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Cypress TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Cypress TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Dog Days Inn offers the best Pet Spa Cypress TX! Call today for an appointment.

When you need Cypress TX dog lodging near me, choose Dog Days Inn. We offer luxury pet boarding to Cypress and the surrounding area. Trust us to take the best care of your best friend, guaranteed!

Dog Days Inn is more than just a kennel. We are a full-service, luxury pet resort. Your dog will love our state of the art, climate-controlled facility. Our Cypress location boasts indoor playrooms, outdoor play yards, private kennels, and even a doggy swimming pool.

We know it’s tough to leave your pet. But if you’re going on vacation, why not give your dog a vacation, too? Leave your dog at Dog Days. We’ll make sure that they stay safe and sound (and have a blast) until your return.

Luxury Cypress TX Dog Boarding

Other dog kennels can’t compete with Dog Days. Our caring staff, high-tech facilities, and fun-filled schedule of activities set us paws and shoulders above the competition.

Everything starts when your pet arrives at our facility. Just drop off your pet, some familiar bedding and toys from home, any medications, and pre-measured food to avoid a stressful change in diet. Then, we’ll do the rest.

Firstly, we’ll place your pet in a private kennel with their comfort bedding to get them settled. Next, your pet’s assigned caregiver will arrive to get to know your dog. The same staff member will provide individual attention and care to your pet throughout their stay.

Once your pet has settled in and gotten comfortable with its caregiver, the fun can begin. While your pet stays at Dog Days, it will receive individual playtimes and Kong Peanut-Butter enrichment from its caregiver.

Additionally, your pet will get plenty of supervised group playtimes and structured play both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, we even have a doggy swimming pool for the aquatically-inclined.

Whether your dog gets the snuggles or the zoomies, we’ll make sure it has a great time. When you Cypress TX dog lodging near me, count on Dog Days. We’ll make sure your dog enjoys itself as much as possible while you’re away.

Cypress TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Get the best for your pet with Dog’s Day Inn.


Structured playtimes throughout the day form the core of Dog Days’ unique approach to dog boarding. When your dog stays with us, it will have access to individual playtimes with fun, stimulating toys. Additionally, we build group playtimes–both indoor and outdoor–into the daily schedule.

Finally, we offer daily swim time for pets with a signed vet-release. You’re off to enjoy some pool-side fun in the sun. Why shouldn’t your dog?


Not every guest plays well with others. At Dog Days, that’s 100% ok. If your dog prefers its own company to that of others, we’ll replace group playtimes with individual play.

However, if your dog is a social butterfly, it will love the daily group playtimes at Dog Days. Group play is always supervised. Moreover, all of our staff receive extensive dog-behavior training to ensure that everyone has fun and stays safe.


Nothing punctuates a good romp quite like a big snooze. When the day is through, and your dog is all tuckered out, it can relax in its private kennel or one of our indoor spaces.

Furthermore, our indoor facilities are equipped with full-sized TVs that play dog-friendly programming. That might seem silly, but it’s science. Your dog likes TV just as much as you do. Research shows that television tailored to dogs soothes the animals and reduces overall stress.

Happy, relaxed dogs? That sounds good to us. When playtime is over, your dog can veg out in front of the tube. Hello, canine prime time!

Cypress TX Pet Care Services

Cypress TX Dog Lodging Near Me

We want your dog to have the best time with us here at Dog Day’s Inn!

Dog Days is more than just a boarding facility. We also offer dog day care, grooming, and obedience training services. Moreover, we hold all of our pet care services to the same high standard as our dog boarding service. Whether you’re choosing dog days for boarding, daycare, grooming, or obedience training, you can rely on the same high-quality service and care.

Doggy Daycare

Let us take care of your pooch while you’re off bringing home the bacon. Our daytime guests receive the same attentive care and fun-filled day as our overnight boarders. Focus better at work knowing your dog is safe and entertained with us!

Grooming Services

Many breeds of dog require professional grooming services. But no matter how thick or fuzzy your dog’s coat is, our professional groomers can handle it.

Dog Days offers an all-in-one grooming package. It’s an easy, one-stop way to look after your pet’s hygiene needs.

Firstly, we’ll give your dog a shampoo specially matched to its coat length, type, and condition. Next, we’ll gently brush any tangles or mats from your dog’s fur.

Then, we’ll give your pooch a fresh, stylish haircut, followed by a trim for those pesky nails. Finally, we’ll finish off with cologne and an adorable bandana. Fancy!

Shouldn’t your pet look as good as they make you feel? Schedule a professional grooming appointment today at Dog Days!

Obedience Training

Dog Days offers a 14-day obedience training intensive with professional dog trainers. During the 14-day program, your dog will stay in a 4×6 indoor/outdoor suite. However, you have the option of selecting a suite of another size for an additional fee.

Over the course of the program, our professional dog trainer will work one-on-one with your dog every day. The course covers five basic commands: sit, stay, down, heel, and come. All commands are taught using verbal and hand signals with positive praise rewards.

Cypress TX Dog Lodging Near Me

Sometimes, life takes you where your dog can’t follow; stress less with Dog Days. We’ll make sure that your dog is well taken care of so you can focus on your travels. When you need Cypress TX dog lodging near me, call (281) 758-3234.

Cypress TX Fun Facts

  • Cypress is 24 miles northwest of downtown Houston.
  • The town of Cypress was originally a railroad outpost.
  • Archaeological evidence indicates a human presence in the Cypress area as early as 7,500 BCE.
  • Sam Houston’s army camped in the Cypress area on their way to Harrisburg.
  • To learn more, visit Cypress’s website.