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Dog Grooming Kennels Cypress TX

Dog grooming kennels Cypress TX are promising places for fortunate pets, particularly when they get to stay at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. For dogs, grooming is a technique for visibly imparting affection, fostering health, and, in general, giving quality of life a size-able boost.

Your pet’s visit at our dog grooming kennels Cypress TX will include such beneficial and all-out tail-wagging activities as running and playing in our spacious yards that are protected by 6-foot fences and possibly 20-minute swimming sessions. A release signed by a veterinarian is required for a dog to be allowed to engage in water play and/or hydrotherapy. In addition to having the advantage of staying at a kennel where meticulous care is taken to relieve each canine’s stress, the pampered luxury of grooming is available.

Dog Grooming Kennels in Cypress TX

Dog Grooming Kennels Cypress Texas

Dog Grooming Kennels Cypress TX

When you schedule pampered grooming, your pet will associate a stay at our kennel with the all-out luxury of a being professionally groomed. Don’t be fooled into thinking dog grooming kennels Cypress TX is strictly a form of indulgence. Scheduling grooming for your dog provides indisputable benefits that give the overall quality of life a considerable boost.


Benefits of Grooming

When your dog stays at our dog grooming kennels Cypress TX, grooming is highly recommended but not required. The benefits of dog grooming are many, and the following are examples.

Reducing Shedding

Fur and dog hair on clothing and furniture can be an aggravation, but regular grooming can help tremendously. Whenever a dog gets a good brushing, excess fur is removed, along with pet dander and sometimes dandruff. A professional shampoo is also excellent because it removes the dirt and other debris that can stubbornly cling to your dog’s fur. Brushing improves the circulation of your dog’s skin and distributes the dog’s natural oils onto his coat, which creates a nice sheen.

Paw Care

Providing your dog’s paws with needed care can be a conundrum, which is another of many great reasons to schedule your fur baby for dog grooming kennels Cypress TX. Does your dog run and hide when you pull the clippers out for use? Many dogs do! This is only part of the challenge. It’s far too easy to cut too far down a nail and cut the quick, which causes pain and bleeding. If your dog happens to run away at this inopportune moment, you can also end up with bloody paw tracks in your home. If you have never experienced this, you are fortunate indeed.

dog grooming kennels near Cypress TX area

Best dog grooming kennels in Cypress Texas

A dog’s paw pads should be free of debris, and yet dogs frequently deal with discomfort and pain caused by matted hair, burrs, dirt, gravel, gum, feces, and tar in their paw pads. Dogs that have hair have the additional discomfort caused by debris becoming entangled. The debris can cause the paws to become red and swollen, and it affects their ability to walk pain-free and with balance and agility.


Most dog owners would agree that canines, being the loyal and affection members of the family that they are, deserve to be comfortable in their own skin and fur. Without proper grooming, that isn’t always possible. It may seem like a stretch to say it, but it’s really undeniable that every aspect of proper dog grooming kennels Cypress TX promotes health and happiness. All dogs are simply more comfortable when their paws are trim and neat and their fur or hair is clean and untangled.

It may not be possible for your dog to love you more than he already does, but you can count on your dog appreciating you for scheduling some pampering at Dog’s Day Inn dog grooming kennels Cypress TX without delay.