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Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding

Are you looking for Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding? The answer you’re looking for is Dog’s Day Inn Pet Resort, as we will give your furry friend the best stay when you choose to board with us. We offer numerous boarding experiences to help teach and care for your animal when you’re out of town or away for the day. Pet boarding just became more painless than ever when you use our services at Dog Day’s Inn!

For almost three decades, we have served the Greater Houston area and have helped families with their animals’ needs. Pet parents love us as we promise to give your animal a fantastic stay when choosing us for boarding services. Dog or cat, we welcome all animals here at Dog Day’s Inn. Pet owners, please continue reading to learn more about our services and boarding opportunities for Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding.

Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding

Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding

Boarding and Kennels

Whether you have a dog or cat, we have a boarding care system that cannot be beaten. Our amenities range from playtime to educating your animal while they stay with us. We love animals here at Dog Day’s Inn because we are animal lovers as well. We understand the needs of each animal, especially once we get to know them. Trust us when you drop your animal off with us.

Our amenities include colored TV’s that play pet-friendly movies at all times. This helps your animal feel like they are socializing and comfortable when they stay with us. We must keep your dog calm and at peace during their stay so they do not feel stressed. We also offer peanut butter kong time for your dog for entertainment. This is one of our favorite activities to do with your dog as it encourages them to engage with us.

Your dog needs to get plenty of exercise and stay active. Here at Dog Day’s Inn, we have a full-size pool for them to swim in! We allow the animals to swim for 20-minute durations, so they do not get too tired during their busy days. Every dog is different by breed and age, and we understand they need extra special attention. Our staff will cater to each need they may have.

Safety and Security

The last thing you should worry about when you drop your dog off in our care is something happening to them. We make sure there is no way that any of the dogs can escape while in our care. With our high sturdy fences and closed-circuit system we have in place; your dog is in good hands. Not only will we look after your animal, but we will also study their behaviors for any differences or concerns.

If you are still unsure about our facility, sometimes visit to see how our boarding program can work for you! We want to be the best for your animal.

Day Care Services

Are you looking for day time bonding for your animal while you are at work or away from home? Dog Day’s Inn accommodates dog and cat daycare services that you will love. We offer the same care that our boarding services provide, so there is no change in how we take care of your dog. Your dog will have a tail-wagging good time when they stay with us, that you will want to continue using our services.

The amenities for our daycare services include TV time for your dog to enjoy movies. Additionally, we have peanut butter kong time for your animal to interact with us and eat all the peanut butter they want. Don’t forget about their exercise! We dedicate part of their day to them getting to swim and work on their joints. This amenity is excellent for older dogs to help their muscles.

Each dog will be given its caregiver, who will look after them all day during their stay. This allows your animal to feel lonely and be given a chance to be examined by a behavior specialist. Your dog will be observed for any changes in their moods, so then we can help them. Our top priority is making sure your dog feels at home with us when they stay at Dog Day’s Inn.

Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding

We want to give you the best doggy day and night!

Pet Training

One of the unique programs we offer is our “on lead” training programs. This 14-day boarding program works as an education system to help your dog learn obedience. We do not use any devices to train your dog, but just a leash and collar and your dog’s trust. We have seen improvements in dogs’ behaviors over the years with this program that we guarantee you will love the results you see within your dog.

When the time comes for you to pick your dog up, we will show you everything your dog has learned during its stay. Additionally, we will teach you each command that we used for your dog so you can continue to teach your dog. We want what is best for your dog, and we know a stronger relationship between both of you is critical. Please reach out to our facility to learn more about how Dog Day’s Inn is the right place for your dog.

Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding

Looking for the right boarding place can be challenging when it comes to your unique animal. Dog day’s Inn specializes in being the best facility you can trust for Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding. We will make sure your dog is not only safe but happy when they walk through our doors. Whether it is a week stay or a daycare visit, we will accommodate you and your dog’s needs. Give us a call at 281-994-8026 today to speak to a staff member on how we can help you. Or visit our website to read into our services and locations.

Dog Day’s Inn is your Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding.

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Katy TX Cat and Dog Boarding

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