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Discover the Most Outstanding Pet Suites in Katy, TX

Look no further than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for truly outstanding Katy, TX pet suites! For high-quality daycare for your pet when you’re away from home, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is the pet boarding company you can trust. We have been proud to serve the greater Houston area since 1990.

We currently offer boarding, grooming, and training services for your pet. Call us or drop by at any of our locations to learn more!

Katy TX, pet suites

If you’ve been looking for Katy, TX pet suites that are dependable and trustworthy, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resorts is the perfect choice for you!

Katy, TX Pet Suites You Can Trust

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort began as a small facility in Humble, Texas, and we have only grown since then. Now we have offices in the Cypress, Atascocita, Katy, and Kingwood areas of Houston. We are a family-owned and operated company, providing a local touch better than your average bureaucratic corporate establishment.

Our mission is to provide each pet with the care and individualized attention they need. We provide safety, care, high-quality cat or dog boarding, and fun activity packages for your pet so that they can never be bored. We assure pet owners by guaranteeing the health and safety of their pet.

We provide all kinds of services at our all-inclusive pet resort, including boarding, pet daycare, grooming, and a 14-day dog training course. We provide spacious indoor and outdoor suites and play yards. We come equipped with a full-sized pool for our swimming program.

Why Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort?

We understand the demands and commands of the modern economy better than anyone. Your long commute hours or long working hours ensure that you are away from home for hours at a time. Your pet may spend countless hours alone without getting the care and attention they need. If your pet has anxiety issues or separation anxiety, they may even escape or get into trouble.

We at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort are here to ensure your peace of mind. We have a team of caring, professional, and well-trained staff to attend to your beloved pet and keep them safe and entertained. We ensure that your pet’s stay at our facility be as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible.

Moreover, we can give your pet the grooming and training they require for optimal health. That way your pet is returned to you in better health than when they came in.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is committed to providing a happy kennel for your pet. No matter what your pet needs, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort provides the high-quality Katy, TX pet suites your pet deserves.

Katy TX, pet suites

We guarantee your pup is fully trained by the end of our program!

Discover Our Services

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort provides dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services for your pet. We also provide a two-week obedience training program to fix any housebreaking problems your pet may have. Each pet regardless receives an assigned caregiver.


Our boarding kennels come equipped with plenty of entertainment for your pet. We provide spacious indoor suites with color TVs that play pet-friendly movies throughout the day. The sounds from the television, as well as flickering lights, encourage socialization for your pet. To keep your pet relaxed at ease, we avoid loud noises and startling sounds.

Along with the TV programming we also provide toys for the play area. One of our favorite ways to entertain pets is with daily peanut butter Kong time. This has been proven to be an effective way to keep your dog entertained and engaged.

For our feline friends, we have private cat boarding, with quiet, “no bark” zones. We also provide a kitty cat tree house and custom kitty condos.


Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort makes sure your pets are receiving the exercise they need. Different breeds require different types of exercise, so we provide fitting activities that doesn’t strain them unduly. We provide outdoor playtime with toys.

Our facilities come equipped with a full-sized swimming pool for our aqua exercise, or swim, program. We provide your pet with buoyancy vests. Swimming is an excellent source of exercise, and allows your pet to burn off energy in a safe way. For geriatric or arthritic pets, as well as overweight pets, it can prove especially beneficial.

For your dog to participate in the swim program, we require a veterinary release for your pet. This ensures the safety, health, and well-being of your pet during this time. We highly recommend to talk to your veterinarian before beginning the program.


Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort take the safety and well-being of your pet very seriously. To that effect, we have a six-foot fence around our play yards, as well as a closed-circuit security system. Pool times are monitored, and are set up at 20-minute intervals.

All cats and dogs are supervised at all times. Our staff is well-trained to detect anxious behaviors and signs of distress from your pet. If your pet is continuously uncomfortable or distressed, we can upgrade them to a high level suite. Our top priority is your pet’s comfort.

Katy TX, pet suites

Contact Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today!

Trust Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort and Call Us Today!

Sometimes it isn’t possible to be there at all times for your pet. Your work hours or other obligations call you away from home, leaving your pet unattended and unsupervised. This is can be a very lonely and even dangerous time for your pet, especially if they escape or land into trouble. In the end, your pet may not be able to receive the quality care they need.

When you have nowhere else to turn to for quality pet care, call on us, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Our pet suites with full amenities will ensure the happiness and comfort of your pet. Our dedicated team is well-trained to make sure your pet’s needs are taken care of. For outstanding Katy, TX pet suites, nobody does it better than Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • Katy ISD ranks among the top school districts in the country.
  • Katy includes three counties, Harris, Waller and Fort Bend.
  • It was formally incorporated in 1945.