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Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX

Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX

If you are searching out the most reliable Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX, consider contacting Dog’s Day Inn. Our professional team of animal caregivers has an immense dedication to providing your pet with the best quality attention and activity.

Dog’s Day Inn was founded in 1990, with the overarching mission being to provide a new level of pet care. We have four locations throughout the Greater Houston area. Each site works to fulfill this mission of quality care and service.

We built the facilities at Dog’s Day Inn to provide the best kind of entertainment and activity for your dog or cat. We have a selection of amenities that will keep your pet from getting bored during their stay here.

If they are happily playing with a fun toy or swimming in our full-size pool, there will be less room for them to worry about being away from you. When you bring your cat or dog to Dog’s Day Inn, you can have peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best care.

Dog Boarding Program

At Dog’s Day Inn, we understand that you want to find the best boarding facility for your pet. As a result, we provide only the best amenities and services for your pet.

During their stay at Dog’s Day Inn, your dog will receive a caretaker assignment. This staff member will see to your dog’s needs and give them one-on-one attention.

If your dog becomes stressed, their caretaker will use toys or other engaging activities to distract their attention. Our caretakers are trained to handle various situations, and each one is passionate about providing the best care to your pet.


The amenities at Dog’s Day Inn naturally engage your dog in exercise and enriching activity. Our full-size pool is available for your dog to cool off in on those hot summer days. Weather permitting, our canine guests enjoy a pool session for twenty-minutes daily.

If you are boarding a senior dog with us, consider asking a staff member about our senior swim program. We recognize that our elderly canines are unable to participate in most physical activities.

However, it is still essential to their health for them to get up and move. That is why we offer swim sessions for our senior visitors. Before agreeing to this program, we recommend checking with a vet to make sure it is right for your dog.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your dog remain of the utmost importance to our staff at Dog’s Day Inn. As a result, we have close circuit cameras that monitor our boarding facilities 24/7.

Additionally, we have taken measures to ensure your dog cannot escape the facility. For instance, our staff performs a regular check of the six-foot fence, which borders the play yards. They check for damage, holes, or other ways your dog could wiggle their way out of the yard.

Furthermore, your dog will never be in the play yard or near the swimming pool without the presence of a staff member. These are just a few of the safety protocols we have put in place to ensure an enjoyable stay for your pet.


In contrast to the daytime activities your dog receives, the evening is a quieter time with less human interaction. If your dog begins to show signs of anxiety or stress from being alone, our caretakers will step in to help them feel comfortable and calm down.

The dog kennels in our facility have color televisions that consistently play animal-friendly movies. The sights and sounds of these videos can help your dog relax and calm down during the overnight hours.

Cat Boarding Services

Dog’s Day Inn provides exceptional boarding services for your cat! We love our feline guests, and you will love the care we provide for them.

Like our dog visitors, your cat will receive a caretaker assignment. Each day their caretaker will provide activity and playtime to ensure they do not get lonely.

All of our cat condos are built for the comfort of your feline. In addition, each one has a climber installed in it. Our cat boarding area is nowhere near where our dog guests stay.

This alone will help prevent unnecessary stress that can come with persistent barking. When you choose to board your cat at Dog’s Day Inn, we guarantee you will be pleased with the care and love we give your pet.

Other Services at Dog’s Day Inn

Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX

Experience the best pet boarding and care at Dog’s Day Inn!

In addition to offering exceptional boarding services for your cat and dog, Dog’s Day Inn has grooming, training, and daycare programs. Our professional groomers are among the best in Houston.

If your doing often experiences anxiety while on the grooming table, ask one of our staff members about our express grooming service. Our grooming team will work hard to ensure your dog remains stress-free during the grooming session.

Dog obedience is one of the most important aspects of being a pet owner. We understand that many owners are unable to find the time to attend training classes in person. For this reason, we offer a convenient two-week introductory obedience course.

During the program, your dog will board at our facility. Every day they will receive one-on-one training from a certified obedience trainer. The goal is to teach your dog five basic commands: sit, stay, come, heel, and down.

Once your dog has graduated from our obedience program, we encourage you to reinforce their training with daily practice consistently. This will help the commands stick, and it will nurture the bond between you and your dog.

Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX

Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX

Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX

Dog’s Day Inn is committed to providing the best possible care to your pet while they are staying with us. Our fantastic facility and amenities will keep them engaged in constant activity. When you choose to bring your dog or cat to us for boarding, know that you have selected a company that employs sincere animal lovers.

For more information about our services, company, or locations, visit our website. You can also speak to a staff member by calling (281) 441-4300.

If you are looking for the best in Boarding Facilities Kingwood TX, Dog’s Day Inn is second-to-none.

Kingwood, TX Fun Facts:

  • This city is known as the ‘livable forest.’
  • Kingwood is home to wooded acreage filled with pine and magnolia trees.
  • This community was named after King Ranch.
  • Kingwood was founded in 1971.
  • For more information about Kingwood, TX, visit the city’s website!