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Pet Boarding Cypress TX

Pet boarding Cypress TX is frequently a much-needed service, and it places dog and cat owners in a conundrum. Temporary separation from a furry family member means that the pet will experience at least an iota of stress. Anxiety is the natural response of a pet experiencing a change in schedule or location. At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we understand that pets are cherished creatures usually considered members of the family.

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The best-rated pet boarding in Cypress Texas

We also know that having to use a facility for pet boarding Cypress TX can understandably create anxiousness. For this reason, we are devoted to preventing fretfulness in every way possible. We believe that the reason we’ve grown from one humble location to four state-of-the-art facilities across Houston is that we have succeeded in creating a vacation atmosphere that dogs and cats enjoy.

Eliminating the Stress

Some stress is good and is demonstrated in dogs as euphoria, increased confidence, and a heightened sense of alertness. Bad stress is acute or chronic stress and causes an inability to learn, hyper-vigilance, irritability, and a higher level of reactivity, such as jumping. When a pet arrives for pet boarding Cypress TX, the first step we take is to assign a staff member to the pet in order to provide care and create a bond.

Our qualified personnel can identify agitation, and they know to address such situations for the benefit of the pet.


Domestic animals have been studied extensively by the scientific community, and many conclusions have been drawn which aid in understanding, identifying, and coping with canine stress. At Dog’s Day Inn, we provide pet boarding Cypress TX with the goal of addressing anxiety and reducing it for all of our furry visitors.

pet boarding Cypress Texas

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How Pets Are Affected By Stress

The following is helpful information garnered from research of how dogs and cats are affected by stress:

  • The health, behavior, and overall wellbeing of canines and felines can be detrimentally affected with prolonged stress.
  • Excessive or negative stress is also called “distress,” and it can result in illness, aggression, and behavioral problems.
  • Each individual pet has its own level of vulnerability to stress. With pet boarding Cypress TX at Dog’s Day Inn, you can have confidence in knowing that our staff members take the time to learn the one-of-a-kind personality of each of our guests. This helps us identify various ways to calm anxieties.

The 5

We’ve learned that by providing the following five freedoms, we help our furry friends avoid destructive forms of anxiety. Each of these essentials is recognized at our pet boarding Cypress TX facility:

  1. Pets need to be free from fear and feelings of distress. We take this very seriously and create a fun environment that caters to canines and felines. When dogs, for example, experience our full-sized swimming pool, along with the physical workout they get during swim sessions, they are having an ecstatic, tail-wagging time and are far removed from feelings of fear.
  2. Pets should be free to express normal behaviors and be themselves.
  3. Cats and dogs, of necessity, need to be free of injury, pain, and disease. We address these matters in a plethora of ways, such as requiring inoculations and providing continuous supervision.
  4. Pets must be free from hunger and thirst. This foundational type of management is handled as the highest of priorities.
  5. Canines and felines need to be free of disquiet. We encourage pet owners to bring their pet’s favorite things, to make them feel more at home as they are acclimated to their home away from home.

For pet boarding Cypress TX in a stress-resistant environment, contact us today at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.