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Kingwood Location

Kingwood Location Rates (per night):

Executive Suite
6×10 Room w/Bed, TV & 3 Playtimes

  • $46 / 1 Dog
  • $69 / 2 Dogs
  • $79 / 3 Dogs

Senior Executive Suite
9×10 Room w/Bed, TV & 3 Playtimes

  • $55/ 1 Dog
  • $82 / 2 Dogs
  • $92 / 3 Dogs

Jr. Executive Suite
4×10 W/ 4 Playtimes, Bed, TV

  • $36 / 1 Dog
  • $54 / 2 Dogs
  • $64 / 3 Dogs

Cat Condos
4×4 Multi-Level Condo w/ Bed & 2 Activity Times

  • $15 / 1 Cat
  • $22 / 2 Cats
  • $30 / 3 Cats

Additional Services at Kingwood Location

  • Extra Playtimes – $5 ea.
  • Kong Time
  • Training Program – $650 (2 Week Course)

Day Care

  • Daycare – $25 a day
  • All Daycare 5 days a week 25% off!

Holiday Deposits [Will be applied to final bill.]

  • Executive – $150
  • Jr. & I/O – $100
  • Cat – $30

Please note: Deposits are non-refundable after 7 days of scheduled arrival.



If your pet requires medication during their stay in our Kingwood dog kennels, please bring it in the original packaging or container.

The Kingwood location is one of the four locations where you can find a Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Every one of our facilities are held to the Dog’s Day Inn’s high standard of service and quality. We offer all animals that stay with us a loving place to be while they are away from home. Our + members are all assigned to specific pets. This means our staff has a chance to build a relationship with the pets they care for. Pets also find comfort in the consistency this person brings to their routines. Our locations have a variety of services and rates. Please view our other locations to find out more. Our Kingwood dog kennel provides these services at the listed rates:

Address and Contact Information for Kingwood, TX Location


Dogs Day Inn Pet Resort – Kingwood TX

1831 Northpark Drive, Kingwood, Texas 77339 – 1611

Phone: (281) 359-3790


Important Information for Doggy Day Care and Kenneling Services


The Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort provides Kingwood pet boarding, day care, and grooming for both cats and dogs. Cats are kept separate to reduce their stress during their stay. Overnight kenneling and daycare services are both available at this location.


We require a non-refundable deposit for all major holidays. This deposit is applied against your bill at the end of your pets stay. The required deposits are as listed:


  • Executive – $150
  • Junior Executive – $100
  • Cat Condo– $30


Kingwood Kenneling


Our staff strives to make your pets stay at our Kingwood dog kennels as carefree and restful as possible. We provide dog appropriate television programming to entertain your dog. Our private suites are designed to help your dog or cat stay comfortable. Our staff will upgrade your pet’s suite in the event that your pet appears to be stressed. Staff are trained to identify dogs that are showing signs of anxiety. This is usually caused by the introduction to the unfamiliar surroundings, and is typically short lived. They are also trained on ways to relax your pet, in cases where they are under stress. The caring staff here at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort are here to make sure your pet has the best stay they can.


Kingwood Pet Boarding Rates per Night:


Executive Suite – 6×10 Room with Bed, TV, and 3 Playtimes

$46 / 1 Dog

$69 / 2 Dogs

$79 / 3 Dogs


Senior Executive Suite – 9×10 Room with Bed, TV, and 3 Playtimes

$55/ 1 Dog

$82 / 2 Dogs

$92 / 3 Dogs


Junior Executive Suite – 4×10 Room with 4 Playtimes, Bed, and TV

$36 / 1 Dog

$54 / 2 Dogs

$64 / 3 Dogs


Cat Condos – 4×4 Multi-Level Condo with Bed and 2 Activity Times

$15 / 1 Cat

$22 / 2 Cats

$30 / 3 Cats


Day Care (All-Day)


Long work hours can be hard to balance with appropriate pet care. Our all Kingwood dog day care can help make sure your pets get the love and attention they need to stay happy and healthy. They are in the care of their assigned staff member when possible. This lets your pet become very comfortable with the daycare routine. Pets that stay with us five days a week get a 25% discount off of your daycare rate.


Daycare – $25 a day



Additional Services


Our Kingwood dog kennels are designed to provide a happy place for your pet, at all levels of service we provide. We do offer the following services to help your pet take advantage of all of our amenities:


Extra Playtime – $5 each

Training Program, 14 Day Course – $650


Vaccinations and Veterinary Information


You must provide proof of the following vaccinations before you pet will be admitted into the facility:




  • Rabies
  • Bordetella




  • Rabies
  • FELV


Vaccinations work to make sure that all the pets staying at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort are healthy for their stay.

Please ensure that you bring any medication that your pet requires with you. It will be required on your first day of Kingwood pet boarding with us. Our staff require that this medication be provided in its original packaging. This is to make sure your pet gets the correct dosing and timing of all medication.

Kingwood Location Staff

Each of our four Dog’s Day Inn locations has staff that are happy to assist you, if you have any questions or concerns. Our friendly staff are there to walk you through all of our services and amenities. To speak to staff, or book a tour of the facilities at our Kingwood location please call (281) 359-3790.


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