Dog Kennel Katy TX

Dog Kennel Katy TX

Dog kennel Katy TX becomes necessary at various times for most families complete with one or more dogs. Whether for business, pleasure, or unexpected circumstances, putting dogs up for lodging is needed but creates a genuine conundrum. Who can you entrust with your four-legged devotee? Dogs are family, for most pet owners. When you choose Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, you will discover that we understand the complexity of the situation you find yourself in. A reliable, high-quality dog kennel Katy TX is understandably a necessity. We strive daily to instill confidence that the painstaking and loving management and secure, engaging atmosphere dog owners are searching for can be found at our Katy, Cypress, Kingwood, and Atascocita locations.

Some are particularly anxious about leaving their dog at a dog kennel Katy TX. Whether their pet is a beagle, poodle, shih tzu, Chihuahua, Irish setter, pug, Maltese, Collie, Labrador, some other breed, or a mix, the concern is how they can be sure their furry friend is doing well while they are away. The prime mode of assurance that we can provide is our state-of-the-art closed-circuit security system. One of the best ways to utilize the amazing electronic benefits available today is that it allows us to check on loved ones during periods of separation. One of your options when you check your dog in at Dog’s Day Inn dog kennel Katy TX is to take advantage of our surveillance system.

Safety is, of course, a primary concern for pet owners leaving their cherished, pampered, one-of-a-kind dogs behind. Being animal lovers ourselves, we know the anguish it can cause, to be unsure about the environment your dog is in. You can put your mind at ease, knowing we have 6-foot-high fencing and unceasing supervision, to ensure that outdoor playtime is sheltered and secure. The excellent staff members at our dog kennel Katy TX always take time to create a strong bond with the specific pets in their charge, and outdoor playtime is part of that bonding experience.

With scrutiny regarding our practices, you will find that we are meticulous about each aspect of caring for dogs and cats. Required vaccinations must be current, and there must be official paperwork verifying the authenticity of an animal’s status, as regards inoculations. Rabies vaccinations, of course, are a must. A highly contagious upper respiratory infection known as bordetella or kennel cough can be prevented at our dog kennel Katy TX through our strict practice of ensuring that all animals that check in have this important protection.

The milieu we create daily is a homey one. We recognize that typical homes in Texas frequently have the plasma screens in their homes providing background noise. We incorporate those familiar sights and sounds by playing dog-friendly programming regularly.

A perk that makes the four-legged guests at our dog kennel Katy TX feel lucky is our full-sized swimming pool. This isn’t your typical pool because this one was especially designed just for canine fun, exercise, and rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is just what the veterinarian ordered for many arthritic, overweight, and geriatric dogs as well as those that are recovering from surgery. Each eventful and playful swim session is a full 20 minutes long, which provides an adequate amount of exercise for most dogs, without causing extreme exhaustion. A veterinarian must sign a release form specifically for the purpose of verifying that your dog can participate in swimming while staying at our dog kennel Katy TX.

Dog’s Day Inn has grown from a humble beginning in Humble, Texas, to having four locations throughout the Houston area. Schedule a visit with us, your new dog kennel Katy TX, and find out why pet owners throughout the metropolitan area entrust their loyal, precious pets to us.