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Atascocita TX Dog Training

If you are looking for Atascocita TX Dog Training, then come to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. Our dog training classes will be perfect for new pet parents. Puppy training can be difficult, especially if you are new to it.

Come to our professional training facility, and we can help you and your new puppy get started on the right paw. We have highly qualified trainers that will help teach your dog some basic commands such as come, sit, stay, and lay down.

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we love what we do. We get excited when new people bring their pets and want to bond with them. Training is a great way to bond with your pet.

When you learn to train them, you are learning how to communicate with them. You are learning just as much as your dog is. We know you will love what we have to offer at Dog’s Day Inn. So give us a call when you need Atascocita TX Dog Training.

Atascocita TX Dog Training

If you have a new puppy, or you are a new dog owner, come check out Atascocita TX Dog Training.

Atascocita TX Dog Training

At Dog’s Day Inn, we offer a wide variety of services. We want to help make your pet-owning experience fun and rewarding. When you take care of your pet, your pet will take care of you.

When you bring your pet to us, we can help with so many of your pet’s needs, such as grooming, boarding, training, and even daycare. We offer these services to you because there is a need for high-quality pet care. Our staff members are passionate about their jobs.

We have over thirty years of experience. We know we can offer you and your pet something they can enjoy and be comfortable with. Our business started in Humble.

We then decided to provide our services to places such as Kingwood, Cypress, Katy, and Atascocita. You will find a high-quality facility, fun activities, and, most importantly, a safe and caring environment.

You won’t find a better place that has a more caring and loving staff. We get excited meeting new people who bring their pets to us. We know you will love it here too.

Training Services

When you train with us, your dog will be in good hands. Our training method does not require “treat” incentives or any electronic correction collars. We use a chain collar and a leather leash to provide direction and obedience.

Your dog will be able to get out and play during appointed times. They will be able to run around and be a dog when they are not in training. Our staff will continue to use directives and training protocols all throughout your dog’s training period.

When you choose our training facility, your dog will train with us for two weeks. They will learn to sit, stay, down, heel, and come. When your dog responds in the correct direction, it will be rewarded with praise.

During this time, your dog will stay in a four-by-six indoor/outdoor suite. You can have the option for a different size for an additional fee. You may bring your dog’s favorite toy or bed for familiarity purposes.

A professional trainer will work with your dog one on one throughout their training session. Verbal and hand signals will be used during this time.

Our training is guaranteed. If your dog is exhibiting negative behavioral problems, talk to your trainer before the class starts. While we cannot guarantee to correct all problems, we can give you information to help you correct the problem.

If your dog is not obeying the commands you give after the training, give us a call. We arrange a meeting with your trainer to help fix the issue.

Atascocita TX Dog Training

We give each dog their own caregiver at our doggie daycare.

Other Services

At Dog’s Day Inn, we offer many services to help with your pet-owning experience. We offer boarding, grooming, training, and daycare. If you need our boarding service, we can off your dog several different size suites.

It comes with a complimentary bed and television. Your dog will be scheduled for two to three play sessions. Additional play sessions can be added for an additional fee.

We do require your dog to have their vaccinations before they stay with us. We require Rabies, DHLPPCV, and Bordetella.


Our grooming serves are offered by appointment. We offer brushing, shampoos, blow dry, hair cuts, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a finishing cologne and bandana. For those doggies that get nervous, we can offer a speedy service for an additional fee.

This service can be completed in an hour and a half. You will be able to meet the groomer and discuss requests and ask questions.

Day Care

Our daycare center is a perfect solution for busy pet parents. If you work long hours, bring your pet to us. We can help keep your dog busy and happy while you are at work.

We can offer your dog their own suite and have plenty of outside playtimes. They get to play with other dogs and run around in a spacious yard. Our staff is always monitoring all animal interactions for safety.

When your pet is done playing, they get to relax in their own private suite. We offer televisions to keep them occupied and peanut butter kongs. Our facility is closely monitored at all times with a closed-circuit monitoring security system.

Your dog will never be lonely or bored when they come and play with us. We assign your dog its very own caregiver. This allows for your dog to have a friendly face to bond with.

If your dog is nervous or anxious, their caregiver can help them relax with personal playtime and quiet indoor suites.

When you need training, boarding, or grooming, give us a call. We would love to help take care of your dog. You can be sure that you are bringing your pet to a safe and loving environment.

Our staff has years of experience, and we are passionate about what we do. Your dog will be so excited to come back to us again and again. So bring your dog to Dog’s Day Inn when you need Atascocita TX Dog Training. 

Atascocita TX Dog Training

We offer services to both dogs and cats.

Fun Facts for Atascocita, TX

  • It was named the “Best Place to Retire”
  • There is a population of 65,569 people
  • The elevation is only 72ft above sea level.