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The Most Luxurious Pet Hotel Near Me | Atascocita, TX

Looking for a beautiful Atascocita, TX pet hotel near me? Look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort!

We at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort know the demands of modern life. When your busy work schedule takes you away from home and your pet, it can lead to potentially dangerous outcomes. Your pet may grow lonely, or have attachment issues. They may try to escape and even land in trouble.

Fortunately, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can help! Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has over 26 years in business caring for pets. As a pet boarding service par excellence, we give your dog or cat the five-star treatment they deserve.

We provide dog boarding, pet daycare, pet grooming, and dog training services. Our amenities include spacious indoor and outdoor suites, spacious play yards, a full-size pool, and much more!

We have offices in Atascocita, Cypress, Katy, and Kingwood. If you’re in need of our services, call us or drop by. We’ll be perfectly happy to take on your pet and to answer any questions or concerns.

Atascocita, TX pet hotel

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is more than happy to take care of your furry friend while you’re away! We are the Atascocita, TX pet hotel near me you can trust.

Meet Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort first began in 1990 at a small facility in Humble, Texas, and we’ve only expanded since then. We believe that your pet deserves to be a safe, comfortable place to stay while you’re away to work or on vacation. Unlike other kenneling services in the area, we provide pet day care, grooming, and board.

We have a dedicated team to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. Our staff members are caring, professional animal-lovers well-trained to detect signs of distress and discomfort in animals. Each pet receives an assigned caregiver to give individual attention. We make sure your furry friend be well cared-for and entertained while you’re away.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is dedicated in providing your pet with a safe, comfortable place to stay during those long work hours. As the most beautiful Atascocita, TX pet hotel near me, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve with regards to your pet.

Explore The Best Atascocita, TX Pet Hotel Near Me

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort doesn’t lack for luxurious services and beautiful pet suites. With our amenities and services, we have more than enough to keep your pet safe and content.

We provide pet daycare, dog boarding, grooming, and dog training services. Along with dog boarding, we also provide dog training, which is a 14-day course. For cats, we provide private cat boarding with a quiet, “no bark” rule, as well as a kitty tree house. We also have extensive security measures so that your pet won’t escape or get hurt.

Atascocita, TX pet hotel near me

We guarantee your pup is fully trained by the end of our program!


Our boarding services provide a whole host of entertainment for your pet. We have color TVs that play pet-friendly movies throughout the day. The noise from the TV helps build a friendly atmosphere, encouraging pets to socialize. Flickering lights help as well.

Above all, we avoid any startling or loud sounds that may agitate them. For further engagement, we provide toys and activities like daily peanut butter Kong time.

We take your pet’s exercise very seriously. We understand that different breeds require different type of exercise regiment so they don’t get worn out or too stressed. Apart from our spacious play yards, we have a full-sized swimming pool that we use for our swimming program.

For your dog to qualify for the swimming program, we require a veterinary release. Swimming is an excellent source of exercise, removing stress on the bones and joints. It can particularly benefit overweight, arthritic, and geriatric dogs. Consult with your veterinarian to see if your dog qualifies!


At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we believe that your pet should exit our facility in an even better state than when they came in. Our professional grooming staff has seven to 23 years in the grooming and pet care industry and are experienced with all breeds.

We offer brushing, shampoo, blow dry, full hair cut, ear cleaning, and nail trimming services. For those with nervous pets with separation anxiety, we also offer an express grooming services for an extra $10 fee. This completes the grooming process in one and a half hours.


We have a 14-day dog training course program with indoor and outdoor suites. To keep your pets on his or her own diet, we allow pet owners to bring their own food. Feel free to bring your pet’s familiar toys and bedding!

The trainer will work on-on-one with your dog every day using five basic directives: Sit, stay, down, heel, and come. These are verbal, accompanied with hand signals and positive praise reward. We do not use “treat” training or electronic devises during training. Like all Houston obedience schools, we are trained “on lead” using a chain collar and leather leash.


We take the security of your and all pets very seriously. That is why we have installed a six-foot fence around our play areas and monitor all facilities with a closed-circuit security system. Each swimming session of our aqua exercise program is no more than 20 minutes and all dogs are equipped with buoyancy vests. All dogs regardless are accompanied by a staff member at all times.

Our staff is well-trained at noticing abnormal pet behavior and de-escalating situations. This extra layer of security allows us to ensure the safety of all animals in our care.


Atascocita, TX pet hotel near me

Your pets will be happy to spend their time with us at Dog’s Day Inn.

Call Us Today!

It can be hard to be away from your pet during those long hours at work. Sometimes our busy schedules won’t allow us to give the care and attention our pets desperately need. What if they escape or get into trouble while you’re away, or they develop severe attachment issues? As a pet owner, you’re aware your life is guided by Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will.

If you find yourself stressed and worried over the safety and comfort of your pet, you’re not alone. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort understands the worries and concerns of pet owners. We are dedicated to providing your pet with the safety and comfort. For a truly fantastic Atascocita, TX pet hotel near me, no pet boarding service is quite like Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Fun Facts About Atascocita, TX:

  • It is located six miles east of Humble.
  • A man-made lake used for fishing, Lake Houston, is located there.
  • Houston’s International Airport is only 15 minutes away!