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Katy TX Dog Boarder

Dog’s Day Inn is the Katy, TX dog boarder you need to call if you’re looking for reliable pet boarding services. For years, we have been offering our expertise and proudly cater to both cats and dogs. Dog’s Day Inn has been a leading boarding company in the Greater Houston area for more than 40 years. As such, you can trust your pet will be in capable and experienced hands.

Katy, TX dog boarder

If you’ve been looking for reliable and professional pet boarding, call our team today.

Boarding services are a dime a dozen. However, you want to be sure the people caring for your furry friend are capable of doing so. That is why you should let Dog’s Day Inn be your first choice. We have a large team of animal lovers who are dedicated to the well-being and care of your pet.

So, the next time you’re looking for a Katy, TX dog boarder, know that Dog’s Day Inn is here to help. Call today if you’d like to reserve one of our spacious and luxurious kennels for your furry friend.

A Trusted Katy TX Dog Boarder

When looking for a boarding service for your dog, it is important to consider your dog’s individual needs. If your dog is shy or anxious around other dogs, you may want to look for a boarding service that offers private rooms or suites.

If your dog is social and enjoys being around other dogs, you might be looking for a boarding service that offers group playtime. It is also important to consider the boarding service’s location, as you will want to choose a service that is close to your home for convenience reasons and so your dog doesn’t have an anxious car journey to and from the kennel.

Here at Dog’s Day Inn, we offer all of the above. Not only do we have private kennels and a spacious outdoor yard, but we have four locations across the Greater Houston area. So, whether you’re closer to the Katy, Kingwood, Atascocita, or Cypress area, know that each of our locations is a state-of-the-art facility designed for the safety and well-being of your furry companion.

Get to Know the Dog Boarding Kennels in Katy, TX

The Dog’s Day Inn team is comprised of highly trained, certified, and dedicated animal lovers. With that in mind, you can be confident your furry friend will receive the same level of care from us as they do at home. In addition, each of our facilities is stocked with toys, amenities, and treats, so your dog will never grow bored.

When you choose Dog’s Day Inn as your boarding service, your dog will benefit from hours of endless fun and showers of affection from our caring staff members. As previously mentioned, our facility boasts a spacious yard which allows our canine boarders to get some much-needed fresh air and exercise. This also allows them to interact with our other boarders.

Katy, TX dog boarder

Dog’s Day Inn is the Katy, TX dog boarder you need.

We understand that you may be worried about your dog getting loose. However, we’re here to ensure you that we take every safety measure into account to ensure no such occurrences. Our yard is encompassed by a six-foot-tall fence. Not only that, but one of our staff members will be on watch at all times. As such, you can be sure your dog will never be far from our sights.

The amenities at Dog’s Day Inn are top-notch and sure to make your furry friend feel right at home

Each of our locations comprises amenities designed to meet your pet’s specific needs. For example, our kennels each feature colored televisions. This can prove incredibly beneficial for pets with separation anxiety or who don’t feel comfortable in unfamiliar places.

Most households in America contain a television. Consequently, the sound and visuals will offer a sense of familiarity for your pet, making them feel more at ease. Another way we help your furry friend settle into our pet resort is by assigning one of our trainers to them.

This allows your pet to recognize a familiar face and will help them adjust to their temporary housing easier. Moreover, we offer a wide range of toys, such as Kong balls, chew toys, and even treats. Of course, if your pet has any dietary requirements, we will take this into account before feeding them anything you disapprove of.

Quality Dog DayCare Services at Dog’s Day Inn

Boarding services arent’ all we offer here at Dog’s Day Inn; we also provide daycare services for pet parents who hate leaving their furry friends for hours on end. This is especially useful for clients who work long hours during the week and want their pets to benefit from human interaction and fresh air.

If your pup is a breed that requires an ample amount of exercise, the last thing he or she needs is to be cooped up indoors all day. That is why Dog’s Day Inn is proud to offer its services. If you’d like more information about our daycare services, feel free to give us a call.

Why not schedule your pooch’s next grooming appointment with us too? Our grooming team comprises trained experts who all have a minimum of seven years in the grooming field. As such, you can trust our team to provide your dog with a top-quality trim. Some of the grooming services we offer are as follows:

  • blow-dry
  • nail trimming
  • shampoo
  • ear cleaning
  • all over cut per the owners’ instructions
Katy, TX dog boarder

Our Katy boarding facility boasts a swimming pool for your pets enjoyment

If you have any questions about our grooming services or would like to schedule an appointment, call today. We can offer individual grooming services or we can align their appointment with the next time you utilize our daycare or boarding services.

But that’s not all! Dog’s Day Inn also proudly offers a dog training program. This 14-day program will help your pet learn basic commands, both verbal and hand signals. In addition, they will work one-on-one with one of our expert trainers so your dog will be able to learn at its own pace.

Call today and discover what makes Dog’s Day Inn the perfect choice when you need a Katy, TX dog boarder.

Katy, TX Fun Facts

  • The locals believe Katy to be a UFO hotspot.
  • It was originally known as Cane Island.
  • It is the hub of three counties.
  • To learn more about Katy, visit here.