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We provide your pet with all of the comforts of home while you are away

Family owned and operated since 1990

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Who We Are

Dog’s Day Inn has been caring for pets since 1990. Beginning in a small facility in Humble, Texas we sought to provide our four legged family members with the quality care they deserved.

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What We Do

We are an all-inclusive pet resort with services such as dog boarding, pet day care, pet grooming, and dog training! Each pet will get the five-star individual treatment they deserve!

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Where We're At

With locations in Atascocita, Cypress, Kingwood, and Katy, Dog’s Day Inn is conveniently located in your community! Select a location and make your pet’s reservation now!

All of our locations are all inclusive for Dog’s Day Inn Pet resort. State-of-the-art facilities uniquely designed with your pet in mind. We offer services for whatever your dog or cat might need:

  • spacious indoor/outdoor suites
  • custom kitty condo
  • spacious play yards
  • full-size pool
  • closed-circuit security system
  • obedience training program
  • a caring staff

Cat & Dog Zones

Private cat boarding that provides a quiet “no bark” zone for your feline family members. Our cat condos are private apartments and include activity time during the day in our kitty cat tree house.

Each pet receives an assigned caregiver who will take the time to bond with your pet. They’ll learn his/her unique personality and ensure that the utmost in care is given from the moment they arrive to the time they leave our kennels in Cypress, Atascocita, Katy, and Kingwood.

Best of all, pet owners can take comfort in knowing that if their pet seems stressed, the staff will automatically upgrade them into a high-level suite.

At Dog’s Day Inn our caring staff goes that extra step to provide the best possible care for your pets. Please bring your pets and come in for a tour. We have four convenient locations across the Houston area, with dog kennels in Cypress, Atascocita, Katy, and Kingwood. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to providing your pets with a safe and enjoyable home away from home.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort Home Page

At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we know that you want the best pet day care and kenneling services that you can get for your dog. They are a part of your family, and you need to be able to trust the care they receive while you are away. You may be one of those overworked pet parents who need a place for your animals to stay while you are at work every day. You might also just be looking to find a safe and happy place for your dog during a vacation. No matter your pet care needs, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is there for you. We offer a variety of services and locations to meet all of your needs.

Who We Are

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has been caring for animals for almost 30 years. We started in 1990 with the desire to provide top of the line care to both cats and dogs. They need a safe, comfortable, and fun place to be, just like any other member of your family. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations of what a pet kennel should be.

Beginning in a small facility in Humble, TX where we started to provide quality care to your furry friends. We set ourselves apart from other dog boarding companies by providing all-inclusive care. Our team provides your pet treats, a wide variety of toys, and employ a staff of caring animal lovers. We have always strived to provide your pet a relaxing and enjoyable visit to our dog kennels in Cypress, Atascocita, Katy, and Kingwood. Our staff will always follow special instruction you provide about your pet. This gives your pet the best care possible, and keeps care methods consistent between the kennel and your pet’s home.

What We Do at Our Animal Care Centers

We provide a variety of different services at all four of our Texas locations. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is here to provide pet boarding and day care for your beloved animals at our cat and dog kennels in Cypress, Atascocita, Katy, and Kingwood. Our care facilities that are designed to give your dog or cat a great experience when they stay with us. We have specialized centers for cats, where they are free from the barking dogs that may disturb them. There are also dog specific amenities, which include color televisions and a refreshing pool.

Our locations also provide onsite grooming. Your pet can have professional grooming services as part of their stay with us. Our trained groomers are well experienced in animal grooming. They can provide a wide range of services. Our facilities can accommodate brush-outs, shampooing, blow drying, haircuts, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. The full service grooming facility will make sure your pet looks great. They are knowledgeable and can work with many types of dog breeds.


Training services are also offered through our locations. We provide a 14 day training course that is designed to teach your dog the five basic commands. They stay at our facility for the duration of the course. They are also given access most of our pet stay amenities during that time. We also give them plenty of unstructured play between training sessions. Training and play are both important parts of our training services. Our goal is to give your dog the best care available. Our staff is thoroughly trained on state of the art methods that give proven results. They do not use treat based rewards, and no electronic devices are used to correct behavior.

Where can You Find Us

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Report has four locations to meet your needs. Each location has its own rates and services. You can find out more on the sidebar, or call the following Houston dog kennel locations for more information for Dog’s Day Inn Pet resort:

Atascocita – TX

5123 Atascocita Road, Atascocita, Texas 77346-2846

Phone: (281) 441-4300


Cypress – TX

17015 Houston Drive, Cypress, Texas 77433 – 1918

Phone: (281) 758-3234


Katy – TX

1771 Westgreen Boulevard, Katy, Texas 77450

Phone: (281) 994-8026


Kingwood – TX

1831 Northpark Drive, Kingwood, Texas 77339 – 1611

Phone: (281) 359-3790


We know that the bond between a pet and their owner is strong. You want to make sure they get the best care and comfort that you can give them. At Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, we share that desire. We provide many different services that will meet all your pet’s needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and our caring staff provide the absolute best for your pet. Call to arrange a viewing of the location most convenient for you. We are happy to show you all that we can offer your pet.

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