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Dog Grooming Kennels Kingwood TX

Dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX is encouraging places for fortunate pets. Especially when they get to stay at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. When you ensure that your dog is regularly groomed, it conspicuously demonstrates your affection and promotes your dog’s health. In general, it gives a considerable enhancement to the quality of life. Each dog that stays at our dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX gets in on profitable, tail-wagging activities in our play yards.

Dog Grooming Kennels in Kingwood TX

Dog Grooming Kennels Kingwood Texas

These play yards are enclosed by 6-foot fences. In our full-sized swimming pool, dogs can enjoy 20-minute swimming sessions, as long as a signed veterinarian release for engaging in water play and/or hydrotherapy is available. On top of the benefit of booking your dog at a kennel where meticulous care is taken to alleviate feelings of anxiety, the pampered enjoyment of dog grooming can be requested.

Dog Grooming Kennels Kingwood TX

We love the dogs that stay with us, and we want them to look forward to a return visit. One reason we highly recommend scheduling grooming during a dog’s stay with us is so that they can leave feeling great. And associate that good feeling with being with us at Dog’s Day Inn. Professional grooming at dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX is not a mere indulgence. The reality is that grooming provides superb benefits and considerably enhances the quality of life.

Benefits of Grooming

Professional grooming at dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX is simply good for a dog. There are numerous benefits, in addition to making your dog look like a veritable show dog, which, of course, he may be.

Paw Care

The care of a dog’s paws is more important than many dog owners realize. For a dog to be free to walk and run with balance and agility and without pain requires paw care. Nail trimming and removal of debris in the paw pads are the two critical aspects of caring for a dog’s feet. Nail trimming prevents dogs from experiencing pain when they walk, but it is not a task pet owners always find doable. Whether it’s because your dog runs away when he sees the clippers or because it’s too easy to accidentally cut into the quick of the nail, which causes pain and bleeding, contact us a Dog’s Day Inn for professional assistance at dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX.

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Dog Grooming Kennels near Kingwood Texas

Paw pads also need to be kept clean and trimmed. When dogs walk outside on the ground, debris often gets caught between their paw pads. The debris can cause pain and swelling, whether the foreign object is gum, feces, burrs, dirt, gravel, or something else. When dogs have hair, it’s not uncommon for debris to become entangled.

Shampoo and Brushing

Layers of dirt can cling to your dog’s fur or hair over time. While you don’t want to shampoo too frequently, since it can cause loss of the beneficial natural oils in a dog’s skin, shampooing is very important. Brushing is also essential. In addition to removing excess fur, pet dander, and dandruff, brushing improves circulation in the dog’s skin and distributes the natural oils throughout the dog’s coat.


Dogs love being clean and trim. These loving and famously loyal pets deserve to be comfortable. Grooming helps a dog get comfortable in his own skin and fur or hair. Health and happiness are promoted in all aspects of proper dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX. It may not be possible for your dog to love you more than he already does, but when his fur is clean and untangled and his paws clean and trimmed, he will probably appreciate you more.

Don’t put off giving your dog the luxurious pampering he deserves at Dog’s Day Inn dog grooming kennels Kingwood TX.

Kingwood, TX Fun Facts

  • Kingwood, also known as the “Livable Forest,” was created by the Friendswood Development Company in 1971 and has grown rapidly since.
  • Kingwood has a population of about 65,000 and has almost 200,000 people living within a ten-mile radius.
  • The community is host to a variety of wildlife including deer, fish, birds, and more, that can be found in the 500+ acres of private nature preserves and parks.
  • To find out more click here.