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Pet Grooming Cypress TX

Pet grooming Cypress TX provides numerous benefits for your dog. It’s possible that your dog’s health relies on proper grooming more than you realize. If you’re like a solid majority of dog owners, you treat your dog like a family member. Statistics also show that dog lovers who treat their pets like a family loved-one don’t necessarily practice all aspects of care that can ensure the dog’s good health. A wonderful way to show love for your dog is by bringing him (or her) to pet grooming Cypress TX at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.


Brushing your dog’s coat is basic to his ongoing care. Washing should be done rather infrequently, compared to brushing. With too much shampooing, the natural oils a dog has can be depleted. Brushing circulates essential oils, which is good for his skin as well as his coat.

Pet grooming Cypress Texas

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The following are more reasons to make brushing a part of your routine pet grooming Cypress TX:

• Brushing removes excess fur, which means there should be less of the frustration of fur on your clothing and furniture.
• Brushing removes dandruff and dirt.
• By preventing tangled hair on your dog with pet grooming Cypress TX, you also prevent insects and fungi from taking up residence there. Knots can cause irritations on the skin, which can eventually become infected.
• Brushing is a great way to show affection for your dog, especially when the dog loves being brushed. Many dogs actually don’t like it. By brushing routinely, the dog becomes accustomed to it and starts to appreciate having your undivided attention.
• A dog just looks more handsome with a healthy, well-maintained coat.

Paw Care

A dog’s paws need regular pet grooming Cypress TX, and one reason is nail maintenance. When a dog’s nails are too long, walking can become painful. When the nails are at the proper length, they are completely off the floor. Dogs can walk and run with more agility and balance, with properly trimmed nails.
The hair in paw pads needs to be trimmed, though more or less depending on the breed. Many things are commonly caught in paw pads, including gravel, gum, thorns, dirt, feces, and burrs. The hair itself can become painful from knotting up between the paw pads, with Shih Tzus and other breeds that have hair that continues growing.

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Paw care isn’t usually considered an easy task. Many people trust us at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for pet grooming Cypress TX that involves paws. Trimming of nails can cause bleeding and trimming the hair in paws can also be tricky, which is why many leave it to the professionals.

Prevent Infections

Many potential problems might be addressed when you bring your dog in for pet grooming Cypress TX. The ears need care, such as cleaning and hair removal. Without ear care, your dog could suffer from uncomfortable ear infections. At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we will also brush a dog’s teeth, upon request. There are many potential skin problems that a dog could be suffering from, such as the presence of ticks and fleas or dry patches. A dog’s eyes can become infected or inflamed, as well. Scheduling grooming on a routine basis helps to identify problems before they become serious.

Your dog could have a complete transformation as a result of grooming. A dog’s mental health is even affected by proper grooming. Your dog is more likely to be friendlier and better-behaved when routinely groomed. He will be healthier, feel great, and look his best after receiving Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort’s professional pet grooming Cypress TX.

Cypress, TX Fun Facts

  • Cypress is home to Tin Hall, formerly one of the oldest continually operating Dance Halls in Texas.
  • There are three major hospitals in the Cypress area: North Cypress Medical Center, Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital, and Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital.
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