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Cypress Location

Dog’s Day Inn Cypress is proud to offer boarding services to both dogs and cats alike. Our check-out times are noon. However, if your furry friend has an appointment with our expert grooming team then check out can be extended until our closing time. Check-out services are available seven days a week for your convenience.

When your pet stays with our team here at Dog’s Day Inn, we kindly ask that you supply food for your pet. We do offer house food. However, this will consist of a $5 charge per day per dog.

Nightly Charges for Kennels/Boarding Services

It should be noted that if you utilize our boarding services during a holiday, there will be a non-refundable deposit required during these times. If you have any questions regarding pet check out and the other services we offer, feel free to contact our team.

Executive Suite

Our executive suite is a 9×9 space that consists of a bed and TV. Additionally, your dog will be given 3 playtimes/ potty breaks during the day.

Price per night:

  • $65/ 1 dog
  • $80/ 2 dogs
  • $90/ 3 dogs

Junior Executive Suite

Like our executive suite, your dog will be given 3 playtimes and/or potty breaks and will have access to a bed and TV. However, the Jr. Executive Suite offers a space of 6×9.

Price per night:

  • $48/ 1 dog
  • $70/ 2 dogs
  • $80/ 3 dogs

Indoor/Outdoor Large Suite

Our indoor/outdoor suites allow your dog to enjoy the comfort of air conditioning while still having access to fresh air and the beautiful outdoors. Our large suites are 5×15, 5×7 of which is indoors, and 2 playtimes are offered with this kennel option.

Price per night:

  • $42/ 1 dog
  • $61/ 2 dogs
  • $71/ 3 dogs

Indoor/ Outdoor Regular Suite

Like our large indoor/outdoor suite, your dog will be given 2 playtimes while staying in this suite. However, the size of our regular suite is 4×15, 4×7 of which is indoors.

Price per night:

  • $35/ 1 dog
  • $51/ 2 dogs
  • $61/ 3 dogs

Cat Condos

For our feline guests, we offer 4×4 cat condos that offer multi-level living. A bed will be provided, and your feline friend will be given 2 activity times during the day.

Price per night:

  • $15/ 1 cat
  • $22/ 2 cats
  • $30/ 3 cats

Holiday Deposits

Due to high demand, our kennel services require a deposit if you’re looking to book your pets stay during the holidays. This deposit will be applied to your final bill and is non-refundable after 7 days of your pet’s scheduled arrival.

The prices of this deposit will vary depending on which suite you’ve selected for your furry friend. Those prices are as follows:

$150/ Executive Kennels

$100/ Junior Kennels and Indoor/Outdoor Kennels

$30/ Cat Condos

If you have any questions about our holiday kennel services, please feel free to contact our Cypress team today.

Please note: If you do need to cancel, a full deposit refund will only be available no later than one week prior to your pet’s scheduled arrival.

Day Care Services

Our daycare services are open to both dogs and cats. We understand that working can get in the way of spending quality time with your pet. During the days you may worry that your pet is feeling lonely and bored. That is why Dog’s Day Inn is here to help. We offer daycare services for pet owners just like you who are wanting their pet to enjoy their days.

Our friendly staff will ensure your pets’ day is filled with fun while you’re at work. The stability our daycare service offers can even help with reducing your pets’ anxiety. If you’d like more information about our daycare services, speak with our team today.

The Pricing of Day Care:

$25/ dogs

$8/ cats

If you enroll your dog in our daycare program five days a week, you’ll qualify for a 25% discount on this service! Call today and ensure your pet isn’t feeling abandoned during the long workdays.

Additional Services

Our cypress team is dedicated to creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for all pets that come our way.  That is why we offer an array of additional services to ensure your pet has a blast while in our care. Some of those services including swim sessions and extra playtimes.

If this is something you’re interested in for your furry friend, be sure to let us know when you book one of our amazing suites.

The prices of our additional pet services are:

  • Extra Playtime/Potty breaks/ $5 each
  • Swim Time/ $15 for 20 minutes of pool time
  • Dog Training Program (14-day course)/ $795

We understand that while you’re away from your pet, it’s not uncommon to miss them and wonder what they’re up to. When you choose Dog’s Day Inn as your kennel service, you’ll never have to! This is because, at your request, we upload pictures of your pets to our social media accounts.

As a result, you can see exactly what your furry friend is getting up to while in our care. Unfortunately, we are unable to send pictures to private emails and phone numbers.


Here at Dog’s Day Inn, the health and safety of the pets in our care is our top priority. That is why we ask that all pets have the following vaccinations before visiting us


  • Rabies
  • Bordetella


  • Rabies
  • FELV

When you bring your cat or dog to our Cypress facility, you must provide proof that they have had the above vaccinations. Otherwise, we may not be able to accept your pet. This would be a huge inconvenience for you and something we hope to avoid.

That is why we ask that you be sure your pet has had its necessary vaccinations. If not, you wouldn’t just be putting other’s pets at risk, you could be risking the health of your own pet.

If your dog or cat requires medication while staying with us, we ask that you bring it in its original packaging. That way, our staff can be sure they’re giving your pet the correct dosage in the right intervals.

Additionally, if you want your dog to enjoy the swim sessions we offer, we will need a sign-off from your vet saying that it’s okay. This ensures the safety of your pet and other pets taking part in this service.

If your pet requires medication, please bring it in the original packaging or container.

Speak with our Cypress Staff Today

All our locations are run by a team of trained and passionate individuals. Just like you, our staff are animal lovers and can’t wait to meet your furry friend. When you choose Dog’s Day Inn as your boarding service, you can trust your dog or cat will receive the highest quality of care.

It should be noted that each of our locations offers varying services and prices. With that in mind, it’s always best to check before visiting. If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to reach our Cypress team by calling (281) 758-3234.

Address and Contact Information for Cypress, TX Location

Dogs Day Inn Pet Resort – Cypress, Texas

17015 Houston Drive, Cypress, TX 77433 – 1918

Phone: (281) 758-3234


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