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Excellent, Incredible Dog Haircuts | Kingwood, TX

Kingwood, TX dog haircuts

Give your dog a vacation of their own at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort.

For Kingwood, TX dog haircuts, you won’t go wrong by choosing Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort. We are a pet daycare facility that provides high-quality pet grooming services, including cat and dog haircuts. In addition, we provide excellent pet daycare, boarding, and training services.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is here to provide your pet with all the comforts and company of home. When you must leave the house for hours at a time, be it for school, work, or holidays, Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort makes sure your pet has a safe, fun, and comfortable place to stay. We offer spacious indoor and outdoor suites, a full-sized pool, and large play yards. For cats, we offer cat grooming, custom kitty condos, and a kitty cat tree house.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has been in the pet daycare business since 1990. We began as a humble facility in Humble, TX. Now we service the greater Houston area, including our local communities in Kingwood, TX.

So don’t hesitate to call us today or drop by our location! You can count on us to provide your pet with stunning Kingwood, TX dog haircuts.

Discover Excellent Kingwood, TX Dog Haircuts

Dogs and cats are sociable animals, and feel loneliness as acutely as humans. As a result, some pets develop attachment disorders or separation anxiety if you’re away too long. Other pets may try to flee the house, thus finding trouble with other pets and animals. Even more disturbingly, they may even expose themselves into danger by venturing out into traffic-clogged streets.

Fortunately, we can help. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort has tons of services to keep your pet safe, engaged, and well-maintained during the time you’re away.

We have private suites full of amenities, as well as outdoor playtime and swim time to keep your pets in good shape. Moreover, we provide neat dog haircuts, nail trimming, and more. Check out our grooming services!

Kingwood, TX dog haircuts

Choose to add an additional service to your dog boarding.

Grooming Services

Is your pet’s coat too long and shaggy? Do they need to be cleaned, their nails trimmed? Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is here to help.

Our staff of professional dog groomers have seven to 23 years in the grooming and pet care industry. They have experienced with all breeds, so no matter what the special needs of your pet, they will be able to provide them.

We offer extensive brushing, shampoo, and blow-dry services if your pet needs cleaning. Moreover, we offer cat and dog haircuts, as well as ear cleaning and nail trimming. Lastly, we finish off with some fancy cologne and a bandana for a neat, cute flourish.

If your pet is nervous or has separation anxiety, we offer an express grooming service for a $10 fee. This ensures that our grooming treatment ends in no more than one and a half hours. In addition, all of our clients will be able to discuss their pets’ grooming preferences with our staff.

Boarding & Daycare Services

While you’re here, why don’t you explore some of our pet daycare and boarding services? We offer private suites and outdoor playtime and swim time so that your pet is as happy and engaged as they can be.

We have color televisions that play beloved pet movies to your pet at a low volume while your pets play with toys. Moreover, your pets can play peanut butter Kong time, one of our favorite staff activities. Above all, we make sure our dogs are as calm as possible by eliminating sudden noises that might disturb them.

In addition, we offer a swim program for our pets with our own full-sized swimming pool. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, removing stress off the bones and joints. Moreover, it can greatly benefit overweight, arthritic, and geriatric pets.

To participate in the program, each pet needs a veterinary release form, so be sure to consult your vet if your dog meets our requirements.


If your pet needs housetraining, you can try our two-week training program. Our trainer works one-on-one with your pet in an indoor and outdoor suite, using these five commands: Sit, stay, down, heel, and come. These commands are accompanied with hand signals, positive praise, and reward.

To ensure your pet’s comfort and to keep them on the same diet, we encourage you to bring their familiar toys, bedding, and food. Note that we do not do “treat” training or use electronic devises. All Houston obedience school directives are trained “on lead,” using a chain collar and leather leash.

Kingwood, TX dog haircuts

Leave and come back to a happy dog by bringing your dog to Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort for Kingwood, TX dog haircuts.

Call Us Today!

Our pets are some of our most beloved members of our family. Sadly, in our complex, ever-hectic modern world, it can be difficult to provide our pets with the care they need and deserve. Our jobs, school, and other obligations can call us away often, leaving our pets to wait out our absence at home.

With Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, however, you need never worry about whether your pet is safe and contented or not. Our facilities offer a boatload of amenities, including a training program, to keep your pets entertained and in good health. Moreover, we can groom your pet until they come out better than they did when they first came in.

Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort takes the safety of your pet very seriously. That’s why we have a six-foot fence around our play yards and a closed-circuit security system that watches over every pet in the facility. Our staff is trained in the signs of distress in pets and so can identify a nervous or disturbed animal quickly and get them help.

We have locations in Kingwood, TX, as well as Atascocita, Katy and beyond, so don’t hesitate! Contact Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort today! We’d be thrilled to provide dog grooming and Kingwood, TX dog haircuts for your pet.

Fun Facts About Kingwood, TX:

  • Its first village opened in 1971.
  • It’s rated the number one neighborhood to buy a house in Houston.
  • Its slogan is “The Livable Forest.”