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Kingwood Location

Dog’s Day Inn in Kingwood is proud to be your first choice when you need quality daycare and kennel services for your furry friend. We proudly offer our services for both dogs and cats to cater to all pet owners.

Our check-out time for our kennel services is 12 noon and is available seven days a week. However, if your pet has an appointment with our grooming team, checkout can be extended to closing time if necessary.

When your pet stays with our Kingwood team, we ask that you please provide food for the duration of your pet’s stay. We do offer house food, but this will incur a charge of $5 per dog per day. Other additional charges can occur during the holidays; if your pet stays with us during the busier periods, a deposit will be required. If you have any questions about our boarding services, be sure to speak with our team.

Dog & Cat Boarding Prices in Kingwood 

Our boarding services offer many different housing options. As a result, we are able to cater to each individual pet. Perhaps your dog requires more space or maybe needs a little extra attention during the day. If so, please consider our boarding options carefully to ensure your pet will be comfortable while in our care.

Senior Executive Suite

Your dog will have a 9×10 room with a bed and television. 3 playtimes are included in this boarding option.

Price per night:

  • $58/ 1 dog
  • $84/ 2 dogs
  • $94/ 3 dogs

Executive Suite

Our executive suites offer a 6×10 room with a bed and TV. Additionally, your dog will have the opportunity for 3 playtimes during the day.

Pricing per night:

  • $48/ 1 dog
  • $71/ 2 dogs
  • $81/ 3 dogs

Junior Executive Suite

The jr. executive suite allows for 4 playtimes during the day. The room is 4×10 and offers a complimentary bed and TV.

Price per night:

  • $38/ 1 dog
  • $56/ 2 dogs
  • $66/ 3 dogs

Cat Condos

Our cat condos are 4×4 and offer multi-level living for your feline’s comfort. Like our dog kennels, the cat condos come with a complimentary bed and your cat can enjoy two activity times during the day.

Price per night:

  • $15/ 1 cat
  • $22/ 2 cats
  • $30/ 3 cats

Holiday Deposits

Our boarding services require a deposit during the holiday season. If you do need to cancel, a full deposit refund will only be available no later than one week prior to your pet’s scheduled arrival. What’s more, this deposit will be added to your final bill.

The price of the deposit will vary with each service:

$150/ Executive Suites

$100. Junior Suites

$30/ Cat Condos

If you have any questions about booking your pet’s stay during the holidays, contact Dog’s Day Inn Kingwood today.


Please note: Deposits are non-refundable after 7 days of scheduled arrival.

Day Care Services at Dog’s Day Inn

Dog’s Day Inn doesn’t just accept boarders, we also offer daycare services for both cats and dogs. We understand that busy pet parents worry about their dog or cat being lonely during the long workdays. That is why our Kingwood team is here to help.

The staff at each of our locations are dedicated animal lovers and are passionate about the well-being of your pet. With that in mind, you can trust us to keep your pet entertained and happy during the times you can’t be there with them.

Day Care Pricing:

Our dog daycare services are $25 a day per dog. If you utilize our daycare services 5 days a week, you’ll receive a 25% discount on our daycare rate. If you have any questions about our daycare services, contact our Kingwood team by calling (281) 359-3790.

Additional Services

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we are committed to providing your pet with the highest quality of care. We want to ensure your pet has a blast while in our care. That is why we offer a range of amenities to keep your furry friend entertained all day long.

Your pet will have the option of enrolling in our professional training program if this is something you’re interested in. Additionally, playtimes can be extended if your dog could use a little extra attention.

The prices of these services are as follows:

Training Program (14-day course)/ $795

Extra Playtime/ $5 each


Our top priority is the health and well-being of every animal in our care. With that in mind, if you’re hoping to utilize our boarding services, your pet must first have all the necessary vaccinations. For Dogs, this includes Rabies, DHLPPCV, and Bordetella. For cats, this includes Rabies, FVRCP, and FELV.

We understand that your pet’s health and safety is your main concern and it’s ours too. That is why we ensure all animals have these vaccines before participating in our boarding services. When you bring your pet to our facility, you’ll need to provide proof that they have had these vaccinations.

Additionally, if your pet requires any medication, we ask that you bring it in its original packaging. As a result, our staff can be confident that they’re giving your pet the correct dosage at the right intervals. If you have any questions about medication and vaccines required, contact our Kingwood team today.

If your pet requires medication during their stay in our Kingwood dog kennels, please bring it in the original packaging or container.

Dog’s Day Inn Kingwood Staff

Each Dog’s Day Inn facility is run by a team of dedicated and friendly individuals. Like you, our staff are animal lovers, so you can be confident your pet will receive a lot of love and affection while in our care. We are passionate about ensuring every animal that comes our way has a pleasant and memorable experience.

It’s important to note that the services we offer, and their prices vary with each location. So, be sure to call our team prior to booking our services so you don’t run into any confusion.  If you’re looking for high-quality boarding services, trust the Kingwood team at Dog’s Day Inn.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to reach out to our team. Additionally, if you’re interested in booking a tour of our facility, you can do so by giving us a call. You can reach our Kingwood team by calling (281) 359-3790.

Address and Contact Information for Kingwood, TX Location

Dogs Day Inn Pet Resort – Kingwood TX

1831 Northpark Drive, Kingwood, Texas 77339 – 1611

Phone: (281) 359-3790


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