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Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me

If you are looking for Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me, Dog’s Day Inn is what you need. You and your dog will be so happy you came to us. If you work long hours or just want your furry friend to have some extra fun, see us.

We offer the best pet resort and doggy daycare. Our services include wide-open play areas, climate-controlled suites, and safety monitoring at all times. Our state-of-the-art facilities can give you peace of mind for your dog while your dog has a blast at our pet day care center.

So come on over and check out Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resorts when you search for Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me.

Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me

Look for Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort when you need Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me

Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me

At Dog’s Day Inn, you won’t have to worry about your dog while you are away. We can provide a fun and loving environment for your dog. We know they will love coming back again and again.

If you are looking for a place for your dog to get more exercise, we can help. We have an excellent exercise program that is great for all kinds of pets. Our amenities include televisions, peanut butter kongs, a full-size pool, private suits, and wide-open play areas to run.

We have taken notice of the need for good quality pet care. We started our business in Humble. Then it quickly grew to locations such as Atascocita, Katy, Cypress, and Kingwood.

We offer amazing rates and a great selection of services. Our services can even extend to cats. We love all animals!

We offer treats to your pets and great you with a friendly staff. Our time is dedicated to giving you and your dog a relaxing experience. We love what we do, and we know you will love what we offer.

We know you will find something you like with services such as boarding, grooming, training, and more. Our experience extends to over thirty years. Our staff is able to help with whatever your pet may need. So come check us out today!

Day Care

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. Sometimes our schedules can get in the way. If you are busy during a large portion of your day, consider bringing your dog to our Dog’s Day Inn daycare center.

Your dog will have fun and stay relaxed. We have large, fenced-in areas for your dog to run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. We have lots of toys for them to play with and stay engaged.

If your dog is a water lover, then they will love our full-size swimming pool. Our staff here at Dog’s Day Inn is always on alert. They are monitoring your pets and making sure everyone is safe.

Bringing your dog to our daycare center will be one of the best decisions for your dog. They will love coming back again and again. We can give them their own caregiver, so they have a friendly and familiar face to find.

Our staff absolutely loves what they do. They love being able to play with the dogs and making them feel comfortable. Our goal here at Dog’s Day Inn is to give your dog the best experience possible.

We understand that some dogs get nervous or anxious in a new place. Our staff is trained in looking out for signs that indicate your dog’s discomfort. In these moments, our staff will help calm your dog.

They can either help them play and get nervous energy out or bring them to a quiet and secure area. We offer colored televisions for the dogs and play dog-friendly programming. This can help distract and calm your dog.

We also offer peanut butter kongs to help them focus their energy and calm them down.

Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me

We can help calm your dog if they are nervous or anxious.

Aqua Exercise

If your dog loves the water, they are going to love our aqua exercise program. Your dog will be able to get twenty minutes of swimming exercise. They will always be monitored by a staff member.

Additionally, we offer a floatation vest for those who haven’t learned how to swim yet. Swimming is a great alternative to running or walking. If your dog has a weight problem, is geriatric, or has joint issues, this is perfect.

The water will help take the pressure off of their joints. Additionally, they are exercising their whole body and staying cool in the summer heat. Your dog will be able to get out that wild energy, work their muscles, and be calm when you are ready to pick them up.

We do require a veterinarian release form before they can be a part of the program. Therefore, we recommend you talk to your vet before they join our program.


Dog’s Day Inn is all about keeping your dog safe. We offer monitoring at all times when the dogs are playing. Our staff is trained to detect problematic behaviors that can lead to aggression and anxiety.

That being said, they know how to de-escalate situations and keep all dogs safe. Our play areas have a fence that is six feet tall. This will keep even the highest of jumpers from escaping.

We have a closed-circuit monitoring system in all areas of the facility. Our staff members are always aware of anything that goes on with the animals in our care. We want to make sure that your beloved pet is safe and happy.

If your dog needs a break from activity, we offer a quiet private suite for your pet to rest and relax in. We promise your dog will never be bored and left alone. There is something for every dog to enjoy.

If your dog is tired when you pick them up, don’t worry. We know we did our job if they are tired. You get to pick up and be happy and maybe a sleepy dog.

So come check us out today! We know you and your dog will love to come to play with us. Our passion is to make your pet feel happy, safe and exercised when you come to pick them up. Think of Dog’s Day Inn when you need Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me.

Cypress TX Dog Daycare Near Me

Your dog will be relaxed and calm when you are ready to pick them up.

Fun Facts of Cypress, TX

  • The first school was built in 1884
  • Many of the roads and schools are named after the original settlers
  • It takes pride in its education system