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Katy TX canine hotel

You’re planning a trip away and need a Katy TX canine hotel for your dog to stay in? Don’t stress about it! Your dog’s stay at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is going to be enjoyable!

Katy TX canine hotel

Katy TX canine hotel

Separating from your Furry Friend

Spending time away from your dog is devastating for both you and your pet. You worry that your dog won’t get the proper love and care you give them daily! Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort treats your dog like their own. Additionally, the employees bond with your dog and take their time to learn about your dog’s personality, social behavior, and personal needs! Your dog feels right at home at Dog’s Day Inn. You shouldn’t feel guilty when you can’t bring your dog with you on your trips. Give your dog the luxury of a vacation with a stay in our wonderful inn!

Doggy Vacation

Sure, you still have a negative feeling at the thought of parting ways with your dog. Your dog is going to have a blast playing with other dogs, receiving treats, getting groomed and pampered as well as getting all the attention it needs.

You’re going on a vacation, and so is your dog. Think about it like this you go away and check into a hotel. You enjoy the comfort of having a warm bed, a shower, food, and entertainment at your fingertips. Your dog will have the same amenities while they stay in our inn, as well as a professional dog watcher to keep your dog safe. In fact, your pet will enjoy staying with us because there is so much to do and many furry friends to socialize with. Don’t stress about your dog while you’re away since they are having the time of their life.


Pamper your Dog.

Your dog can enjoy a relaxing bath with luxurious high-end products that will enhance and leave their fur looking shiny, soft, and beautiful. The groomers at our inn are trained to handle your pet with love and care. You discuss the fur trim and style you want for your dog

before the stylist does anything to your dog. As a result, your dog gets a fabulous glow-up that they’ll enjoy, and if your dog is happy, you’re so glad too.


Our groomers train to clip your dog’s claws quickly and effectively if you wish to get that service done. The technicians will always treat your dog with love and handle them gently. Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort is a company that loves animals, so your animals are safe and happy with us.

Your dog can also get their ears cleaned and their fur brushed and blown out. Your dog deserves to look and feel their best, so get its grooming done by one of our professionals! We have the best Katy TX canine hotel pet grooming service!

Katy TX canine hotel

Your dog’s happiness is Dog’s Day Inn’s priority!

New Puppy Friendships

Hundredths of dogs stay in our hotels, and they are eager to bond and play with new people and fellow dogs. Your dog will meet new dogs of different sizes and races. Your dog will build friendships with not only the dog sitters but also new dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and staying out of Dog’s Day Inn will allow them to socialize with their own species.

You need friends, and so does your dog. Your dog enjoys interacting with plenty of humans and dogs as much as you. Help your dog make new friends by staying at the best Katy TX canine hotel, which is Dog’s Day Inn!

What is There to Do?

Your dog will have lots of fun exercising outdoors and in the doors. Dog’s Day Inn has a large swimming pool in which your dog can swim and have fun. Water makes it easier for your dog to exercises since the pressure in your dog’s joint is reduced by the water. Dog Sitters carefully supervise your dogs while they swim, so no accidents happen. Your dog will enjoy a cool refreshing swim since it is summer in Texas. Wow, it sounds like your dog will have so much fun; that is because they will be staying at Dog’s Day Inn, the best Katy TX canine hotel!

Katy TX canine hotel

Suppose you do not have time to train your pet; bring them to Dog’s Day Inn! The hotel has personal trainers that teach your dog to become the best versions of themselves. Your pet will stay in a comfortable 4×6 indoor/ outdoor suite for the remaining 14-day program! The trainer will train one-to-one with your dog every day. Your dog learns how to come, sit, stay, down and how to heal in the 14-day program!

The training program is guaranteed, so your dog will indeed learn new tricks! If your dog also has misbehavior problems or housebreaking problems, the trainers can help you out! The company guarantees your dog will complete and learn the training. However, the company does not guarantee to correct your d0g’s misbehavioral and housebreaking issues. Also, the company trains other furry and feathery animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, pigs, and of course, dogs. You have the option to train your pet while you’re away; that’s so convenient.

Boarding is Fun at Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort!

Dog’s Day Inn is an animal-loving company; thus, they dedicate themselves to make your dog feel comfortable and welcome. The staff takes care of your pet as if it was their own pet. Your dog’s needs are always meet, and your dog never gets locked up in a lonely cage. If your dog is sick, the company trains staff to distribute the medicine to your canine in a secure way! You do not have to stress over your dog not taking their medication.

Your dog will enjoy the amenities of the canine hotel, which are; TVs, a swimming pool, a play yard, and a grooming salon. Dogs are social creatures and Dog’s Day Inn hosts plenty of dogs for your furry friend to interact with and befriend! Your dog will enjoy staying in the best Katy TX canine hotel, which is Dog’s Day Inn!

Katy TX canine hotel

Exercising is fun and refreshing in our doggy pool!


Fun Facts About Katy TX:

  • The city of Katy hosts a yearly rice festival.
  • Katy has many historical homes and buildings.
  •  Houston is only about 30 minutes away from Katy.
  • Learn more about Katy here!