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Discover the Perfect Pet Daycare Here Today | Kingwood, TX

The perfect pet daycare Kingwood, TX DOES exist, and it’s named Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. As a business-oriented city, most people work 8-5 that have them out of the house for hours at a time, which means your pet(s) may be alone at home during that time. Staying alone with no company day in and day out can make people depressed, much less our pets. That’s where Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort’s pet daycare can help.

Pet Daycare Kingwood TX

Call us today to get your pet set up and have a blast at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. We promise care and fun for all the pets who come.

Welcome to your pet’s paradise away from home. Regardless of which of our four locations you bring your pet to, all of our facilities have the same quality entertainment to keep your pet happy, healthy, and cared for while you’re busy. Here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, our goal is to ensure your dog or cat has a stress-free and comfortable time with us.

When you realize you can’t set aside enough time to hang out with your own pet regularly, get in touch with any of our offices. We’ll help you set up a spot for your beloved four-legged buddy. With us to help, you won’t have to worry about leaving your pet at home to stare out the window, waiting for your return. Contact Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today and register your pet with our pet daycare!

The Pet DayCare Kingwood, TX with EVERYTHING

Your dog has many needs to keep it happy and healthy. If you narrow it down, it comes down to food, exercise, and mental stimulation. At our doggy daycare, we’ll ensure that your dog feels like they’re on vacation than at a pet daycare. Our services include the following additions to ensure that your dog is well cared for:

  • Televisions – for those pups that are used to watching TV with you when you’re home
  • Peanut Butter Kong playtime – for those dogs who are treat oriented
  • Outdoor Swim Time – for dogs of all sizes and ages to get the exercise they need
  • Private Suites – for those dogs that want some alone time without actually being alone
  • Outdoor Playtime with Toys – for the more active dogs to get some sunlight, wind in their face, and toys to mangle

If you noticed, we’ve stressed the great importance of your dog’s playtime activities. An appropriate amount of playtime can keep your pet entertained while also healthy. Of course, every dog is different, so we’ll try various activities to find the one your dog enjoys most while with us.

Pet Daycare Kingwood TX

An overnight stay at our Pet Daycare Kingwood, TX can keep your pet cared for while you’re out of town.

On top of our daily activities to ensure your dog has everything they need, each pet has its assigned caregiver. Our caregivers will take the time to bond with your pets and ensure they get the care they need and deserve while with us. For example, if one of our caregivers notices that your dog is not having the best time and even seems stressed, we’ll immediately upgrade them to a high-level suite, so they’re more comfortable.

An Overnight Stay for Busier Pet Papas and Mamas

Aside from being a pet daycare, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort also provides kennel and boarding services for those who don’t want to leave their pets alone while they’re out of town. Our facilities are secure and safe to give you peace of mind when you leave your pet with us for however long you need. Not to mention, all of the facilities available to the pets that enjoy our pet daycare are also available to those who will be boarding or kenneling overnight with us.

As a pet owner, we understand that your first concern is your pet’s safety, especially when you leave them overnight at a facility like ours. However, we can assure you that we have a thorough, state-of-the-art security system to keep unwanted visitors out and your dog safe inside.

Of course, we understand that some pets make for great escape artists, but we can assure you we’ve placed countermeasures for that. We have secure play yards, each surrounded by six-foot fences. Each of our facilities also has a closed-circuit security and monitoring system so that your pet stays safe and accounted for no matter where they are within our facility.

Additional Services to Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

Not only is Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort your go-to pet daycare Kingwood, TX, but we also have certified pet grooming and pet training services. While your pets stay with us, we can ensure they return to you looking and feeling their best. Whether you’re sending your pets to our doggy daycare or need some grooming and training services, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort can handle everything for you.

Pet Daycare Kingwood TX

Our professional groomers have years of experience that you can trust. Call our offices to schedule a grooming appointment today!

We have experienced and certified experts who care for your pet’s skin and grooming needs. They’ve worked with various dog and cat breeds so you can have full confidence in our work. Our professional groomers will brush out, shampoo, blow dry, and provide a full haircut depending on the specifications you want. If you want, we can also clean your pet’s ears, trim their nails, and finish off their spa day with cologne and a bandana.

Training your dog makes you feel more confident in your pet and keeps them safer. If they have basic obedience training, you can keep them from running off on their own and getting into trouble without having to wrestle with them. Our professional trainers will work with your pet for 14 days to ingrain the basics into their memory.

Don’t Run Ragged Taking Care of Your Dog

Having a pet is a responsibility. And understanding that sometimes you need extra help to ensure your furry friend is healthy, even when you’re away, is part of the responsibility. When you notice your dog isn’t as active as it should be, leave it to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. There are four locations that you can choose from, including our Kingswood facility.

Call today to set up a spot for your dog. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have. We even have a FAQs page, which may alleviate some of your concerns. Leaving your dog at our pet daycare Kingwood, TX isn’t shirking your responsibilities, so let your dog get the rest and relaxation they deserve while you’re away from home.

Kingwood, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Kingwood was founded in 1970.
  • Its slogan is “The Livable Forest.”
  • As its slogan states, there are various pines, magnolias, and many other species of shade trees within the area.