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Atascocita TX Pets Boarding

Are you looking for an Atascocita TX Pets Boarding facility you can trust with the care of your pet? If so, look no further than Dog’s Day Inn. Our pet boarding facility is one-of-a-kind regarding the love and attention we provide to pets in our care.

Dog’s Day Inn was founded in 1990 to create a boarding facility that upheld the best standards of care possible. For three decades, we have been serving the Greater Houston Area, and at that time, our clients have come to highly recommend our facility for all your pet boarding needs.

While your pet is in our care, you will not have to worry about them being bored or depressed. We have an assortment of amenities for your dog and cat to enjoy for the duration of their stay. Furthermore, each pet is assigned a caregiver who will take the time to get to know your pet.

Atascocita TX Pets Boarding

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is the best choice for your furry friend!

Safety and Security

The staff of Dog’s Day Inn takes the safety and security of your pet very seriously. As a result, we have implemented several security policies. These include 24/7 close circuit cameras and six-foot fences that are regularly checked for holes and damage.

In addition, your pet will never be in the play yard or near the swimming pool without the supervision of a staff member. With preventative measures like these in place, our staff can devote more time to providing care to your pet.

The team of pet caregivers at Dog’s Day Inn understands that pets will often experience anxiety when away from their owner for a prolonged period. However, at our facility, your pet will have a caregiver who attends to their every need.

For instance, if your dog or cat begins to shows signs of stress or anxiety, their caregiver will take the time to calm them. Whether distracting them with a toy or just petting and talking to them, our caregivers offer top-notch care for your pets!

Amenities and Entertainment

The Atascocita TX Pets Boarding services at Dog’s Day Inn offer more than just a place for your pet to stay while you are away. Each kennel at our facility is equipped with a color tv that regularly plays animal-friendly movies. While your dog is alone in the evenings, the noise from these shows can keep them calm.

Another amenity all of our canine guests enjoy at Dog’s Day Inn is the full-size swimming pool. For those hot summer days in Texas, your dog will get to enjoy a twenty-minute pool session with other dogs at our facility. We always keep the amount of time spent in the pool at around twenty minutes to ensure your dog does not overdo it.

If you are a pet owner with a senior dog, consider asking one of our staff members about the senior swim program we have at our facility. This unique program is specifically for elderly dogs who cannot easily run and play. Water therapy is an excellent way to provide them with exercise without putting a strain on their limbs. We recommend speaking with your dog’s vet before deciding if this program is right for them.

Other play sessions we offer to your dog include kong playtime. During this time, a staff member will stuff peanut butter into several kongs and let your dog go to town! In addition, we have a full collection of toys that are sure to keep your dog entertained and happy for the duration of their stay at Dog’s Day Inn.

Grooming and Training Programs

Atascocita TX Pets Boarding

We offer pet training and grooming, in addition to Atascocita TX Pets Boarding!

Our facility offers pet grooming and training services in addition to Atascocita TX Pets Boarding and doggy daycare. We have an excellent team of professional groomers who will go the extra mile to make sure your dog’s grooming job is done right.

Before your dog’s grooming session, you will be able to meet with a groomer and give them specific instructions. If it is normal for your dog to experience anxiety while on the grooming table, ask one of our staff groomers about the express grooming service.

One of the most important aspects of caring for your dog is obedience training. This is a great way to ensure your canine’s happiness while also strengthening the bond between you two. At Dog’s Day Inn, we offer a two-week training program.

During this time, your dog will board at our facility and work daily with a professional dog trainer. By the conclusion of the program, your dog will know five basic commands: sit, stay, down, come, and heel. Once your dog has graduated from the program, we recommend continuing to practice with your dog every day!

Cat Boarding Program

At Dog’s Day Inn, we are proud to offer cat boarding services! The cat boarding area sits far enough away from our kennels. As a result, you never have to worry about your cat getting stressed from loud barking.

Furthermore, each cat condo will keep your cat occupied and entertained for the duration of their stay. They will have a playtime session with their caregiver, who will provide love and attention every day. While your cat is staying at Dog’s Day Inn, you can have peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best care.

Atascocita TX Pets Boarding

We guarantee your cat will have a fun and stress-free stay while at Dog’s Day Inn!

Atascocita TX Pets Boarding

At Dog’s Day Inn, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the high-quality care we offer to pets in our facility. Our professional staff will dedicate time and effort to making sure your dog or cat has the best stay possible.

For more information about our services, locations, or company, visit our website! You can also speak with a friendly customer support advocate by calling (281) 441-4300.

Dog’s Day Inn is the best Atascocita TX Pets Boarding facility in Greater Houston, so give us a call today!

Atascocita, TX Fun Facts:

  • Atascocita is one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation.
  • It is located eighteen miles from Houston.
  • Atascocita is next to Lake Houston and home to several golf courses, parks, and country clubs.
  • This city was initially named for the Atascocita Road.
  • For more information about Atascocita, TX, visit the city’s website!