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Atascocita TX Doggy Training

Quit your google searching for Atascocita TX Doggy Training and come on down to Dog’s Day Inn instead!

We only have the most exceptional of trainers hired at our facility. To us, your dog is family, so why not give them the best possible training experience? Not only that, but why not give them training that will last their lifetime?

Atascocita TX Doggy Training

We proudly serve the Greater Houston Area, with an overarching goal to offer the community the best dog training classes in Texas. Whether it’s puppy training or particular behavioral adjustment needs, we got your back!

Background of Atascocita

The quaint and beautiful city of Atascocita, Texas, is located right in the middle of the Greater Houston Area.

Atascocita TX Doggy Training

Our trainers can ensure a relaxing and fun experience!

It is a lovely suburb that has quite a growing population. Since 2019, the census population was at 81,557 citizens.

That’s a lot of citizens! With this kept in mind, there are indeed plenty of citizens who own a pet. Alas, Atascocita TX Doggy Training can be found for these pets at yours truly. Dog’s Day Inn is your one-stop shop for all things pet-training-related and otherwise!

Why Go With Dog’s Day Inn?

Because the population of Atascocita is growing, it’s likely that doggy daycares are also at an influx. You may be curious about what makes us so special from the rest. There is a multitude of reasons why we’re the best in all of Atascocita.

Firstly, we began animal care back in 1990. The expanding requirement for proper pet care was high, and we realized we needed to step in. Pets deserve to have a comfortable, safe, and reliable place to go when their owner is away.

Atascocita TX Doggy Training

Dog’s Day Inn can train your pup in no time!

Or, when it comes to training, they deserve to have space where they can learn and retain the information taught. With almost thirty years in the business, we are proud to say we serve the Greater Houston Area with expertise and care.

We provide state-of-the-art facilities that ensure total safety and fun. Not to mention our other amenities, like our full-sized swimming pool and spacious yard. Here at Dog’s Day Inn, if your dog comes and doesn’t want to go back home, we’ve done our job at creating an effective, fun space!

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we have a very specific mission. We wish to provide the utmost care for your pet, whether that be boarding, training, or grooming services. Our shelves are stocked with toys and fun, so we can successfully provide a meaningful and worthwhile experience for your precious pooch.

Our Training Services

With all of this in mind, I’m sure it’s easier to understand why we’re such a renowned pet resort in the Greater Houston Area. Atascocita TX Doggy Training isn’t something you should toss and turn about at night. Now more than ever is the best possible time to get your dog trained!

Especially when it comes to how affordable and versatile our training methods are. Our training facility and course structure lasts for fourteen days, and during this period you can expect the following:

  • Familiar bedding or toys are welcome to be brought along.
  • Your pup will receive a 4 X 6 indoor and outdoor suite. Or, you have the option of selecting a bigger-sized suite for a slightly larger fee.
  • We want to ensure your pet remains on its feeding schedule and diet, so we ask you to bring your own food.
  • One of our experienced and certified trainers will work one-on-one with your pup every single day for fourteen days.
  • There will be five basic directives that your dog will learn, which are sit, stay, heel, come, and down. All of which are hand or verbal signals, and this includes a positive praise reward for all learned behavior directives.

We genuinely believe that having the proper space will lead to appropriate behavior in your dog. Having a pup that has good behavior isn’t really an option these days but a requirement. At least if you want to take your furry friend out and about with you.

And of course, we all know you do! You want to take your doggo with you places, and they must know the bare minimum directives to listen to you. Allow us to take the ropes and instill all the basic necessities in your dog for you!

On Lead: Explained

Specific training is used here at Dog’s Day Inn. Furthermore, a particular training that doesn’t involve treats or electronic devices to do so. The type of training is called “on lead” training. This said training is used with a collar and leather leash.

Additionally, during your pet’s time at our training school, the trainer will be schedule one-on-one with them quite frequently. Moreover, your dog will have time to play outside in our spacious yards for as long as they’d like. It sounds like dog heaven, doesn’t it?

Our knowledgeable staff will reinforce all five of the directives for your dog during their stay. Towards the end of the course, the trainer assigned to your dog will arrange an appointment for you.

Your family members are also welcome to this, and during this time, you and they will learn the methods your dog’s assigned trainer had taught to them throughout their stay. Once the trainer has confidence that everyone understands the teachings, you and your dog will honorably be dismissed from doggy training school.

Atascocita TX Doggy Training here at Dog’s Day Inn is a 100% guarantee program. Meaning, we will address specific behaviors as well as the basic program directives, regardless of if whether it’s behavioral issues or housebreaking concerns.

However, you must ensure you discuss certain training matters with the trainer. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, it’s important to voice your particular concerns if you so have them.

Furthermore, if your beloved pet refuses to obey the directives, you may come back or call your trainer to arrange a time to come back and correct the said issue. We’re flexible here at Dog’s Day Inn, and we understand sometimes it’s harder to learn for some pups than others!


There’s a lot to consider when searching for the right training school for your fur baby. We don’t want you to feel lost in a sea of options.

Atascocita TX Doggy Training

Your dog will learn and play until their hearts content here at Dog’s Day Inn!

That’s why coming to Dog’s Day Inn for all your pup’s needs is your best option.

We truly are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to dealing with pets. Your pets are a part of our family while they’re here and will get a treatment that’s nothing less!

Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and your precious pup, (281)-441-4300. Atascocita TX Doggy Training has never been an easier find than with us at Dog’s Day Inn!

Fun Facts of Atascocita

  • The city of Atascocita is one of the best places to retire in all of the U.S.
  • Atascocita sits roughly six miles East of Humble, Texas.
  • There are two major community newspapers in Atascocita, The Tribune Newspaper and The Atascocita Observer.
  • For more fun facts on Atascocita, please view their official website!