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Cypress TX Dog Boarders

If you are looking for Cypress TX dog boarders, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is a great place for your furry friend. We offer the best dog boarding service in the area. Our services include climate-controlled private suites, large fenced-in play areas, lots of playtimes, a state-of-the-art swimming pool for water lovers, and so much more!

We want to give your pup a home away from home. We know how much your dog means to you. So we go above and beyond to help make your dog feel comfortable in a seemingly unfamiliar place.

However, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our staff loves what they do. We will do everything we can to help ease your dog into a new area so you can rest easy while away on your trip.

If you love our boarding service, we know you will love our other service as well. Go to our website and check out our doggy daycare, grooming services, and training. Give Dog’s Day Inn a call when you need Cypress TX dog boarders.

Cypress TX Dog Boarders

You will find the best Cypress TX Dog Boarders at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort

Cypress TX Dog Boarders

When you need boarding for your dog, come to Dog’s Day Inn. Not only do we have the best services, but we offer the most services at the best prices. We offer our boarding services for both dogs and cats.

We ask you to supply food for your dog. However, we can provide house food for each dog for an additional fee. We offer several size suites for your convenience.

Our Executive Suite is a 9×9 space. There is a bed and a television. Your dog will be given three playtime sessions and potty breaks throughout the day.

Our prices per night for this size suite vary depending on how many dogs you want to board. Our Junior Executive suite is a 6×9 indoor space. It is equipped with a bed and a television. Your dog will enjoy three outdoor playtimes and potty breaks.

We also have indoor/outdoor suites. These suites allow for climate control as well as access to the outdoors. With this particular suite option, your dog will have two playtime sessions.

We have a 5×15 option. Our 5×7 option is indoors. Our regular indoor/outdoor suite is 4×15. We do have a 4×7 indoor suite as well.


If you are going on vacation for the holidays and need a place for your dog to stay, we can help. During holidays we do require a deposit during this times period. The deposit will be part of your final bill.

The deposit is also non-refundable after seven days upon your expected arrival. Depending on the suite you request, the price of the deposit can vary. The deposit for the Executive Kennel is $150.

The Junior and indoor/outdoor kennels are $100. If you have a cat, you would like to board, our deposit for that cat condo is $30.

Cypress TX Dog Boarders

We have a full-size swimming pool for those water lovers.

Extra Services

We want to make sure your beloved pup has a blast while they stay with us. So if you would like your dog to have some extra time out or would like some training while they are with us, here are some options to consider. If you would like your dog to have some additional playtime or potty breaks, you can add them for an additional $5.

If your dog loves the water, we can let them swim in our full-size pool for $15 for a twenty-minute session. We will ask for a veterinarian’s sign-off sheet stating that it is ok for your dog to swim. You may even request our training program. Our training program is fourteen days long for $795.

People often miss their dogs while away. Sometimes they want to know what their dog is up to. Because we are animal lovers ourselves, we know just what to do.

By request of the owner, we take pictures of your pooch and upload them to our social media. So you never have to wonder what they might be doing.

Vaccinations and Medication

At Dog’s Day Inn, we get a lot of dogs and pets that come through here. We want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. Therefore, we require your pet gets the proper vaccinations before they are allowed to stay with us.

For dogs, we require Rabies, DHLPPCV, and Bordetella. As for cats, we require Rabies FVRCP, and FELV. We ask that you provide proof of their vaccinations.

Otherwise, we will not be able to accept them. If your dog requires medication, we ask you to provide it in its original packaging. We want to ensure they are getting the correct medicine at the correct dosage.

We Offer so Much More

Dog’s Day Inn is a great place to bring your dog for all kinds of services. If you love our boarding services, you are going to love all the other things we do. For instance, we offer a wonderful daycare service.

Your dog will get pretty much the same services as the boarding service offer. When you bring your dog to our day care, they will be assigned their own caretaker. Each dog gets their own caretaker, so they have a friendly and familiar face to come to.

Your dog will get to enjoy their own suite with a television playing dog-friendly programming. When weather permits it, they get to enjoy the full-size swimming pool. We also offer them a delicious peanut butter kong to snack on while they relax. If your dog needs a bath and haircut, we suggest our grooming services.

Our groomers are highly experienced and love what they do. Our groomer’s experience ranges from seven to twenty-three years. The grooming services include brushing, shampoo, blow-dry, hair cut, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and completed with cologne and a bandana.

We know you will love bringing your dog to see us. Our services are welcome for cat and dog lovers. You won’t find a better place for your dog to play and enjoy themselves. So when you need Cypress TX dog boarders, come to see us at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

Cypress TX Dog Boarders

Your dog will be well-loved and relaxed when you bring them to us for boarding.

Fun Facts for Cypress TX

  • The first school was built in 1884
  • Many of the streets and schools are named after the original settlers
  • The Tin Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the area