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Outstanding Budget Friendly Pet Resort | Cypress, TX

If your pet needs a day off, look no further than our comprehensive Cypress, TX Pet Resort. Our all inclusive Pet Resort offers your pet the finest luxuries, all while playing nicely with your budget! Whether it’s your dog or cat that will be staying with us, you can rest easy knowing we have over thirty years of pet care experience.

Why Choose Our Cypress, TX Pet Resort?

Our Cypress, TX Pet Resort is the creme de le creme of pet care facilities. Since our conception, we have strived to be not just a boarding facility, but a second home to your furry family member with our comprehensive and total care.

We provide spacious indoor and outdoor suites, lavish condos for your kitty, expansive play yards for your pup, a full-sized pool, a caring staff, grooming and training services, and a closed-circuit security system, allowing us to ensure your pets safety and give you peace of mind. We want you to enjoy your vacation, just as much as your furry friend will be enjoying theirs!

What Makes Us Special

At Dog’s Day Inn we aim to provide the best, all inclusive service to pet owners of  the Greater Houston Area. We’ve separated ourselves from the competition by providing services not found at a typical kennel. We strive to show our customers that we care about their companions just as much as they do.

That’s why each animal we board receives their own, personal caretaker to provide them with treats, toys, love and any special care that you may specify. Now with locations in Cypress, Atascocita, Katy, and Kingwood, wherever you are in Houston, we’ve got your pet covered. All of our facilities are unique, but still provide the award winning care we’re known for.

Our Comprehensive Feline Care

Cypress, Tx Pet Resort

Don’t forget that we have amazing amenities at our Cypress, TX Pet Resort for your cats as well.

Don’t think we stop with just dogs! We have the perfect set up for your kitty at our Pet Resort in Cypress, TX as well. Our state-of-the-art, private Cat Condos will have your feline friend living in ultra luxury and comfort. Our “bark free” zones will ensure your best friend will sleep easy throughout their stay.

Our caregivers will stimulate their days with play sessions, and will follow any other special care instructions you may have, to aid in bridging the gap between their stay with us and their life at home. Please feel free to stop by our Cypress, TX Pet Resort location for a tour of the facility, and the chance to meet with our animal loving staff.

Our Comprehensive Dog Care

We want your dog to enjoy their vacation just as much as you’re enjoying yours. That’s why our Pet Resorts offer everything your companion could possibly need! From kennels, to grooming, to training; our expert staff is ready to make your dog feel right at home.

Is your dog a stay-in-bed kind of dog? We have colored televisions so they can enjoy their favorite tv shows, just like they would on the couch at home! Or is your dog a pawfessional athlete? Our expansive lawns and full sized pool will ensure they have the space to show off their speed and agility. Do you have a puppy who’s favorite activity is simply misbehaving? Our training program can help shape them into a brilliant and attentive listener. Lastly for the spa girls, we offer onsite grooming, with our professional groomers who excel with all different types of breeds. From blowouts to nail trimming, our groomers have you covered.

Cypress, TX Pet Resort

Come check out our full sized pool at our Cypress, TX Pet Resort today!

Are you not going on vacation any time soon because you’re stuck spending far too much time at your desk at work? Are you afraid your work schedule is interfering with the quality of care you give your pet? Don’t worry, we still provide our amazing services as a daycare as well! You can drop your pup off with us before you head out to work, and pick them up after. We’ll be sure to give you a full report of how their day at camp went!

Our Services

Our training program is a 14 day introduction class that will get your dog up to speed with the pack. We work diligently with your dog everyday to help them nail the 5 basic commands without treats or behavioral correction tools.  Our staffed is trained experts using proven methods to get the results you’re looking for with training.

While learning the 5 basic commands, your dog will have access to all of our amenities, and plenty of unstructured play time. It’s vital for your dog to receive play time during training, to help with socialization and to make sure your dog doesn’t feel overworked.

Who We Are

Cypress, TX Pet Resort

Your pets’ best stay is our Cypress, TX Pet Resort

Back in 1990, we opened the first Dog’s Day Inn in Humble, TX with one goal in mind. Provide the best possible care to our dogs and cats. We want to change the expectations of what Pet Resort a kennel should be.

We put an emphasis on our all inclusive care, meeting the needs of your specific pet every single day. Our team is passionate about what they do, and love animals of all types, which allows us to provide the most quality care available.

What makes us different from every other kennel, is how comprehensive our care really is. Providing not just boarding but training, grooming, and play time, our Pet Resort’s goal is to make the transition from living at home to boarding as easy as possible.

It’s our guarantee that our staff will follow any and all special care instructions given by you.  While each of our locations are unique, the care and amenities remain the same. You can expect to find all of the following at each of our locations:

  • spacious indoor/outdoor suites
  • custom kitty condo
  • huge play yards
  • full-sized pool
  • closed-circuit security system
  • obedience training program
  • a caring staff

Learn more about us here.

Where To Find Us

If you’d like to schedule a visit of our Cypress, TX Pet Resort, or to book a kennel, feel free to stop by for a tour or contact us today!

Cypress, TX Fun Facts:

  • Cypress, TX is home to the most popular Outlet Mall in Houston.
  • Cypress’ Cy-fair ISD is a top school district in Texas.
  • You can tour many different breweries and distilleries in Cypress.