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Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX

If you are searching for Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX, consider bringing your pet to Dog’s Day Inn. Our boarding facility is one-of-a-kind in the way we offer love and care to your pet while you are away.

Dog’s Day Inn was founded in 1990 and now has four locations throughout the Greater Houston area. Our mission is to provide a new level of care for your furry friend while you are at work or away from home. We give each of our guests love and attention, and treat them like family.

Our facility offers excellent amenities so that your dog or cat will never be bored during their stay. Also, our fantastic team of caregivers are animal lovers and have the training, which allows them to handle various animal behaviors. When you bring your pet for a stay at Dog’s Day Inn, you can rest easy knowing they will be in a fun, stress-free environment.

 Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX

On hot Texas days, your dog can cool off in our full-size swimming pool.

Safety and Security

At Dog’s Day Inn, we take the safety and security of your pet very seriously. That is why we have put in place safety measures and security protocols that work to keep your pet happy and healthy during their stay.

For instance, at our boarding facility, we have a closed-circuit security system that works 24/7 to keep our building safe. With practical tools like this one in place, our staff can devote more time to entertaining and caring for your pet.

In addition to our monitoring system, our outdoor play yard has a secure fence surrounding it. At six-feet, the sturdiness of this fence ensures your dog can run around and play without the risk of them finding a way out. Our staff regularly checks the fence for damage and holes.

The staff at Dog’s Day Inn understand your dog or cat may deal with anxiety during the first part of their visit. However, each of our furry guests is assigned a caregiver who gets to know your pet and their personality. If your pet begins to feel stressed or anxious, their caregiver will help calm them. Typically, this is easily done by finding a toy to distract them.

Amenities and Entertainment

The kennels at Dog’s Day Inn are more than just a small space for your dog to stay in while you are away. Each kennel is equipped with a color tv that regularly plays animal-friendly movies. While your dog is in the kennel overnight, the noise from the tv helps them feel comfortable.

One of the amenities all of our canine guests enjoy at Dog’s Day Inn is the full-size swimming pool. For those hot Texas summer days, we will offer your dog a supervised twenty-minute pool session. This will allow them to cool off and have fun without overdoing it.

If you are boarding your senior dog with us, consider asking about our senior swim program. This unique program is designed specifically for elderly dogs with arthritis or other health conditions, which prevents them from easily getting exercise. During their stay, we will lead them on a guided activity in the pool. How many times we do this is, of course, based on the recommendations of your vet.

Another fun way we keep your dog entertained is through kong playtime. During these play sessions, a staff member will stuff peanut butter in several kongs then let your dog go to town! This, in addition to our full collection of dog toys, is sure to keep your dog happy and entertained during their stay with us.

Cat Boarding

 Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX

Give Dog’s Day Inn a call to schedule your feline’s vacation with us.

Despite the name of our facility, we don’t just offer boarding for your canine friends. In fact, we welcome felines as well. The cat boarding area sits far enough from our canine guests that you will not have to worry about your cat becoming stress by the consistent barking.

Furthermore, each cat condo has a layout that keeps your cat comfortable during their stay with us. Your pet’s caregiver will devote time every day to entertaining your cat and providing them with love and attention. When you board your cat at Dog’s Day Inn, you can have the peace of mind that they are receiving the best care possible.

Other Services from Dog’s Day Inn

In addition to our boarding program, Dog’s Day Inn also offers other services that facilitate the comfort of your pet while you are away. For instance, for those who have busy work schedules, we have a fantastic dog daycare program. When enrolled in this program, your dog will receive the same benefits from it that our overnight boarders receive.

At Dog’s Day Inn, we also offer grooming and training services. We have a fantastic team of groomers who are passionate about helping you do stay happy and healthy. If your dog gets nervous on the grooming table, be sure and ask a staff member about our express grooming service.

One of the most important aspects of dog ownership is obedience training. This is a great way to increase your dog’s happiness and improve the bond between dog and owner. That is why we offer a two-week dog training program.

During this time, your dog will stay at our facility and work daily with one of our trainers. By the end of the program, your dog will know five basic commands: sit, stay, come, down, and heel. After your dog graduates, it is vital to continue their training by practicing with them or creating new obedience goals!

 Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX

Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX

Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX

At Dog’s Day Inn, we are committed to treating your dog or cat like family. When you bring your pet to our boarding facility, we guarantee they will have a fun and entertaining stay. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing they are in the hands of animal-loving staff!

For more information about our company or locations, visit our website! You can also speak to a friendly staff member by calling (281) 441-4300.

For an exceptional Boarding Facilities Atascocita TX that you can count on, contact Dog’s Day Inn today!

Atascocita, TX Fun Facts:

  • This city is located in Northeastern Harris County, just eighteen miles from downtown.
  • Atascocita is home to Lake Houston and several golf courses, parks, and country clubs.
  • Named by the Spanish Explorer Alonzo De Leon, the Atascocita Road became the namesake of this city.
  • Atascocita is home to one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the nation.
  • For more information about Atascocita, visit the city’s website.