and so on. Please stop by our Kingwood, TX, location to tour our facilities today!

Our Additional Services

One thing that makes Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort unique is the outstanding all-inclusive service. We go beyond just daycare and can offer your pup grooming services and basic training. That way, you don’t need to stress by looking for multiple businesses to provide singular services to your pet.

Our groomers are professionals with no less than seven years of experience. They have worked with many dog breeds, older dogs, and anxious dogs and are efficient in determining what kind of grooming needs your pet may have. Our groomers can provide a brush-out, shampoo, blow-dry, full haircut per your instructions, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. We’ll finish it all off with cologne and a bandana.

kingwood tx puppy daycare

Make sure your pup looks their best. Ask about our Kingwood, TX puppy daycare grooming service!

If you’d like to just have your pup groomed, or if you need it done quickly, we can offer our grooming services standalone. We’ll charge an extra $10, and you’ll have your dog back in an hour and a half.

If your puppy is struggling to grasp basic commands, we offer a 14-day basic training program. We’ll teach them the five basic commands of sit, stay, down, heel, and come. We don’t use treats to train or harmful shock collars. If you’d like to sign up for this Kingwood TX Pet Resort, call us today!

Fun Facts About Kingwood, TX:

  • Kingwood, TX, is known as the livable forest.
  • Kingwood, TX, is one of the largest master-planned communities built in 1971.
  • Kingwood, TX, was developed by the Friendswood Development Company.
  • For more Kingwood, TX, fun facts visit their website!