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Dog Grooming Katy TX


Dog grooming Katy TX is about so much more than, your pet looking fresh and clean. Most importantly, it’s about keeping your dog healthy and mentally strong. You can compare consistent dog grooming Katy TX to routine maintenance on your car. Both help to keep things running smoothly and are necessary for overall health.  Bringing your four-legged friend to Dog Day’s Inn Pet Resort, proves you are doing everything to keep them cruising as long as possible.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Every dog owner knows that when they get home, a loving and enthusiastic family member is waiting excitedly at the door for that very moment.  Dogs are notorious for loving their owners without fail, which is why they make great therapy animals.  Doctors often encourage patients with depression to get a dog to give them a sense of responsibility, activity, routine and, best of all, uncomplicated companionship.

Taking good care of  your Pet

Taking good care of the family dog is actually a huge responsibility, and dog grooming Katy TX is a great way to fulfill many of the associated duties.  This is an area of pet ownership that can be largely neglected, even among owners with the best intentions. More about responsible dog ownership follows:

  • Treating your dog as a part of the family is actually the best way to handle pet ownership. Like humans, dogs make strong emotional connections and should be kept in one home for their entire life.  It is unhealthy for them to move from family to family, home to home.
  • It’s the law for dogs to have current rabies vaccinations. An additional vaccination for kennel cough is a requirement, prior to bringing your pet to dog grooming Katy TX.
  • Veterinary care is needed for puppies; and at various intervals throughout a dog’s life, well-check visits are highly recommended. When your dog has some sort of condition that needs medical care, such as an eye infection, it’s important to bring him to see a veterinarian.


Dog grooming Katy TX

The conscientious dog owner who takes his or her pet for routine dog grooming Katy TX at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort likely has a very happy canine. A well-groomed dog has better mental health, which has numerous benefits for the entire family. A happy dog is friendlier and makes an even better companion. The following are some of the essentials that make dog grooming Katy TX so important:

  • Simply walking can be painful and difficult, if the dogs’ nails are not kept up with. The care your dog receives at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort ensures that his nails are the right length and the paw pads are free of debris. Many dog owners discover that the simple task trimming the nails is far from being effortless. Dogs often run when the clippers come out. This is perhaps because the quick of a nail has accidentally been cut before. Cutting the quick is painful and causes bleeding.
  • No need to worry about struggles associated with nail clipping when you bring your pet in for professional dog grooming Katy TX. While taking care of the nails, we will also clear the paws of all foreign objects and debris such as dirt, gravel, and burrs.
  • Shampoo and Brush. Brushing stimulates circulation and causes the natural oils in the skin. At this point the oils will push to the dog’s coat, giving it a nice sheen. A professional shampoo gets the coat thoroughly clean.


Why Not choose the best Dog Grooming Katy TX

Why not take the care of your beloved pet to the next level? Contact us today at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort and drive your pet in for dog grooming Katy TX.

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  • The City was founded on rice farming in the late 1800s and was formally incorporated in 1945.
  • Katy is Known as a UFO Hot Spot.
  • Katy Magnolia Cemetery is known by Texas ghost hunters as a historically haunted site.
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